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The Media’s Big Lie About the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ and Conservatism

This week, a racist mass shooter massacred 10 people and wounded three others at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket. The shooter was a white supremacist; his hate-filled 180-page screed about why he had committed the shooting was replete with neo-Nazi sentiments. According to the shooter, he had to slaughter innocent black Americans in order to prevent the white population of the United States from being crowded out. “We are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history,” wrote the perverse murderer. “This is ethnic replacement. This is cultural replacement. This is racial replacement. This is WHITE GENOCIDE.”

The shooter’s theory, generally called the “great replacement theory,” suggests that a shadowy cabal of elites, mainly Jewish, have deliberately undermined the racial purity of European countries by facilitating mass immigration and race-mixing. The shooter deliberately quoted the neo-Nazi slogan — the so-called 14 Words — “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” He called himself a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi and an anti-Semite. Among the sources for this morally sick belief system, the shooter cited various internet sources, particularly other mass shooters who released similar manifestoes. He did not mention Fox News; he did not mention any mainstream conservative, instead stating, “conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

None of this mattered to the Left-wing press, which immediately determined that the entire conservative movement was somehow guilty for the mass shooting. The New York Times headlined, “Republicans Play on Fears of ‘Great Replacement’ in Bid for Base Voters.” The Washington Post accused Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., of “echo(ing) racist theory allegedly espoused by Buffalo suspect.” The New Republic headlined, “The Great Replacement Theory Is Just Republican Orthodoxy Now.”

What evidence did the media provide to the effect that conservatives, broadly writ, had espoused the Great Replacement Theory? They cited the belief among conservatives that the Left is generally friendly toward loose immigration in order to move the country in a progressive manner. Philip Bump of The Washington Post stated that nearly half of Republicans believed in the great replacement theory, citing a Pew poll that found that almost half of Republicans (and more than one in five Democrats) believed that “there is a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants who agree with their political views.”

This, of course, is not the great replacement theory, which centers on racial purity rather than the idea that changing demographics have an effect on political orientation. The latter premise has been taken for granted by the Left for decades (even though it is largely faulty, as changing Hispanic voting patterns demonstrate). In fact, the Left has often argued in favor of demographic change turning the country bluer: in 2003, John Judis and Ruy Teixeira wrote a book titled “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” in which they argued that Democrats were building a new electoral coalition “in which white America is supplanted by multiracial, multiethnic America”; in 2012, Greg Sargent of The Washington Post observed, “The story of this election will be all about demographics…Rather than reverting to the older, whiter, more male version (of America’s electorate) Republicans had hoped for, it continues to be defined by what Ron Brownstein has called the ‘coalition of the ascendant’ — minorities, young voters, and college educated whites, particularly women”; in 2013, the Center for American Progress stated, “Supporting real immigration reform that contains a pathway to citizenship for our nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants is the only way to maintain electoral strength in the future.”

The goal here is obvious: conflate Republican positions with white supremacy in order to drive votes away from them. It’s poisonous politics, and it happens to be a lie. But truth is of little or no priority when it comes to Left-wing politics, which are rooted always and forever in the idea that those who oppose their favored policies must be destroyed with any tool at hand.

Ben Shapiro, 38, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers “How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps,” “The Right Side Of History,” and “Bullies.”


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1 month ago

This is what bozo Biden has been doing since they gave POTUS. Look to the southern border!

Francisco M. Yruegas III
1 month ago

Liberals always accuse other of what they themselves are doing, always, So when they accuse someone of being a racist you can bet their the racist. They actually believe I as a Latino man am to stupid to figure out how to get an I.D. to vote.

Nobody’s Business
1 month ago

Just enforces the fact that most mass shooters have been liberal Democrats. We don’t need to ban guns we need to take care of the mental health issue that is the Democrat party! Anyone that votes Democrat should be immediately picked up and deported to a different country since they hate this one.

Steven Coughlin
1 month ago

This is a totally made up “theory” and the work of a desperate political party (hopefully it will backfire). Particularly galling is Biden’s (and other Democrats’) selective moral outrage. I don’t recall Biden visiting New York City after the subway shooting or visiting Wisconsin after someone intentionally drove a van into a crowd of parade onlookers. I don’t recall anyone in the Left media criticizing the Bernie Sanders ( and huge Rachel Maddow and MSNBC fan ) supporter who attempted to shoot and kill Republican congressmen in 2017 (instead the Left once again used this event to urge even more gun control). You won’t hear the so-called mainstream media say that the Buffalo shooter never mentioned Fox News or Tucker Carlson in his lengthy manifesto, or that he was a self-proclaimed eco-socialist nationalist. Politicizing such a tragedy is beyond disgraceful, is all too typical of the Left, and does nothing to solve the problem. Crying racism (typically because someone disagrees with you) is a weak, pathetic exercise committed by those who know their arguments are weak and hold no water. I just hope Biden didn’t look at his watch in Buffalo the way he did when “honoring” the 13 brave U.S. service members who died (largely due to his incompetence) during our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

1 month ago

Very well said, Stephen. Nobody on our side is worried about immigrants “replacing” us. Heck, even Reagan supported amnesty. People who say that the Right is anti-immigration are just trying to make us look racist. I say let everyone who wants to come here and settle do so in peace. When they see what their options are on the ballet, they will be smart enough to vote red!

