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The Biden Vaccine Mandate: A Case of Overreach?


WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 17 — When you were a tyke, Mom and Dad made the major decisions for you. That stopped when you came of age. They might, of course, continue to provide advice, but you were the one who ultimately had to choose what you do with your life. Joe Biden is not your Dad, and Kamala Harris is not your Mom. And it is up to you whether to protect yourself by getting vaccinated to prevent COVID.

The pandemic is a crisis, and the federal government has every right to promote the benefits of getting a COVID shot for you and your friends and neighbors. But does the administration have the right to decide for you and order you to get vaccinated? According to law professor Alan Dershowitz, it does, but it’s more complicated than that.

Dershowitz says that the courts will say the government has the power, that vaccinations can be mandated because the science supports the necessity, but it can’t be done by simply issuing an executive order. Such decisions, he notes, are “generally relegated to the legislature in our system of government, so I think the courts will focus on that issue first and say that the president may not have the authority to do this without congressional authorization.”

In fact, Dershowitz predicts that Biden’s overreach will signal a big payday for lawyers. “There will be individuals who will be fired, and they’ll sue immediately. There will be companies—and I know there are some already who said we refuse to obey this mandate—and we’ve had companies and states indicate they’re going to file suit,” he told the Epoch Times.

President Trump, who fast-tracked the development of the COVID vaccine when the disease started killing people indiscriminately, advised everyone to line up for the protective inoculations. And they did. But he says, Democrats” famously said, if Trump came up with it, I’ll never take it. They disparaged the vaccine, and now they wonder why people aren’t wanting to take it? It’s a disgrace. It [a mandate] shouldn’t be necessary.”

President Biden made a big mistake by mandating the vaccine as he did, according to Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. In an opinion article published by Newsmax on Wednesday, she pointed out that he continually stated flatly that he would never demand vaccine mandates. As late as July 2021 he continued to assure the nation that “it is ‘not the role of the federal government’ to force Americans to get vaccinated.”

McDaniel recently announced that the RNC plans to sue the Biden administration to overthrow its vaccine decree, calling it “unconstitutional.” In her Op-Ed, she noted that she is not “pro-vaccine. I was happy to receive the Moderna shot in March 2021. However, I am firmly anti-mandate because in America, freedom matters.”

Mr. Biden is threatening to fine companies that don’t adhere to his order to force their employees to be vaccinated, she says, pointing out that it might not be a big deal for the big corporations, but it will have an extreme impact on small businesses and their employees.

“It’s important to remember that our small businesses are already struggling — as a result of Democrat-led COVID-19 lockdowns and supplemental unemployment benefits—these de-incentivize working. Businesses are having trouble hiring and staying afloat. This authoritarian move by Biden might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for small businesses and workers across America.”

Meanwhile, the Biden vaccine mandate is having an unexpected consequence in that it is pitting citizens who have had their vaccinations against the unvaccinated. His administration may have gone too far when it started calling COVID a pandemic of the unvaccinated. That kind of rhetoric can lead to unacceptable violence.

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1 year ago

It’s now reported by the FDA that these vaccines may cause heart problems in young people, and excluding thousands in this mandate, like illegals, congress, etc. will cause non compliance. There are severe complications reported up to death. Better treatments available with little risk. Over 75% of seniors are vaccinated according to Forbes and minorities 30%. Forcing vaccinations is a bad approach.

1 year ago

“Science supports the necessity”? Where is the science? Have we ever heard from the government about the MANY side effects and even deaths from the “vaccine”? Deaths by the way that the medical community refuses to contribute to the “vaccine”. Do we realize that these “vaccines” are EXPERIMENTAL? WE the people are doing the trials on these shots! It has been proven that the viral load in sinuses is greater with the vaccinated than with the unvaccinated. So, who exactly is the “super spreaders”? Do those people that have contracted the virus and RECOVERED, that are reported to have stronger immunity against a recurrence, actually NEED a vaccine? See what I mean about science? But if we really want the truth, just follow the money. Any more questions?

1 year ago

First Off..Biden is Totally illegitimate….Should be in Leavenworth…..
America …Home of the ..’FREE’….He is taking this Country down as Fast as He Can…Open Borders..Acting Like a Threatening Dictator..on and on… Covid-19 is a Bio-Weapon produced in China NOT a Natural Virus..meant to have Global impact…Top Target taking Trump Out…I will NOT take the Vaccine..this is NOT Nazi Germany 1931..just yet…..many have died or have or will have Very Negative affects down the Road….changing your DNA… cannot sue any Big Pharma Companies as Well…Go on GAB..Rumble…Infowars…Brighteon..etc do your Research…!!!

