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The Biden Inflation Hits Homeless Elders Hard


WASHINGTON, DC, May 20 – They’re called the “invisibles”— the homeless elders in hiding. These seniors may have a fear of homeless shelters or are just too proud to ask for help and so they hide and take refuge on the streets.  It’s a problem that has been with us for decades but has been underreported for the most part. The invisibles are a part of a much larger problem that is clearly exacerbated by the Biden inflationary spiral – currently at 8.5% — that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for older folk on fixed incomes to afford adequate housing.

So, who are the invisibles? You can see their faces and hear their stories at a website appropriately named, Invisible People.  It reveals the fact that when you’re homeless, whether you are, young or old, it doesn’t matter, “People avoid eye contact. They step away from you. They don’t answer you if you address them – even if you wish them a good day! It’s painful. It’s debilitating. Over time, it gets worse, not better. There are a lot of bad things about being homeless but being invisible is the worst!”

As regards their stories, they are heart wrenching. Take Monica, for instance, who tells of how she lost her legs as the result of having to live in a tent in Los Angeles. Temperatures were below freezing and she didn’t have enough blankets. Her legs turned purple and she waited too long to go to an emergency room. They amputated both her legs and in time turned her back into the streets “without any support.” And then there is Timothy who tells us that he’s been living in homeless encampments in Los Angeles for some 20 years. Every once in a while the police would sweep the camps and he would have to go find a new shelter. He noted the sweeps are conducted for any number of reasons, including to get them out of sight during an election campaign.

To live like that is particularly hard on homeless seniors. Their numbers are growing rapidly as Kendra Hendry, a caseworker at Arizona’s largest shelter, recently told the Associated Press [AP]: “We’re seeing a huge boom in senior homelessness. These are not necessarily people who have mental illness or substance abuse problems. They are people being pushed into the streets by rising rents.” She reports that homeless elders make up almost a third of the residents in her shelter.

It appears that the conclusion reached in a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 is coming true. It projected that homeless men and women over 55 years of age will grow to 225,000 by 2026 mainly due to the fact that the numbers of Americans over the age of 65 are growing at the rate of 10,000 a day. And, says the AP, “Academics project their numbers will nearly triple over the next decade, challenging policy makers from Los Angeles to New York to imagine new ideas for sheltering the last of the baby boomers as they get older, sicker and less able to pay spiraling rents. Advocates say much more housing is needed, especially for extremely low-income people.”

And certainly, Bidenflation is making it worse for those homeless because of rising rents and living costs across the board.

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1 year ago

It’s obvious that Biden wants to get rid of us elderly people. Can’t afford food today or gas for the car. If it wasn’t for us, USA would have fallen years ago. We were all brought up to have manners, morals, etc. I’m a bit old fashioned, but wouldn’t give it up ever. Too bad the younger generations are going astray and making the US a place that is extremely hard to live. Biden doesn’t know what’s going on, but Obama and the commie Dems are going to have to live here and suffer the same as us old folks. May God be merciful to the radical commie Dems.

1 year ago

Flooding America with millions of people who do not belong here is a huge factor in escalating costs and inflation.
We……the poor, overworked, misused taxpayers….are supposed to support all the world’s refuse.
Get rid of current politicians!

James Jensen
1 year ago

I saw a female that was one of these invisibles the other day. She was close enough to me that I could read in her eyes that she used to be married to a successful man and lived well. Poor planning on his part left her destitute, I suppose. I pray that the same thing doesn’t happen to my Mrs.

1 year ago

1000s if not 10s of thousands are going to die as a result of the joeblow cabal. Fast forward 100 years and the history books will tell the stories of how Americans died in joeblow’s “gas chambers” and people will shake their head and say I would never allow that to happen to me. History does repeat itself but very few care or believe it. How I wish they and they alone would suffer and die…that was cruel, I know, but really…

anna hubert
1 year ago

as much as I detest the man I think it is not fair to blame him for something that has been fermenting for almost 50 years these elder homeless were young once and they probably were living on and off the street then but they were young and it was groovy now it’s a different story The problem was always scratched carefully on the surface only but the root was never pulled out and burned and it grew and bloomed and reseeded itself and now we are dealing with ugly unavoidable truth and not homelesness on ly

old silk
1 year ago
Reply to  anna hubert

He has been part of that problem for more than 50 years. Yep, that’s how long he has been in government.

anna hubert
1 year ago
Reply to  old silk

and so were many others who kept them in ,that is the problem

1 year ago

We are spiraling down for sure ! I feel only Jesus can save us now. ????

1 year ago
Reply to  Angus


1 year ago

Biden and the DemocRats are hitting everyone hard except a selected group of DemocRat politicos and party donors. At present in the Joe Hidin’ Biden regime only the selected ones by the DemocRats are doing well, with a few exceptions.

1 year ago

It is a tragedy, perhaps the good Father can talk about what steps the Catholic Church is taking to help out, but in reality, we will hear about something totally unrelated to the subject…

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