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Trump Hits Communist China – Shocking US Media

trumpPresident Trump – in a May 28 press conference – pulled no punches in describing China’s dishonesty, manipulation of facts, and repression.  In terms reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s assessments of Soviet Russia, Trump questioned the communist nation’s legitimacy. He also imposed consequences for bad acts – another new idea.  Mainstream media hates this anti-China turn – as they hated Reagan’s blunt talk about the Soviet Union. Still, it is right.

The trigger – or straw that broke diplomacy’s back – was China’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s autonomy, ending terms agreed decades ago.  Among the terms were legal and political independence and universal suffrage – a promise that never materialized. Click here or here for examples.

Trump was comprehensive in fingering China.  He named violations of international law and human rights, including responsibility for COVID-19’s 350,000 deaths and 80 trillion dollars in global economic damage (see example,) violations of sovereignty, maritime and space treaties, interference with international trade routes, militarization of waterways, abuses of multilateral organizations – including the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and World health Organization – and systematic repression of individual liberties.

Factually accurate, flanked by six cabinet members, Trump’s message was clear:  Enough is enough. Communist China’s anti-international, anti-diplomatic, rogue behavior must stop. Click, here.

He then took action, including restriction of Chinese access to US capital markets, ending investment of US thrift fund resources – that is, American pensions – in China’s companies, de-coupling from the blundering, China-dominated World Health Organization (click here) imposing sanctions on officials responsible for violating human rights, and ending special privileges for Hong Kong – now that Communist China has retaken it. In short, the President decided to confront China – in a way no recent president has.

As the world wrestles with China’s COVID-19 pandemic, China has pivoted to taking advantage. As a result, President Trump called foul and is seeking global unity in opposition.

China is charging usurious interest rates on nearly $200 billion in loans to more than 60 poor countries, made possible by their borrowing of billions at low interest from the World Bank – in which the US s chief shareholder.  This while G-20 countries agreed to suspend interest on all loans to poor countries. See, here.

China has propagated threats to withhold lifesaving pharmaceuticals, shipped defective protective gear to Western countries, and delayed critical supply chains to the United States.  See here or here for examples.  

China has even ramped up interference with civilian and military shipping in international waters and patrols in international airspace, to which the US has begun responding. See, here.

Trump is stating the obvious:  For years, China boldly violated norms of national sovereignty across Asia and Africa, violated international treaties governing land, sea, air and space, ignored requirements set by multilateral institutions, stole US public and private intellectual property, personal and sensitive government information, bought influence in hundreds of US universities, and repressed human rights at home, including speech, religion, assembly, travel, due process, equal protection, unreasonable search and seizure, right to confront witnesses, political kidnapping and incarceration, cruel and unusual punishment, lack of appeals, and denial of personal liberties from privacy and reputation to loss of life.

China has been unapologetic, and – since communist-run – atheist and aggressive. They have assumed the posture of a button-down government, all the while coercing Western companies, stealing intellectual property, hacking public and private databases, offering dependence for cheap labor, plentiful communist capital, and promises of a one-day consumer market.

China accommodated efforts by a vice president on an official trip to facilitate meetings for his son, who emerged with a multi-billion-dollar deal – and had national security implications. See, here.

Reality is that China has gotten away with too much for too long. This American president is the first to say, enough!  He wants accountability.  Unlike predecessors, he is exacting consequences from China – overtly linking “private” companies with the State, banning Chinese front operations from influence in US universities, scrutinizing educational contributions, tying leaders to illegal actions, and challenging unchallenged Chinese affronts to security and trade.

Perhaps the most under-reported fact is the media’s shock at Trump’s candor – and willingness to impose consequences on this Communist country. Not only has the media forgotten Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal, they are sufficiently anti-Trump to carry China’s political water.

Accordingly, mainstream outlets give more ink to what China thinks than to Trump’s reasoning on the Chinese illegalities – including e damage inflicted on global health, safety, and security. Reuters says China “bristles” at Trump, the New York Times reports China’s “defiance” of Trump, and the Washington Post says “China vows to ‘smash’ any Taiwan Independence move.”  The same media scorched Trump for dropping flights with China early in the coronavirus. See here.  Current reporting omits past media errors and pro-China bias.

