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The Biden Administration’s Abortion Taxi Service for Migrant Minors

Since October 2021, the Biden administration’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has reportedly been flying or driving pregnant illegal-immigrant minors from migrant shelters in Texas, which bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, to other states with greater access to legal abortion. This is part of an ongoing effort, as four U.S. officials who requested anonymity told Reuters: “Biden officials are exploring ways to provide abortion access for pregnant women and girls in U.S. immigration custody in states with bans.”

The transporting of pregnant illegal-alien minors has been going on under the radar.

Because of the Texas abortion law, the ORR, which is under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), instructed its employees not to place pregnant migrant girls in shelters within the state of Texas “to the greatest extent possible.” In its field guidance, the ORR instructs its team to “identify available and appropriate bed space at a licensed care provider facility outside of the state of Texas. . . .”

Several sources told Vice News that the Biden administration will be taking “measures” to ensure that unaccompanied illegal-alien minors are able to obtain abortions, at least until the end of Biden’s term. This is happening on the taxpayer’s dime.

It is not known how many abortions for illegal-immigrant minors the ORR has helped facilitate over the past nine months. Neither the HHS nor the ORR responded to National Review’s questions and request for comment. However, Brigitte Amiri, deputy director at the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project, told Vice News that according to the most recent data, from 2019, approximately 50 minors within ORR custody were estimated to have sought access to abortion services that year. Illegal-immigrant minors unaccompanied by parents are usually processed by border agents and then transferred to the jurisdiction of the ORR. As of February 28, the ORR had an average of 9,990 minors within its care, including 3,432 females. During the Trump administration, Scott Lloyd, the former director of the ORR, unsuccessfully attempted to prevent seven migrant girls from obtaining abortions between March and December 2017.

The ORR system houses migrants in shelters, group homes, and medical facilities throughout the country. According to their revised policy as of August 2021, the ORR provides a variety of services, including “comprehensive information about and access to medical reproductive health services and emergency contraception.” Judging from the Reuters report, the ORR has now taken this to mean moving migrant girls who want abortions to states where it’s permitted.

The task will certainly get more complicated as more states are slated to ban abortions. It is estimated that up to 26 states will restrict or ban abortions. As of now, there are 16 states where abortion is banned or mostly banned, but in four of these states, judges have blocked them. Of the states that ban or mostly ban abortion, two of them, Arizona and Texas, are along the southern border (though Arizona’s 2021 “personhood” abortion law was blocked by a federal judge on Monday, leaving in effect a 15-week abortion ban). And many states with abortion restrictions are close to the border, including Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Of course, taxpayer money should not be put toward obtaining abortions for illegal aliens of any age, and government workers should not be driving minors or escorting them on flights to states with abortion clinics. Proponents of legal abortion argue that many of these minors are victims of rape, and this, tragically, may be true. However, the Biden administration’s open-border policy — which has led to a surge of illegal immigration led by drug cartels — has surely contributed to this terrible situation.

Despite the Left’s rhetoric that a porous border is a humane policy that benefits migrants seeking to enter the U.S., this is not the case. Human traffickers, drug traffickers, and coyotes commandeer our border, making huge profits as a result of Biden’s inability or unwillingness to control entry. So far in fiscal year 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has encountered 98,654 unaccompanied minors attempting to cross the southern border. Some of the girls have been victimized and raped along the way. Instead of addressing the border crisis in any serious way, and trying to prevent the victimization of women and girls, the Biden administration’s solution is to help pregnant girls get abortions. Rather than seeking a quick fix, Biden should stop incentivizing illicit traffickers and migrants surging across our border and take real steps to shut down illegal entry.

Reprinted with Permission from - The National Review by - Jack Wolfsohn

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6 months ago

Amen to Anna Hubert’s comment that if you receive an abortion on the tax payers dime you should be sterilized! If one doesn’t want a child and chooses to kill the child, then why should we as taxpayers have to continue to pay for unwanted children that hores continue to have to collect taxpayer subsidies that the majority of Americans oppose!

6 months ago

less than human. apparently proud of it. sick, sick, sick!

