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Why This Pandemic is an Indictment of Socialized Medicine

medicineIf you think today’s pandemic bolsters the case for socialized medicine, then ask yourself a simple question: If you came down with a serious case of covid-19, would you rather be in an Italian hospital or an American one? Even presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden knows the answer. “With all due respect to Medicare-for-all,” Biden said during the last Democratic candidates’ debate, “you have a single-payer system in Italy. It doesn’t work there.”

While the federal government’s pandemic preparedness was sorely lacking, the fact is America’s system of private medicine has left us far better positioned for today’s crisis than other nations. As Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, explained in an interview, here in the United States, “we’re going to have a better experience [with this pandemic] than a lot of other countries because of how good our system is at delivering critical care.”

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Reprinted with Permission from - Washington Post by - Marc A. Thiessen

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2 years ago

Just a point of information for you regarding how Italy handled the virus outbreak under socialized medicine. Italy has always had very few ICU beds relative to the population’s need. As it true in most countries with socialized medicine. Cost control by restricting costly medical care to the youngest, likely highest potential current and future taxpaying value to the government is a hallmark of all countries with socialized medicine.

In Italy during their Covid-19 experience, if a person was 70 years or older and had a serious case of Covid-19, they were automatically denied access to one of the scarce ICU beds and in many cases they were simply instructed to return home or sent home to quarantine in place, even though they were in no physical condition to do due to their condition. The hospital system in general was reserved for those under age 65. Your value to the government declines as you age, because your future value to the state, in terms of paying taxes, is less. So there is no incentive in a country with socialized medicine to treat the seriously ill or the aged. As a result, many older Italians ended up being found dead in their homes. By the way, this is how it works even when there are no national pandemics. It is just how socialized medicine achieves its cost savings and cares for its people.

2 years ago

Our medical system in America is the best in the world. It may not be perfect, but it IS the best!!

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