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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Anti-abortion Movement in America


WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 14 — I’ll get to the bad and the ugly news but first let’s focus on the good news about American initiatives as regards protecting the lives of unborn children. For example, laws are being considered in some states and even in Congress that would recognize what is called “fetal personhood.”  In fact, Georgia, one of some 12 states that have anti-abortion laws that ban or restrict abortions, proposes a new law officially known as “Living Infants Fairness and Equality [LIFE] Act,” that goes a step further by recognizing unborn children as fetal personhood. 

The Georgia Department of Revenue, meanwhile, has already provided guidelines for pregnant women seeking to claim a $3,000 exemption on their state tax returns, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Georgia is not alone in recognizing the lives of unborn children. The Journal article said that “there are at least 10 other states that have fetal personhood language on the books that could be interpreted similarly to Georgia’s law after the Dobbs decision…A bill introduced in Ohio in July seeks to recognize personhood from conception, a proposal that could test the political appetite for such measures…[And] a decision this week by a Texas judge temporarily blocking the Biden administration from requiring doctors to perform abortions in certain emergencies also could provide a boost for the fetal personhood movement.”

In another bit of recent good news, a federal judge has canceled California’s decree that would make churches pay for staff member abortions. The suit was filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom [ADF] and the Life Legal Defense Foundation. As ADF Senior Counsel Jeremiah Galus put it, “The government can’t force a church or any other religious employer to violate their faith and conscience by participating in funding abortion. For years, California has unconstitutionally targeted faith-based organizations, so we’re pleased the court has found this mandate unconstitutional and will allow the churches we represent to operate freely according to their religious beliefs.”

And, now for the bad news: our president, Joe Biden, who goes around touting his Christian beliefs, describing himself as a practicing Catholic, yet promoting the death of unborn children, recently addressed the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and told them that they should be promoting abortion to combat racism. The headline of a recent report published by the website, Pregnancy Help News, reads:Biden admin tells UN it promotes abortion to minorities to fight racism.

The Biden administration’s remarks oddly seemed to recommend murdering unborn black babies as a means combating racism. Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer of The Radiance Foundation, a faith-based, educational, life-affirming organization, for one, took umbrage. “Abortion is systemic racism; it’s the number one killer of black lives, outnumbering the top 20 causes of death combined. More black babies are aborted than born alive in Manhattan, where Planned Parenthood is headquartered. In 2019, for every 1,000 born alive, there were 1,228 killed by ‘abortion care.’ Led by Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry solves no social issue, gives no one equality, and ushers more deaths into communities already ravaged by violence. Pro-abortion activists don’t want to discuss the blatant racism of eugenics, because they still support its ends: severe reduction or elimination of poorer black lives. They’d also have to talk about how abortion rates continue to climb in black communities while declining among whites and Hispanics. How many abortions are enough for leftists? If abortion is ‘health care,’ then slavery was job care.”

And, as for the ugly news, since the word was leaked in May that the Supreme Court was going to overturn Roe vs. Wade there have been a growing number of violently, nasty assaults on pregnancy care centers throughout the U.S. Anti-abortion activist, Charlotte Allen, summed it up in an Opinion article in The Epoch Times. “The aim is to make crisis pregnancy centers look so fraudulent in the public eye—the operative word is ‘disinformation’—that they’ll either be forced to shut down or cease operations on their own. The strategies range from legislation in Congress sponsored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) that would empower the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to impose crippling fines upon them to a petition by Google employees asking the tech giant to remove search results that reveal crisis pregnancy centers’ existence and locations.”

It’s one thing to promote, as Planned Parenthood does, the so-called benefits of killing a human being, albeit unborn. It’s another when you threaten the lives of innocent women, their soon to be born children and their doctors, nurses and caregivers. “Although crisis pregnancy centers serve vastly fewer pregnant women than the nearly 1 million who obtained abortions in 2021, some of them claim that 90 percent of the women who listen to their pro-life counseling and view ultrasound images of their unborn babies at their facilities decide against abortion. This high success rate rankles progressives,” Ms. Allen explains.