Perry Abernathy
1 year ago

NO Vaccine Mandate. Now will not take the Vaccine and it is illegal to try and make me take it. I thought about taking the vaccine and was ready to take it: but when I tried to look up possible side affects and asked what are the possible side affects I was blocked of Facebook and by Google. Also before the vaccine was developed, I tried to look up preventative medicine (what you could take to reduce the chances of getting the virus – tried to look up what President Trump was talking about then later I looked up Ivermectin, I was given false and misleading information. I am not stupid. I can see when Big Government and Big Tech have gotten together to push something and that is Wrong. When you block people even if they are not telling the truth it makes what they say more powerful. This vaccine mandate is about control not about public health. The Democratic Party stepped way over the line.

1 year ago

I would never rely on facebook or most of google for information regarding whether or not to take the vaccine. Too much garbage out there!

I got the vaccine in April and I’ll probably get the booster. After speaking with my doctor and reading a consensus of information from credible sources, it was the smart thing to do for me. Even though I had nosebleeds after the vaccine, the side effects were nothing compared to the possible consequences of not getting it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kim

Newer data shows that if you are in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s years old, your chances of not dying are > 99.9%–unless you are morbidly obese, immunocompromised etc..
You did not get a decades old, generally recognized as safe type ‘vaccine’.
You received one of the three experimental procedure injections of the mRNA technology from the 3 well know companies.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kim

Kim, I am glad that it was the smart thing for YOU to do, it is NOT however the best thing for everyone to do. The freedom to choose MUST be part of our rights.

1 year ago

Dr. Bleasdale on WLS AM 6:40 am 9/13: “Vaccines have been basically, proven safe for decades–almost a century”.
Sure, Polio, chicken pox etc. vaccines use dead or inactive virus and are safe.
The 3 Covid pokes should have a different name rather than ‘vaccine’.
They are mRNA (messenger RNA). The science is so different from normal vaccines. Look up spike proteins. How can you know at this point what the medium or long term consequences will be?

1 year ago

If the Covid virus were as deadly as the Black plague, I think 99.9% of us would line up to get vaccinated. The plague swept through Europe a few times, centuries ago, killing around 2/3 of the entire population in the most deadly wave. The odds were not in your favor if you were infected. In that case, a government mandate would not have been necessary because the people understood that getting the plague was, essentially, a death sentence. As difficult as living at that time was, I believe close to everyone preferred staying alive.

I got the 2 shots from Pfizer because of my age and because I have high blood pressure. The odds of getting the disease are greatly decreased, and, if I do get Covid, I’m not likely to die from it or even to be hospitalized. Close to 100% of those dying in hospitals did not get the vaccine. The odds of having adverse side effects are more acceptable to me than the odds of suffering more deadly consequences. So, for me, getting the vaccine was a no-brainer. And I prefer not wearing a mask.

Having said that, I am against the government mandating everyone get the vaccine for Covid. Once it begins infecting and killing half the population, though, I might think differently! Biden wants to force companies of 100+ people to have their employees vaccinated even if they’ve recovered from Covid. That’s just stupid, and for the dems to claim to be the party of science, uh…not so much! The Biden administration should not have the power of the mandate based on that fallacy alone.

Because this is a new virus, we don’t know all the facts. We don’t know how long immunity lasts, and we probably aren’t aware of all the variants that have arisen due to this virus’ massively widespread infection. And we don’t know if one of those variants or future variants will prove to be as deadly as the black plague. That’s why I advocate for receiving the vaccine. If close to 100% of us get the shot, the opportunity for this virus to persist among populations in any form is greatly diminished. As long as there’s a pool of vulnerable victims, though, the virus will have time and opportunity to mutate. Forget about the 70% or the 85% vaccination rates for “herd immunity”; that’s another myth.

At some point, will it ever be rational (i.e., a good idea) for government to mandate a vaccine? How many will die before we the people accept that a vaccine is valid? Students couldn’t enter school without proof of immunizations, which were wildly successful in stopping polio, tuberculosis, small pox, and a bunch of other diseases.

