The Typo Scam – What Every Senior Should Know!

typo net neutrality keyboard computer job STEMBeing a savvy senior involves staying on top of the latest news, trends, and stories. Unfortunately, it also means keeping up with the latest scams to avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous groups and individuals.

How good are you at typing on your computer keyboard? Nowadays, you’d better be accurate. Why? Because the latest computer scam involves a slip of the finger. It’s called the typo scam. Simply typing one letter off on a website can bring you to a fake lookalike site where people are waiting to take advantage of you.

Scam artists from foreign countries, and some from the United States, are waiting for you to misspell or mistype a word to lead you to their phony website. This practice is called “website squatting” and it is on the rise. Criminals look for popular websites and add, remove, or reverse something as simple as one letter to direct you to their phony site. Their goal is to steal your personal and financial information. They may also infect your computer with a virus.

What can you do to protect yourself? Type extremely carefully. Double check the spellings of any web addresses you go to. Watch for unusual changes to websites which you frequent regularly that may indicate you’ve reached a fake website. Be suspicious of free giveaways which are uncommon to sites you regularly frequent. When in doubt, immediately exit the site and do not click on any links. As always, guard your personal information and carefully monitor your credit card statements when making purchases. Promptly report problems or concerns to your credit card company.

Tell everyone you know! Be sure to pass this warning along to friends and family to prevent them from becoming victims.


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