Crime and Police

What Does It Take to Ensure That Policemen Are Honorable Human Beings?


Once again, the nation is traumatized by horrible video of police brutally beating to death a Black man. Need I note the victim was Black? Would we be less or more traumatized if the victim were white?

But the rule seems to be the victims are Black.

Everyone sees there is a problem. Everyone wants to fix it. But how?

The first question in the pursuit of a solution invariably is, “What is wrong with the system?”

How about we start this time by asking a different question. What is wrong with the men who did it?

The shocking video certainly doesn’t give us the whole story. What were the circumstances that lead to the police apprehending this man, forcing him defenseless on the ground and beating him to death? Can we imagine any circumstance that would justify this behavior?

Suppose somehow all this occurred under the radar. That these policemen beat this man to death, but no one found out about it.

Could they live with themselves? Could they just go home to their families after doing a day’s work without a second thought that their law enforcement work left a man dead with little justification why this happened?

We in the pro-life movement ask how women can destroy the child in their womb and live with themselves. Those who rationalize it say they don’t see this unborn child as life.

But can we say these police did not see Tyre Nichols as a living man?

When these incidents get spun as racial, the answer comes forth that racists do not see those whom they hate as human. There was a historic data point in this regard in our nation’s history in the Dred Scott decision.

But in this case, the police officers were Black.

How about if we ask if each of those policemen felt they live in a world with a Creator and that every human being is a creation made in that Creator’s image? If they believed this, could they have done what they did?

Rep. Jim Jordan summed it up well saying, “I don’t know there is anything you can do to stop the kind of evil we saw in that video.”

Something very bad has happened in our country.

This nation was founded as a free country under God, not as a “system.” The Constitution is an operating manual creating the basic structure of government and to assure that it would be kept limited and not interfere with citizens taking personal responsibility and living free.

Yes, it began with the horrible reality of slavery. But this reflected the sin of man and not a systematic flaw in the country.

George Washington said it, and I quote him all the time, that there is no freedom without religion.

But today we are going in the opposite direction. We want to use courts and legislatures to produce systematic answers to our lives rather than turning to our parents and our pastors for eternal principles. The answer is not in the system; it is in ourselves.

Regarding the police, they need more personal responsibility for their behavior.

One path to this is getting rid of qualified immunity, which shields them from exposure to lawsuits. Qualified immunity allows police to violate constitutional rights of others without concern they will be sued. Per this judge-created doctrine, as long as there is not another identical precedent, with all the same facts, police are immune from being sued.

Unions protect policemen with a track record of infractions, and then qualified immunity protection allows them to go out and do it again.

This is the most important technical reform that can improve police behavior.

But we must remember, good men will produce good results even in a bad system.

But bad men, even in the most perfectly designed system, will produce bad results.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.”


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John Ellis
1 month ago

I’m tired of people saying there is a problem
with “the system.” These are (innocent until proven guilty) 5 or 6 “bad cops” out of 800,000 in the US (I know there are more “bad ones” out there but it’s a very small percentage). All professions have their bad apples. Don’t condemn all because of a few.

Rob citizenship
1 month ago

Very good , important article, I do believe that a foundation that is shaken or damaged needs to be fixed , needs to be set right , level before anything can be built on it . You mentioned something of great importance in the reference to the George Washington belief that there is no freedom without religion. Values, principles that help to establish a foundation for the enforcement of law should include Honor, Honesty, Integrity, Courage and Loyalty . I like what you stated about ” The answer is not in the system; it is in ourselves.” A cycle of responsibility for doing what is right would include law enforcement, citizens in the community who care about doing what is right , and the guidance from God.
Adjustments will always be needed in these matters , your writing on this topic has no doubt helped make things far better for all . Praise for your good sense , your good ideas . Understanding is aided by clear, intelligent communication , and understanding is a large part of the foundation that needs to be strong , level, solid in order to provide for freedom, and respect , and doing things responsibly. Courage !

1 month ago

This isn’t a police problem or a race problem. This is a common sense endemic to man. This is a heart condition…a sin problem that will never be trained or legislated out of existence. This is a problem that will condition to worsen until the return of Christ, at which we it will be dealt with swiftly for all eternity. Meanwhile, we can only endeavor to change as many hearts as we can and that will only be accompanied throughout the grace and mercy of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Greg Alexander
1 month ago

What about evil people in politics? Our issue is that evil exists and our “system” prevents us from eradicating it!

1 month ago

What a bunch of crap! Police officers could not do they’re jobs without it. They would be sued every time they made an arrest! The problem is you can’t hire based on race. This was black on black violence. Nothing new here! Look at our cities,it’s black on black crime that’s killing young black men, not the KKK or other white supremists it’s black men killing other black. Again nothing new corner stores and carry out stores in black neighborhoods have had bulletproof glass to protect their employees and property at least from the 60’s. The media can keep lying and people will keep dying!