Bottom line: American foreign policy for decades indulged China, overlooking egregious violations of human rights, international law, global security protocols, economic and political overreach. We pursued a strategy of hope – but hope is not a strategy.

Western leaders imagined giving leeway to Chinese communism – encouraging economic development and overlooking illegalities – would incentivize freedom. It did not. Slow-motion appeasement empowered Chinese communism – making fools of those who thought China would never bite a hand that fed it. Bite hard it has – and hard. Consequences must follow.  Some in the media never learn, but China must. Reagan, in time, showed Soviet illegitimacy.  Trump is doing that with China.

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T. Fox
2 years ago

Trump is right in calling them out. Not sure it will do much until we start bringing back all the production of products to the U.S. to dercrease any dependency on the Chinese for our essential needs. Read the book “Death by China” by Peter Navarro. It will open your eyes and show you how vulnerable we are.

Janice Lee
2 years ago

I am so happy our President is standing up to China!!!! Good for him!!!

2 years ago

We. In Chimerica need to break free, emancipate from China’s evil influence?

2 years ago

I think the President has done the right thing. China has been our enemy for eons. They are a mean,backwards Country. WE OWE THE NOTHING! President Trump will WIN, there are MILLIONS here who want to see this great man in office. We want our Country not some Liberal socialistic country. VOTE ALL RED or we loose, America will loose big time.

Danny Estridge
2 years ago

For as good as Trump is. I really have to question to vote for him or not. His own actions are screwing him. Now, I’m back to the Bush era. Choose the lesser of two evils I’m sorry, but every time he tries to look like a leader, he falls short. Take the Bible in front of the Church thing. Holding up the Bible that he probably hasn’t read a verse (I am guilty of that too.) is almost as good as a false prophet. Now is the time to get and give ideas about how police are hired, is there even a psych evaluation for cops? This is the only way I can kinda talk about possible solutions. #1 is psych eval for cops. What’s inside the heads of .001% cops? Time for change and ideas, not holding up the Bible in front of a Church.
Come on haters, let your ideas try and get to the people in charge. We all know this social training is BS. Talk to anyone that can help fix this. What the people in charge are doing ain’t helping at all. Yes law and order, but do it the right way, not by talk, but by suggestions and talking. I thought we defeated the bad guys, now we’re turning into the bad guys. Just sayin’, hopefully someone will listen.

2 years ago

Agree with Rudder. Russia, Chinese, the Democrats,Deep State and mainstream media will do whatever necessary to take down Trump. If Democrats win in the mail in ballot provision, there will be even more unseen corruption that will help the Democrats However, the debates may be Trump’s only real way to shut down Biden as a choice for Democratic President. With a lot of help by Trump supporters (massive turnout) and a little fro God, Trump will prevail. I predict that if Trump loses, there will be such a civil war the likes of which that will make these riots child’s play. As taxes go up to pay for all this free stuff and to pay off our trillions in debt, the middle class will be taxed so high that it will likely no longer exist. Also. Russia and China I suspect will view Biden as weak and will take every advantage of him economically and militarily. Brace yourself for a tough 4 years if Biden is elected

Raymond A Christian
2 years ago

Go Trump, it is about time a President had the guts to shut this trash down. Our Government prior to Trump was taking Brides ( Obama and Biden) and selling our country out for personal gain. If this not Treason, I do not know what is. We use to execute people who did this to our Country. Let’s not allow this Treasonous action to continue

2 years ago

We finally have a president who’s looking out for the American people. China has been taking us to the cleaners long enough. Communist China has been emboldened by past presidents! We’ve finally got a president who wants to MAGA! Granted, Mr. Trump was sucker punched by Wuhan, but the globalists aren’t going to win! I know he can MAGA! Trump 2020!