1 month ago

The American left often plays the “race card” when they have no other viable options. Pathetic, but these people will do virtually anything in an attempt to discredit an opponent. “The ends justify the means.” Sound familiar?

1 month ago

The more publicity given to white supremacists, the more they will appear. When our President states that white supremacists are the biggest threat to the country, someone somewhere will try to validate his statement. The murderer in Buffalo pulled the trigger but many media moguls poisoned his mind.

1 month ago

The original “replacement theory” was Christianity replacing the Covenant, effectively replacing God’s Chosen People recognized by God by Sabbath keeping, i.e. the Whole House of Israel, with Sunday-keeping Christians.

1 month ago
Reply to  Kitty

The day of rest was changed to Sunday by Constantine to placate the Pagans, who were sun worshipers.

1 month ago

Mr. Shapiro, thank you so much for coming to this site to provide these valuable thoughts.

He didn’t just trapes in ‘to this site’, AMAC posted this here…

I would love it if you would also write a few pieces about your battle to overcome your addiction to [censor], which you have generously discussed on your You Tube channel many times. This country has a tragic problem with [misspelled censor], and your ability to hold on to your precious [censor] – except when being used to [censor] – has been an inspiration for so many men of all ages.

What the heII is it about your fascination with this?!?!? What’s the matter, confessions down?

To keep ‘Uncle Fultie’ from trying to say that I must be blind, I’m a very happily married man to a very wonderful wife (female – I’m not a biologist, but I can state with absolute certainty that she is a woman).

Question for you there ‘Uncle Fultie’, you seem to believe that marital functions should be used only for procreating, tell us oh great Catholic wizard, what’s the drill when the female gets to her ‘change of life’, are we to stop because we’re pretty confident that she won’t become another ‘Sarah’? How about if the wife is unable to have children, throw her off into some ditch and replace her by picking up some hot young thing?

When will the Catholic Church get back to calling sin — sin, and holding these supposedly so-called ‘Catholics’ who seem to be getting a pass from the Grand Pooh-Bah who calls them ‘Good Catholics’ and won’t lift a finger (except the middle one) to tell them that they can’t be ‘Catholic’ and ‘worldly’ at the same time…? At my church, anybody caught trying to play both sides of the street gets told it’s one side…or the other

I was raised Catholic, the horror stories I could tell you…

1 month ago
Reply to  Dave

Phew. Thank you.

Hear that, Father Tim?? Dave jerks it proudly, and so do I. So sorry if that grosses you out, but this is human nature we’re talking about. We’re not specimens in glass jars. Grow the h**l up!

Ron S.
1 month ago
Reply to  Dave

Me too, Gary! Just about every day of the week. Sometimes I even use a toy, or put a finger up the ol’ back passage! Does that mean I’m condemned to eternal damnation, o holy father??

1 month ago
Reply to  Dave

I am sorry for agitating you.

I doubt it…

Mr. Shapiro has devoted many YouTube episodes to a frank and open discussion of this topic and I was simply hoping he would share some of that here.

Why would he do that? As I said, confession box slow?

I believe in hating the sin and loving the sinner. So even though I believe you are doing harm to your soul, I still have love and hope for you. You will always be in my thoughts, even when you are doing those “things.”

What ‘things’ would that be…being married? So now only Catholics are allowed to be married?

Think of me…when (I’m) doing those ‘things’?

You are obsessive…get your own woman…

1 month ago
Reply to  Dave

LOL!!! You owned him Dave!

I say we all put the laundry through a few loads in Father Tim’s honor tonight, if you know what I mean!

1 month ago
Reply to  Gary

I’m doing some laundry as we speak. ;)

1 month ago
Reply to  Sonya

My my! Careful there, don’t want Father Tim to burst out of his collar!

1 month ago
Reply to  Sonya

Sounds like a lovely idea, Sonya. I’m going to do some as well. I hope the thought of two beautiful ladies doing laundry together doesn’t keep the poor Reverend awake while he’s trying to “protect his seed”!

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