Your Representatives Are Back in Their Districts – Hold Them Accountable!


Members of Congress and the Senate are back in their respective Districts and States during the summer recess that lasts through mid-September. This means they are away from the shelter of the Washington, DC bubble and are among their constituents, like you. They usually take this time to hold meetings either virtually or in-person to take the “pulse” of residents and we suggest you attend these meetings to let them know exactly what concerns you.

First, go to their official websites and sign up for their newsletter. You may locate your Representative and Senators and their websites by going to and entering your address with zip code. Their District/State staff usually posts a calendar of events with additional information that they send to constituents so you’ll know exactly where your Representative or Senator will be. Second, ATTEND any meeting or event they schedule to hold them accountable for their voting record and the issues they support. Some districts are large, so look for events close to you or register for virtual events that allow audience participation. Third, speak up at the event about what is important to you:

For example, if you’re represented by a Democrat Representative or Senator, ask them:

  • What they plan to do to curb the inflation we’re living with as a result of Biden’s economic policies?
  • Why they support Biden’s reckless immigration policies that are literally spreading illegal immigrants, some who are COVID-19 positive, throughout the country?
  • Why they support the irresponsible budget resolution that burdens future generations with staggering debt? When will this spending stop?
  • Why do they support stripping states of their constitutional duty to administer elections by voting for the “For the People Act?”
  • Why do they support Critical Race Theory that teaches our children to hate our country and further divides us?
  • Why do they support the misinformation about COVID-19, mask wearing, and vaccinations? If we can’t trust institutions like the CDC, who can we trust? We require the answers to basic questions like: “Is mask wearing truly effective” and “If I’m vaccinated, why do I need to wear a mask when I was told I would not have to” and “Why masks for school age children when they are at the least risk for infection?”
  • What they plan to do to address the rise in crime in cities throughout America?

For Republican Representatives and Senators:

  • Thank them for fighting for free and fair elections by defeating the “For the People Act.”
  • Ask them how they plan to defeat the next iteration of “election reform” legislation, the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act?”
  • Ask them of their plan to stop the multi-trillion dollar spending the Democrats are pushing
  • Ask them what you can do as constituents to help them

August is also the kick-off for many re-election campaigns. In addition to official events, many Representatives and Senators will host political events advertised on their re-election website. While political events often have less interaction than official events you might be able to ask questions to the candidate:

For Democratic candidates at political events:

  • Ask if they support the progressive agenda being pushed by the “Squad” or if they want to see more moderate efforts
  • Ask if they believe they have adequately represented their constituents to deserve re-election

For Republican Candidates at political events:

  • Ask them if they believe Republicans will take the majority in whichever chamber they are running for
  • Ask what they plan to do if Republicans take over the majority, especially when it comes to countering President Biden’s agenda

Remember “all politics is local” because it is local voters that matter more than national talking heads. Expressing respectful opposition or support for their positions will have an impact in how they act in the future while constituents who use incendiary language or are argumentative are easily ignored. Also, bring like-minded friends, including fellow AMAC Action chapter members, to reinforce your statements.

Together we can change how Congress works, either through influencing members or at the ballot box, but remaining silent won’t change anything!

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11 months ago

The only way to hold them accountable is at the polls. Unfortunately it seems that people have very short memories. They forget what there Representatives have done two weeks after they’ve done it. Anytime you have a deadbeat Politician try to find someone to put in the primary elections against them.

11 months ago

I have, on many occasions, contacted my representatives without satisfaction. Unfortunately, I live in a very, very Democratic state, so nothing surprises me. We are doomed if we don’t change this all around. I cannot leave this state for personal reasons. Pray for us.

11 months ago

I’ve contacted my reps MANY times. They are all liberals (I’m from Oregon) and do NOT represent me in any way…and they haven’t for years. Their replies have always come back to me with statements like how “misinformed” the public has been with issues like CRT and Covid. This is total TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION and I’m quite frankly fed up with living in this liberal state…ready to move to a RED state where at least I can be surrounded by like-minded people.

11 months ago

Thanks. I will be contacting my reps.

1 year ago

I know my house rep, Jim Jordan well, no problem with him. Unfortunately, the two Senators are something less than desirable since they support the destruction of this nation.

Lindsey C Goff
1 year ago

Ask ALL of them when they are going to deport George Soros and his family for traitorist activities against the US??? When are they going to tell legal Americans who is actually running this country? It’s not Biden, it’s Obama and his “shadow government”. Ask them when are they going to stop allowing pork/pet projects to be added to essential legislation that actually only receives a small percentage of what it’s supposed to be used for. Americans need to wake up, research what their representatives are doing to this great country, and VOTE to get these traitors OUT OF OFFICE. No more free reign, instill TERM LIMITS, and don’t give them their salaries when they aren’t working for their constituents, refuse to pass essential legislation unless their pet projects are included, or simply just aren’t working period!. Americans have voted in these imbeciles, along with the illegals they’ve allowed entry, so LEGAL Americans are the ones who are going to have to fix it!

1 year ago

We have two Democrat senators here in Arizona. I don’t believe or trust them therefore I will not contact them. They like many others are professional liars.

11 months ago
Reply to  Ric

It is always good to contact them and to remind them that they work for you. Dex

1 year ago

Unfortunately being a NJ resident all of our representatives are corrupt Demonrats that do not respond to constituents. It’s above their paygrade.

1 year ago

We have very good Senators in Marsha Blackburn and Bill Haggerty in Tennessee. We have some good Representatives except Steve Cohen from Memphis who is TERRIBLE.

Sharon Ormsby
1 year ago

My people just want money, as a retiree, I don’t have extra money. Even AMAC wants money. Sorry, on a budget and with this inflation, every penny counts.

Jim Van Horn
1 year ago

The problem with my representative here in district 5 of Florida is, no matter what I have written to him about (and I have on numerous occasions and subjects) I always receive a canned response which usually has nothing to do with the issues I wrote about. I even have called his DC office prior to the first house impeachment vote of President Trump to tell him to do the right thing and the staffer I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about.

Kevin S
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Van Horn

You are not alone. I’m SW Michigan and have gotten the same treatment by Both Senators(D) And my House Rep(R) has gone RINO.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kevin S

The same here in NM. I email and write and contact however I can, but usually either
am ignored altogether or sent some meaningless “canned” reply. Very frustrating, but I

1 year ago

Oh Joy! Joe Neguse is another Democratic Socialist.I’ll vote him out in a heartbeat.He’s part of the Democratic Machine!In other words terrible for the USA!

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