L Bryan
2 years ago

Thank you, President Trump, for MAKING AMERICA FIRST! You have done the incredible dealing with Communist China, handling the China Corona virus and its effect on American people and the economy! You are the only one who can pull us out of our economic situation we have now as the result of the China virus! We know that indirectly it was also caused by the Democratic Party in their unethical ways of trying to damage you! Well, we have grown stronger for your re-election in spite of all the controversy and efforts to destroy your chance at re-election! And you will win again by the hand of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! AMEN‼️

Brenda Blunt
2 years ago

Another reason to bring all manufacturing back to the USA! Praise God that our President IS doing something about China! Be strong USA!!

Zonia M Armstrong
2 years ago

What I watch in amazement is the US media: not only do they lie every day / but they are AGAINST the President of the US in support of China! They are traitors to our country. It is a wonder how we have survived this long with the number of Politicians, newsmen and powerful individuals like George Soros who want to establish a World Order and destroy our REPUBLIC!
They will keep trying to change Voting procedures so they can cheat. They will pour huge amounts into the candidates they control. Please be aware. Be alert and pray a lot!!!

Sandra Archer
2 years ago

I am Proud if my President. China has to be held accountable for all their egregious violations. I will support our President in whatever he chooses to do regarding China’s illegal actions. Go get them Mr. President.

Darrell Blair
2 years ago

TRUMP 2020. He is my President. I am an AMAC member and dispise AARP. To hell with China, FAKE news, and all the stupid liberals. I am a proud American and love the Constitution. Half of America has NO common sense at this time. COVID-19 should be a wake-up call for people to think about others instead of themselves, such as EVERYONE wearing a mask and keeping distance. I would vote for TRUMP to be our temporary KING.

2 years ago

China is a thug, third world country. We have been fed all of our lives the BS about how China is one of the world’s great historical societies. Its no different than Africa in the 1940’s except it has a well-deserved inferiority complex. In the 70’s-80’s the idiots we elected decided that China deserved a seat on the front row. These dimwits decided to give away the
US economy to get the Chi-Coms to the front row. Now we are maybe, must maybe beginning to wake up to this
sellout. Our position should be that no Chi-Com has a job until every US ( not american) citizen has a great job. We need to
learn to take from China and give it nothing. Let Russia take care of them. Trump will probably be the only
president in the next 100 years who will stand up to the thugs in Bejing. If Hillary were president, we would probably by now
have nothing to eat but rice.

Penny P Rayfield
2 years ago

Penny P Rayfield
It always has been a simple and good rule to follow. When you see what’s going on, you follow the money. Here’s where God plainly paints a picture in His history book. Taking a good look at what we’re facing with China, will hurt many. China sells cheap, but makes a fortune. The way it looks now is that their economy just might take a hike. I’ll certainly be reading the labels more carefully. I thank the Lord that HE never leaves us nor forsakes us. Problem is too many people aren’t listening to HIM. <3

Penny P Rayfield
2 years ago

It always has been a simple and good rule to follow. When you see what’s going on, you follow the money. Here’s where God plainly paints a picture in His history book. Taking a good look at what we’re facing with China, will hurt many. China sells cheap, but makes a fortune. The way it looks now is that their economy just might take a hike. I’ll certainly be reading the labels more carefully. I thank the Lord that HE never leaves us nor forsakes us. Problem is too many people aren’t listening to HIM. <3

2 years ago

I am delighted Trump is taking a stand against China. China has long been a bully, thief, murderer, and Denys even basic human rights

2 years ago

Great thing to confront China. I agree they’ve gotten away with too much too long and I’m happy Trump is challenging them

dino deplorable
2 years ago

China can’t be trusted,they are the dense oc RATS of the far east.

2 years ago

The Chicoms have not changes one iota over the years. Their goals of world domination are still there as is obvious in Latin, south america and africa. We should tell red china that nobody even remotely connected with them is allowed to do business here in the US. We should let corporations know that for their products made in red china, they will have to pay much higher tax rates than if made here. Everyone here in the US that tried to open new business in China should be strongly warned what will happen to them economically. I would pay higher prices for better quality and more expensive product if it’s made in the US. Almost everything I buy that is made in China is either missing parts, doesn’t fit properly or does not perform as advertised. China is a 3rd world dictatorship and should be treated as one.

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