James J
6 months ago

Hey Hey Biden, How MANY Americans have YOU MUDERED TODAY

Sharon Ormsby
6 months ago

You know what, this makes me really sick. The reason why is, that girls from Mexico are Catholic, and they do NOT believe in abortion. If these girls are from Central American countries, they too, are probably Catholic, and as such, probably do NOT believe in abortion. So, are they being groomed to get an abortion, pushed into getting one? Haitians are Black, so heaven forbid, we MUST control the Black population. Progressives are RACISTS! How horrific these people are. You can’t make me believe that these women are wanting abortions.

Robin Boyd
6 months ago

By any means, Progressives are going to use our tax dollars for abortions in order to control population. This is an abuse of power and an assault on American taxpayers. We must gain control of Congress so we can oppose Progressive’s.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
6 months ago

If people want to go to hell that’s their CHOICE. But I pay taxes that pay for those abortions, that sell those poor babies murdered body parts to labs that I support with my taxes so they can resell the parts to pharms that my taxes fund; so I have to pay above the average price and I get taxed on that too!
If I sound confuse I am not just so darn angry that I am taxed so that politicians can have private jets, limos, guards, and support their families addictions and prostitutes. Without a criminal charge against them. They are above the law. They commit TREASON, nothing done, My taxes pay for those useless committees that bring up all the crime our ex and current politicians commit and nothing is done to them. Wasted TAXES.
My Government wants to use MY TAXES to abort other countries abortions, wars, food and weapons while taking my RIGHTS to bear arms, have food and live in comfort & safety away.
Companies have devasted the Rain Forrest and now the USA, RUSSIA, CANADA, GREENLAND and the NETHERLANDS are breaking up the ARTIC so these countries can have shipping rights in the North Pole with MY TAX $$$ while crying “Climate Change”.
Elections come up and children get massacred while police stand by and wash their hands in front of a surveillance camera. (Remind you of Pilate?) While children bled to death! But women are upset that Dobbs overturned Roe vs Wade?
God have mercy on us. We are a Christian nation that welcomes everyone, have mercy on us!

Lynda Buchholz
6 months ago

The money he is spending isn’t his money!! We are struggling as it is without the spending he is doing.

6 months ago

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is good men do nothing” Edmund Burke. Novmber can’t get here fast enough.

6 months ago

If these pregnant women give birth in the United States their babies are citizens. How many people can we continue to take and support. Illegal means illegal

anna hubert
6 months ago

While at it they should be fixed so there is no need for further abortions

6 months ago


Michael J
6 months ago

These idiots have to know they’re killing unborn babies right?

Laura Germani
6 months ago

Unfortunately Biden is not the honest person that he pretended to be when he was running for president. He ran as a moderate Democrat, but he’s far from that. Shuttling pregnant illegal immigrant females to abortion clinics behind our backs on our tax dollar is just further proof of how dishonest he really is. At least with former President Trump, you pretty much knew where he was coming from. And his policies were actually working. President Biden is sneaky, and in my opinion, he has blood on his hands.

6 months ago
Reply to  Laura Germani

“Unfortunately Biden is not the honest person that he pretended to be when he was running for president.” Well if we are going to be really honest here, Biden WAS NEVER a honest politician his entire political career. He rotinely lied, plagarized and obfuscated his entire career. People had almost 50 years to observe the man before he ran for President a third time.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
6 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

He is old and senile. That is why salad speaking Harris is Vice-Pres. While Nancy is still the speaker no one wants to get rid of him. The forces in charge knew this. They are not stupid! The election was fixed. Now ex-Trump’s wife falls down the stairs and dies. Are we to believe that? The fake news will cover it like they did when Foster shot himself in the back of the head!

Ertis Crumpler
6 months ago
Reply to  Laura Germani

This is a matter for the states not any business of the idiot that is pooping in the toilet of the real President of the USA.

6 months ago

This, if true, deletes every possible decency of Joe Hidinn’ Biden! This is classic if you can’t do something in one wrong way, find another wrong way to do it! That isn’t good governance. I guess the incentive to do this is a payback to the DemocRats for allowing harvesting of “baby parts”. Yuk!!!!

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