But if a pathogen threatens half of us with death, when will we put politics aside and do what’s best for the future of our country? How many deaths are enough? Where do we draw the line? And if politics is the only reason for holding out against the vaccine (because Biden wants you to get it), don’t forget that it was President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that enabled development of the vaccines in record time.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Kim

Kim… I would suggest had you done the research on the emergency treatments beforehand, you would not have taken the jab in the first place, it is beyond politics at this stage. Currently there is NO vaccine for the cold virus called Covid-19… There is NO FDA approval on the current emergency treatment falsely being called a vaccine, which it is not…The FDA approval is on a product that will NOT be available to the public for several years, i.e. Commarity…(sic)… This is the GOLD STANDARD that ” Sleepy Joe ” was referring to on National TV, just another outright lie by this depraved individual…Remember this folks, those that take the jab, are the ” Lab Rats ” in all of this madness, because nobody has a clue about the long term effects of this poison at the moment…
All of this is by designed deception in order to cause unwanted fear & confusion among ourselves.
Remember the False Flags we were warned about, Afghanistan, the southern border & now 10,500 Haitians ready to pour out of Del Rio, Texas!
Remember the AUDIT RESULTS coming out of Maricopa County, Arizona folks, that is what crazy Joe & all of his cronies want us to take our eyes off of…They are due out on Friday, 24th of Sept…( 5 ) days away…Then all hell will break loose with ” The Steal of The Century ” fully exposed 2020 US Presidential Election Fraud put out for all to see…Everything else is a distraction…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

“Population control”? I think the virus itself has effectively accomplished that. We’re not being tracked, and my DNA is still my DNA. My doctor strongly recommended getting the shot, and what I’ve read from credible sources supports that advice.

The potential for Covid-19 to mutate into something more lethal is reason enough to aim for a 100% vaccination rate. Those not getting vaccinated are filling hospital emergency rooms, and they’re the ones who are dying. It’s also costing many billions of dollars to treat those who might or might not survive the disease, and that drives up medical costs for everyone.

There is, in fact, FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine, but I’m not sure about the others. I’m not so worried about long-term effects since they might “wear off” in maybe 6 months or a year. I feel better protected having gotten the shots, and don’t walk around avoiding contact with people for fear of catching Covid. I know some who have died, so I’m better off having gotten it. A relative, a healthy man in his 40’s, recently recovered from a long and difficult bout with the disease. Who knows what long term effects will plague him in the future?

Even though I could still get Covid, the effects will be much milder than if I hadn’t gotten the shot, and I’m not likely to end up in the hospital. Would I have preferred a trip to the emergency room and “emergency treatments” when a couple of shots in the arm could prevent my having to go to the hospital in the first place? No. Getting the shot is the best pre-treatment for almost all of us. The numbers tell us so.

Distraction, sure, that might be a secondary consequence, but the dems whip up all manner of diversions regardless of what’s in the news. Really, Bill on the Hill, not getting the shot doesn’t seem like the smart thing to do. But you’re welcome to disagree.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kim

If people were dying like flies, the homeless population would almost be non-existent. And, then there’s all those folks who are coming in from across the border. I haven’t heard about scores of “immigrants” dying because of having this virus. And we know that many of them have it. Hmmmmmm. Maybe they are just stronger stock than the over sanitized Americans.

1 year ago

The Biden administration is using their Covid-19 vaccine mandate as an attempt to deflect the public’s attention away from the fiasco of Afghanistan. It is a pure diversionary tactic of an administration lurching from one self-inflicted crisis to the next. Biden’s mandate is neither based on sound scientific data currently available nor within the powers granted to him from the Constitution. It is strictly a political decision being driven by sheer desperation to divert the public’s attention away from his latest self-inflicted failure of leadership.

The Biden administration does NOT CARE about the negative impacts that this politically motivated mandate will have on individuals or businesses. If people’s lives are ruined and businesses are bankrupted, so be it. The ends justify the means in order to advance the socialist agenda. So whatever it takes is considered acceptable to the left. All the Biden administration cares about is turning the page on the Afghanistan fiasco, so they can move on to creating the next big, epic crisis.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

As I have said before, just follow the money. Some, maybe many politicians are getting wealthy off of this “vaccine”.

1 year ago

Far be it from any Communist demonRat to stop the spew of insane, anti-American rhetoric.
If these vaccines used any live virus parts, and they did, the ‘vaccinated’ are the ones spreading this ‘Flu’. But facts don’t matter in the Communist world, either.
Hey demons? We blame YOU.

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