1 month ago

5 cops, and not a one tried to stop it . We didn’t see what transpired before this awful beating, but whatever aggravated these cops doesn’t justify their actions . This was pure evil , and that’s the bottom line. A traffic mistake ? Was this personal ? Defunding the police departments does not work. Many officers have quit , or committed suicide . Our police departments are in dire need of help, so they hire these thugs that have no clue how to ” SERVE AND PROTECT”. The MSM still spins this as white supremacy. I’m so sick of hearing this phrase. This country is changing, and changing fast. Our government , and the MSM are creating this racism. God help us .

David Millikan
1 month ago

Only the democrats would turn against the Police for political gain and Hatred.
Just watch FAKE news. They promote the Hatred of Police.
But when they are in trouble like Mayor KAREN in Chicago they have the entire Police Force protecting them and their neighborhood.

1 month ago

If you described the victim as Black, why not tell the whole story? The ones who beat him were Black, too.

Tim Toroian
1 month ago

Better psychological screening. And to hell with an applicant who sues because they were turned down. And not just written tests and interviews; put them under stress to see how they react.

Patriot Will
1 month ago

The mainstream media should be reporting all the killings of blacks killing blacks. Until this is done, it’s much too easy for the Marxist Democrats to scapegoat whites and the police. Until this is done, it’s much too easy for ignorant whites and hateful lefties to act like the blacks are victims of systemic racism and white privilege. More blacks and browns need to expect more from blacks and browns. Americans need to expect all Americans to act in a responsible and peaceful manner. The political thugs and media thugs are doing their best to divide and destroy a great country — The United States of America. The Al Sharptons of this country need to slither back under the rocks from which they came.

1 month ago

This abuse happens multiple times every day in prisons by the guards. I have not seen the State Patrol have this terrible unacceptable conduct. I believe it is due to their education and training.

1 month ago

I disagree with the writer on one point, qualified immunity. The police need qualified immunity to keep from being sued for every little mistake they make. Qualified immunity won’t do those police officers in Memphis who beat that guy to death any good.

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

When the LEFT continually insults and attacks policemen, it causes GOOD policemen to resign or retire early. Now, cities have to hire rookies (as some of these were) by LOWERING standards. Under old standards, I’d bet some of these current cops would never have qualified.
And, as someone below noted, OBEY the police when you are stopped. Don’t fight, run, or try to grab their weapons! If you disagree with their actions, settle it later!!

1 month ago

Uh, what about the DC and Capitol Police on Jan 6? And how Fox News mocked them after they had been beaten?

John Ellis
1 month ago

Simply stop committing crimes and this won’t happen to you. If you commit a crime, don’t run from the police. If you run and get caught, do not fight the police. Problem solved.

anna hubert
1 month ago

Policeman is a human being like any other Honor and truth became obsolete words long ago It is not demanded of politicians teachers public servants or doctors All of a sudden it is a criterium in a policeman I think that given the situation when criminal could do no wrong we can see that they are doing heroic jobs Who would want to be in their shoes Forget one bad apple They are under scrutiny because of what they are No mistakes are allowed When they get killed deliberately by a criminal it’s oh well it goes with the job No big money to the family there and no piles of teddies flowers and balloons

1 month ago
Reply to  anna hubert


1 month ago

I think policemen are “honorable human beings” who have been attacked from their fronts by criminals and wrong-doers and from their backs by governments. That kind of pressure will cause anyone to fall into ways of self-defense that hurt others. Grow a brain. Could YOU withstand that kind of pressure?

Myrna Wade
1 month ago

I had experience as a public school teacher with union membership required. I think Unions are not improving anything. Public schools need employees each one responsible for himself. The same applies to law enforcement. All public employees should be responsible adults – not union members. That said, the trend is against us. Even worse, our privileged populace is becoming less and less civilized. Where will you find good people? In church. Not everyone in church will be perfect, but they have good motives. Pilgrims read the Bible and it was enough. America will not be able to go back to the beginning, but we have to hope we are not on our way back to the dark ages.

Robert Jackson
1 month ago

One idea: Because the policemen acting out are mostly longer term employees, start an annual training refresher course. Include discussion regarding the increasing lawlessness by civilians and the need to adhere to policing standards regardless.

1 month ago
Reply to  Robert Jackson

Not just lawless civilians, how about lawless, clueless cops? They are trained to violate citizen’s first and fourth amendments. And they do it everyday. We need to train the trainers!

Ray Vinc
1 month ago

Seems strange, every time someone arrest or killed they were going to or returning from church services??

1 month ago

As in any occupation, there will always people who can’t do the job properly. I think it’s wrong to paint all police officers with a broad brush. The vast majority of police officers go to work and uphold the law, even though they are given no respect from the people they are protecting. It’s a tough job, and I for one have and will continue to support law enforcement.

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