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US Outraged at Central American Court-Packing?

court-packingHypocrisy is seldom so pure.  The Biden State Department just took El Salvador to task for a constitutional outrage – their Congress is packing the Supreme Court for political ends! Outrage justified?  Yes, of course.  Pot calling kettle black – what would you say?

The Biden Administration – even as it plans to dump planeloads of money on Central America to end the border crisis – just hammered El Salvador.  The US Secretary of State called the Salvadoran President and told him court-packing is a bad form: “An independent judiciary is essential to democratic governance.″ See, e.g.,

Biden’s team said having a politically aligned Congress vote to replace five of 15 justices – or El Salvadoran magistrates – for alleged misfeasance during COVID is foul play.  That amounts to politically stacking the deck, raising the number of justices politically aligned with the Salvadoran president, allowing them to vindicate legislation otherwise unconstitutional.

Gosh, now there is an idea.  If a Congress politically aligned with a President were to suddenly change the composition of the Supreme Court, in turn assuring unconstitutional legislation were ruled constitutional – such as “election reform” creating a one-party rule, gutting the First and Second Amendments – that would be wrong.  But only in El Salvador?

Yes, you get the point.  The Biden Administration underwrites rule of law and policy around the world, but condemns, defunds, raises liability, and undermines policy at home.  The Biden Administration pressures nations to protect borders and honor treaties, then violates that principle at home.  And they are now outraged at politically motivated court-packing in El Salvador, while that idea is being pushed hard at home – by Biden and Democrats.

Is there a distinction?  Yes, El Salvador wrestles with endemic public corruption, and the process was hardly constitutional.  The removal of one-third of a Supreme Court is not the same as adding one-third to the court.  And yes, the US Congress still has – for now – a legislative filibuster or cloture vote of 60, that would or should prevent this outrage here.

But the distinction is narrow because the underlying motivations – by a corrupt or politically suspect El Salvadoran party controlling their presidency and congress and a politically craven party controlling the US presidency and congress – are the same.

The goal of Biden’s court-packing play is the same at the condemned court-packing in El Salvador:  With no respect for rule of law, undermine the Supreme Court’s independence, legitimacy, and rulings – by stacking the deck, making the High Court a tool of one-party rule, turning it political.

In short, the Biden State Department is right to call out the ruling party in El Salvador.  They are right to forcefully condemn a one-party president and congress for making a Supreme Court the tool of politics.  That is exactly the reason such a move would be dead wrong in America.  Just hold the mirror up, Mr. Biden.

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Stephen Lykins
1 year ago

Classic do as I say, not as I do.

1 year ago

Yet the people of the US the elected officials who work for us DO nothing. A revolution is coming in the near future.

aluminum head
1 year ago

Biden is NOT our POTUS. Trump is still MY commander in chief.

1 year ago
Reply to  aluminum head

Trump my friend is a US citizen just like you and me.

1 year ago

All for show!! Remember the obama years? Forget what’s in the hand in FRONT of the President…look what’s in the hand BEHIND his back. It’s DECEPTION and it’s part of the Alinsky method.

1 year ago

Impeachment is looking good.

1 year ago
Reply to  Oz

You need Republican control of both houses of Congress for that to be successful. We currently have neither. See the problem?

1 year ago

Democrats started this game with Robert Bork. Plus, they did it earlier than that. They savaged two of Nixon’s appointees in 1969 and 1970. Clement Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell.

Snowman ⛄
1 year ago

Since Tax Paying Americans no longer live in a Free Country, what say all American tax payers “STOP Paying Taxes!!!!! What’s the Braindead Biden Administration going to do?? Arrest everyone that stops paying, I think not!!!! ???? The problem with Americans anymore is, most are “Sheeple!!” And follow the “Fake Leaders” in this country!!! AKA (The Demonrats ???? ????) or the far leftest, Socialist, Communist Ragime!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????

C. Haessler
1 year ago
Reply to  Snowman ⛄

I believe more and more American citizens are with you on this as they are our hired help and by stop paying our taxes they are going to complain but then many who are fired in businesses, schools, etc. always complain. Tough because we don’t want you democrat communists at all and best all to the gallows and we confiscate their ASSETS here and abroad as mostly gained illegally and we can use that money to finish the wall (Biden talks and walks but doesn’t come thru), and take down a huge amount of the national debt they have given us. None we confiscate will ever go to their families either who also supported them to do the dirty. Time to kick bucks to the curb and explain again that they are MERELY HIRED HELP AND WE,THE PEOPLE, ARE THE (REAL) GOVERNMENT AND POWER and we are taking it back big time. Remember, this is not socialism as I lived and worked under 2 socialist countries but it is COMMUNISM as my husband had to live,suffer and finely after a few years escape from COMMUNISM so we know what we are seeing, hearing and happening is just outright COMMUNISM and let’s not forget the DNC Party of Communism published that 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over our country. SO, PLEASE, wake up to reality and decide on which side you are on because your lives depend on being real Americans and not slaves.

1 year ago

The El Salvadorian Supreme Court must be turning to the Right for the Democrats to have an issue.

Debbie Freie
1 year ago

Isn’t this illegal? If not,it should be. There are no checks and balances and I for one, am not naive enough to believe the Republicans can’t stop this.

C. Haessler
1 year ago
Reply to  Debbie Freie

Unfortunately way too many Rinos (I will always remember that one we allowed to be in our Congress building in his wooden box – McLain?) who was a democrat and paid to be a member of the Republicans, and now more names are coming out and we need to remove them NOW!

1 year ago
Reply to  Debbie Freie

Nor will the repukeacrates even try

The Rebel
1 year ago

American taxpayers no longer live in a FREE country———————–socialist control is rampant !!

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Yet they want same for USSC? Dble std

1 year ago

Democrats only approve of court packing, when it works in their favor to over-come an obstacle to enacting their socialist agenda.

You might notice that the Biden administration doesn’t seem to be voicing any concerns about how China has essentially packed the local courts in Hong Kong to facilitate the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in that formerly free country. All in order to impose pure communist control on the people there. Not a peep from the Biden administration on Hong Kong at all. Instead it is all back to “business as usual”.

Democrats here are very selective in their outrage. One could call it hypocrisy, if one thought for a moment that Democrats had any principles to begin with. Which of course they don’t.

1 year ago

“Do as I say, not as I do”…sounds familiar?!!

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