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What Protections Do I Have if I’m Affected by a Major Disaster?


The Ohio train derailment and California winter storms what do these two events have in common? They both were declared major disasters, leaving many people in a bind.  And with calamities like these becoming, unfortunately, more frequent, it raises the question: what protections do you have if you are affected by a major disaster?

When a disaster is declared, officials provide emergency services to safeguard public health and repair damaged property. Government aid in the form of emergency loans and relief supplies is what we usually expect to be provided, but there are other protections available that you may not be aware of.

In terms of your healthcare, these protections include added network flexibility, a laxer referral process, and the ability to make changes to your health insurance.

During a major disaster, those enrolled in Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan can expect:

  • Ability to use an out-of-network provider for basic services (if that provider has agreed to perform services under Original Medicare).
  • Out-of-network cost sharing will be temporarily reduced to in-network cost sharing.
  • Requirements for referrals and authorizations will be waived.
  • A special election period will be provided to those who missed their enrollment deadlines due to disaster-related circumstances.

Keep in mind these protections are provided through the duration of the emergency, so they are not intended to be in effect long-term. If you believe you are entitled to any of these protections, call your insurance carrier and ask if you are in a disaster-affected area. They can provide more information and let you know how long the protections will be in effect.

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1 month ago

Note to AMAC editors: “Begs the question….” means to employ circular logic. The phrase is not a synonym for “asks the question” or “raises the question.

Sabrinah Cave
1 month ago
Reply to  Miss Grundy

Thank you for the note Miss Grundy. One word can make the biggest difference sometimes!

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