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Victory in Texas! AMAC Members Help to Make Election Integrity a Reality


The Texas legislature has passed comprehensive election integrity legislation that includes voter ID provisions for mail-in ballots and voting in person. Texans, much like voters in states throughout the country, have overwhelmingly supported voter ID with over 80% supporting the requirement of voters to show identification before voting, according to polling done by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Rasmussen.

The Texas legislation also includes provisions that safeguards voter lists, prevents the sending of mail-in ballots to voters who did not request them, and disputes ballot harvesting. It also makes the administration of elections more secure.

AMAC members in Texas were very much involved in this effort to make it easy to vote and harder to cheat by contacting their state legislators with over 17,100 messages compelling them to pass this landmark legislation. The bill has been sent to Governor Abbott to be signed into law.

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10 months ago

Mail in voting should NOT be allowed! Period!

10 months ago

YES for voter ID. Yes, for TEXAS!

10 months ago

Alleluia and Amen! Bless you Texas!

11 months ago

I do not trust the effective protection for sending blank mail-in ballots. There are many ways (and I’m sure the DemocRats are proficient in all of them) to violate the privacy and sanctity using illegal means in such circumstances. For example, the postman is a DemocRat and he “harvests” the ballot and marks it with the DemocRat options, after which he puts it in the return mail. Another example … a DemocRat employer requires he prove he voted Democrat or he is fired or punished in some unpleasant and undocumented wa, and making the employer mail it from the boss’s office. The use of mail is an extremely easy way to abuse the sanctity of ballot before and after it hits the mail. This is not to offend the great majority of honest hard working postal employees, but the DemocRats know how to turn some to the Dark Side (Star Wars lingo). And if you think the DemocRats won’t cheat in this manner, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you!!!!

11 months ago


Casey C Matt
11 months ago

It sure is strange how the progressive left, aka the communists insist that the black community is too stupid to provide identification in order to vote while in the same breath are insisting we all get registered on some Covid Passport system……….identification that is. I wish that someone would label the left as a terrorist organization and then allow the citizenry to shoot the lying creeps on sight like the enemy of our country that they are.

11 months ago

I love Texas more and more every day . Visited Texas in March. Made up my mind that when I leave PA, Texas will be my new home

Rd Wood
11 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

You may consider Tennessee as well. We love it here in Chattnooga !

Enuf Said
11 months ago

Well, if someone thinks Voter ID does not work– they are as dumba$$ed as Biden. Out of state money poured over $135,000,000 into South Carolina and Harrison still got his liberal, Democrap A$$ kicked–ONLY because of Voter ID!! If your state doesn’t have it, YOU are a fool not to get your legislators to enable it in YOUR state!!

11 months ago

hooray for the GREAT state of Texas!!
Now we need to move on to do the same in each and every state in this Union!

11 months ago

I’m in Texas and received a mail-in voter form which I never ask for…I think everyone should vote in person…if sick or just too lazy to go in person…then they just don’t vote…God sees in the heart…
Once this mail-in voting starts…it opens up corruption…and believe me…with the power grab that’s happening…get ready for a fight…this administration is going to try to steal the election…

11 months ago
Reply to  Raesheila

Like they did in November? Now that’s surprising

11 months ago

This is fantastic news! There is nothing more that elected officials hate, than being bombarded with thousands of calls and letters! They would rather we not pay attention at all.

11 months ago
Reply to  Carla

Commies woke a lot of people up and not the woke that they intended

Marc Ziegler
11 months ago

Great, one state makes a point of securing election, what about the other 49 states??? Didn’t we fight a revolution over 200 years ago to protect our right to vote for who we want?? Our representative form of government depends on free and fair elections, not elections fixed by one party. Wake up America, the liberal, left, and socialistic Democratic party is set to destroy this country and we must fight in any legal way to stop them. MZ

11 months ago

Big Deal! … Texas is Just 1 state when WE NEED ALL 50 STATES! … Watch what happens in California when Comrade Governor Newsom “survives” his Recall and you’ll get a better idea of how our upcoming elections won’t matter anymore now that the Commies have a winning formula!

God Save America but We the People need to Prepare to Fight!

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
11 months ago

Lets hear it for TEXAS.

J. Farley
11 months ago

Hooray, for Texas, we need more states to pass true election reform, so we as American voters have more confidence in the election process, all though it hurts, if my candidate looses if the election was fair and above board, I can look at what went wrong, did I support a bad candidate, was the other side better prepared, was it lack of campaign money, but to loose because of fraud, it a bitter pill.
Go Texas !!!!!!

11 months ago

Now maybe the dead democrat voter demographic will have less impact in Texas.

11 months ago
Reply to  Robert

Now that zombies lost their voting opportunity we will have to worry about a zombie apocalypse again.????

11 months ago

Maybe I’ll move to Texas!

11 months ago

Fantastic!!!!! that should be the rule nation wide!

11 months ago

I guess the Democrat fit throwers who ran off to DC under their flag of virtue signaling backed down when they got arrest warrants.ROFL!!

11 months ago

Wonderful news! Don’t mess with Texas. Great job AMAC and AMAC members.

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