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Using Apps to Stay on Task

appsPeople often dislike waiting in dentist’s office, at drivers’ license centers, and at car dealerships, etc. One of the main reasons people grow annoyed waiting is because they are busy and have other important things to do. They simply don’t want their valuable time or energy wasted. A person may be sitting in a waiting room thinking about the work projects mounting on their desk, piles of mail that need sorting, appointments to schedule, household tasks that need to get done, errands that need to be run, and more. But there is some great news. Today, we are luckier than ever due to the abundance of apps that can help us manage our time so that we can get back on task.

Free productivity apps like Remember the Milk and Microsoft to do are helpful for scheduling and setting reminders. Each can be installed on cellphones and computers. Remember the Milk allows users to create to-do lists, enter due dates, and set reminders and more. Upgrades are available for some additional features. The app is beneficial as a way of taking all the things one tries to remember and organizes thoughts into neat and orderly to-do lists. What’s great is that devices can be synched, jobs can be broken down into subtasks, files can be attached to lists, and more. Creating a written schedule for the day, and listing projects that must be done in order of priority, is a straightforward way to stay organized. The app also boasts the ability to share lists and delegate tasks to others. The app reveals, “Need Bob to pick up the milk on his way home? Just give him a task!” Using either app, you can set reminders for jobs you don’t want to forget, such as taking out the trash on Tuesdays, going to a doctor’s appointment, or notifying you when it’s time to pick up the dry cleaning.

Stay at home orders due to Covid-19 temporarily disrupted many of our regular schedules. But now that over 40% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated, and more Americans are resuming activities and returning to work, our to-do list is growing. Rather than miss deadlines and appointments, the use of free or low-cost time management apps and other useful resources can help us work more efficiently, plan our time wisely, reduce stress, and improve productivity.

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