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Weingarten Report Ep 22: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Crime Was Refusing to Submit to the Woke Mob

Justice prevailed in the court room in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, but the injustice continues in the court of public opinion and perhaps even in the federal government. Why does this character assassination—this political persecution and potentially DOJ prosecution continue—after the facts of the case made Rittenhouse’s innocence clear? Because Rittenhouse will be forever guilty of the worst crime of all in the eyes of the left: Defending himself and his community in the face of the left-wing mob.

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Sally Duncan
1 month ago

Kyle R. is a young hero. The left is about to get a wake up call over their behaviour in this situation, our broken education system, the homeless, the lack of citizen protection, the quietness of those in congress who are willing to just submit to those who threaten to cancel them. It is time for conservatives to stand up and grow a spine and get this country back to some semblence of reality!

1 month ago
Reply to  Sally Duncan

You are so right
The conservatives are all about talk They have all the evidence to bring some of these criminals to justice but talk is all we get

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