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Trump Administration Replenishes Virus Protective Gear in Strategic National Stockpile

trumpThe Trump administration purchased $594 million in personal protective equipment since June, in a look at how the Defense Department has replenished the Strategic National Stockpile since assuming that responsibility.

The Defense Logistics Agency, a subset of the Defense Department, took over purchasing personal protective equipment like masks and gloves for the stockpile in May. The Federal Emergency Management Agency bought those supplies for the stockpile between March and May when it was the primary agency in charge of the federal response to Covid-19.

The Defense Logistics Agency bought 4.6 billion gloves, 6.69 million goggles, 4.8 million face shields, and at least 21 million surgical masks for the stockpile, spokesman Patrick Mackin said in a statement.

The Trump administration has been taking steps to increase production and purchasing of masks, gloves, N95 respirators, and other equipment while the Department of Health and Human Services is working on a plan to restructure and resupply the stockpile.

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1 year ago

This is okay as long as Jared Kirshner understands this belongs to taxpayers & not the Federal Government as he once stated.

1 year ago

This is good because Trump is acknowledging that the virus is a genuine threat, we need to take it seriously, and we need to wear masks. Those of us who love Trump and love our country should be proud to do what we can to protect ourselves and those around us!
Because here’s a not-so-secret: The “Democraps” LOVE it when we deny how deadly the virus is and refuse to cover our faces. They’d be very happy to see us all die out before November so we can’t vote. If you carefully parse what Trump has said, he has been very consistent in his belief that we should all be wearing masks when not at home. It’s the Fake News who are saying that Trump doesn’t believe in masks. BULL HOCKEY!
Be safe, wear your mask, and VOTE!

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