Wake up, progressives of America, we have the right — at least for the time being — to express our views, to make speeches, place ads and speak our views, as one pro-lifer noted. There’s no need to threaten harm to be pro-choice. Instead baby killers deliberately and decidedly threaten the lives of pregnant women and their caregivers with evil, terrorizing threats such as “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

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5 months ago

The Supreme Court decision on Roe vs Wade was the correct ruling – no where in the Constitution does it provide for authority of the Federal Government to control abortion, as such it goes to the states. I would think for Congress to make any kind of policy it will take an Amendment; any other Legislation would also be ruled unconstitutional. So, for now it is a States Rights issue.
The pro-choice follow a rally cry of: “my body, my choice”. I agree, our Bill of Rights guarantees this for all individuals. However, the question now becomes: when does life begin and when does the unborn achieve those same Inalienable Rights’ we all enjoy? Congress would need to put forward an Amendment that determines the start of life.
There are two pieces to this answer: the “science” and secondly the spiritual aspect found in faith and the presence of an eternal soul.
As to Science, it continually evolves and one needs to consider the present and the future. Many think it is once the child is outside of the womb. However, Life can be conceived in a test tube. A premature child can survive as young as 21 weeks. How long before science enables the complete cycle to take place outside of the womb?
As to spiritual, that is a question for the creator and way above my competency.
So, when does life begin…? When do we give protection to a most amazing miracle? 

6 months ago

I guess to a lot of democrats black Lifes don’t matter, nor do white or other races. Not the same issue – or not the issue you want to deal with… Life, all life matters – doesn’t it?

Jay H.
6 months ago

Why is AMAC using the liberal puke media’s negative connotion “Anti-abortion”?? Instead of using the word “Progressives” use “Pro baby killers” to label the liberals & demoncraps that worship at the altar of abortion?? Why not use their negative connotations for the abortion industry against them?? I don’t understand why AMAC would allow the use of negative wording to describe the majority of Americans who are Pro- life.

6 months ago

It is funny sort of, all these people that are yelling for abortion 6weeks to birth that these babies should die. Then why did some of them have children. Why do they want other children to die . I have 4 Son which are my life . I raised them alone . Yes it was hard. I also worked 2 jobs. But no one will never ever tell me or ask me why or was it worth it. Because I will give them an ear full, and they won’t like it.

6 months ago

GOD created life that is sacred. Those who think they are God will destroy it. It’s all about selfishness and lack of understanding. If you have a loving and compassionate heart it is hard to destroy any living thing. God IS watching.

6 months ago

Useless joebama is Nota Catholic, he’s a liar and a phony.
The marxist democrat party supports killing babies so it can use taxpayers money to launder it through planned parenthood and other sham institutions, then steal it for promoting themselves.
When will Americans wake up and see the corrupt, evil,immoral democrats for what they really are????

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
6 months ago

They either cant ,or wont afford the pill. Kyle L. P. S. If she is gonna be a hooker ,she should be sterelized. .

Herb S
6 months ago

The Supreme Court decided that abortion was an issue to be determined at the state level. Why is that a problem?

6 months ago
Reply to  Herb S

Because it doesn’t allow the marxist democrat party to steal taxpayers money!

6 months ago

Even though always being Republican, or country and the world needs to look further into abortion. Too many people, and many of the wrong types of people need abortion. Abortion and sterilization of Both parties should be performed.

Robin Boyd
6 months ago

Looks like government agencies were prompted to make the raid in the hopes that they would find something to incriminate President Trump on, without having an actual, specific focus on what they were looking for. Pretty scary stuff for the U.S.

6 months ago
Reply to  Robin Boyd

Is gestapo tactics compliments of the marxist democrat party!
American Citizens better be wary of these losers, YOUR Freedom is at stake!

Donna Cote
6 months ago

Why are “violently, nasty assaults on pregnancy care centers throughout the U.S.” considered part of the “Ugly [side] of the Anti-abortion Movement in America”?!! I would consider anti-abortion supporters are the opposite of the origin of these assaults!

anna hubert
6 months ago

Sad that this subject must be the center of attention and debate in 2022

legally present
6 months ago

One million babies aborted In 2021, haven’t people heard of forms of contraception??? Why would you want to kill your baby instead of using one of the myriad forms of birth control??

6 months ago


Donna Cote
6 months ago

Those that rely on contraception, especially the Pill, are exactly the ones finding themselves pregnant. At least that’s my opinion. Why else would Planned Parenthood emphasize using birth control, e.g. the Pill, so much…

6 months ago
Reply to  Donna Cote

planned parenthood is just a baby killing outfit which allows the marxist democrat party to steal tax dollars!

6 months ago

It’s called personal responsibility as opposed to killing babies!
Very RARE to have a case other than that, check the statistics.
It’s about MONEY for the marxist democrat party.
Another RIP-OFF of American Citizens!!!

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