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The Anti-Worker Votes Democrats Have to Own This Labor Day

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn

In TV ads and public speeches, Democrats have historically portrayed themselves as the “party of working people.” But as Americans celebrate Labor Day this year – which many also consider to be the official start of the midterm campaign season – it has become increasingly clear just how devastating Democrat rule has been for American workers. Weeks from now, Americans will have the opportunity to make their frustration clear at the ballot box. Here are just a few of the anti-worker votes that conservatives should ensure are at the top of Americans’ minds.

Massive Spending Leading to Spiraling Inflation and Declining Wage Growth

Last March, Democrats voted on party lines to pass $1.9 trillion in federal “stimulus” spending despite warnings from economists that it would fuel historic inflation. In addition, federal stimulus checks incentivized people to stay home rather than returning to work, hamstringing businesses trying to reopen and slowing the economic recovery.

Predictably, the U.S. labor force kept adding fewer jobs than economists expected month after month. Biden kept saying workers had the upper hand to demand better pay from employers. Yet inflation was already eating away any supposed wage gains. Then, in November 2021, Democrats and a few rogue Republicans voted on and passed the $1 trillion “Bipartisan” infrastructure bill, heaping more fuel on the inflation fire.

But Democrats weren’t done yet. Just a few weeks ago, they passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” – a bill that does nothing to lower inflation and will actually cause it to increase further. To top it off, President Joe Biden recently announced a federal student loan forgiveness scheme that will put the country hundreds of billions more in the hole and further exacerbate inflation.

The results of these policies have been predictably toxic for the American workforce. Last Friday’s BLS jobs report showed that the number of long-term unemployed Americans increased by 70,000 in August. Other recent data also shows U.S. labor force productivity is falling – in other words, “businesses appear to be paying workers more to produce less.”

Implementing A Made-In-America Tax That Will Devastate Domestic Investment

In jamming through their “Inflation Reduction Act,” every Democrat voted against a Republican-led effort to prevent “trillions in job-killing taxes.” Thus, it’s not surprising that the IRA has what Republicans have rightly termed a “Made in America Tax” – also known as a “book tax” – that promises to devastate the competitiveness of American businesses and reward companies that outsource jobs overseas.

While Biden and Democrats claim the tax exists to close tax “loopholes,” business owners know all too well that in practice it targets carried interest – a measure companies use to reinvest capital in their labor force, innovation, and growth. It’s predicted that as a result of this policy, GDP will be cut by $68 billion, and 218,000 jobs will be lost as companies look abroad for a better business environment.

Attacks on American Energy, Killing Jobs and Pushing Companies Overseas

According to industry estimates, the $6.5 billion natural gas tax in Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act will threaten as many as 100,000 jobs. Democrats also voted against an amendment to the bill that would have opened up more oil and gas leases to boost domestic energy production, juice manufacturing, and bring down costs – in essence doubling down on Biden’s disastrous decision to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline and end oil and gas leases on federal lands. According to the recently released U.S. Energy and Employment Jobs Report, 29,270 jobs were lost in the fuels sector between 2020 and 2021 alone – a decline that is likely to continue as a result of Democrat policies.

Moreover, many factories in the United States are simply shutting down because energy costs have been driven so high. As just one example among many, the second-largest aluminum mill in the United States is closing, costing 600 Americans their jobs, because of “elevated energy prices,” according to its CEO.

Perhaps even more egregiously, the subsidies the IRA include funding to subsidize electric vehicle production in Canada and Mexico, while ignoring the needs of U.S. automakers. And when it comes to essential parts and pieces for making electric vehicles, China dominates the market, undermining not only U.S. markets and workers but also U.S. national security.

Advancing Open Borders Policies that Decimate the Labor Market

Since Biden took office in January 2021, millions of illegal aliens have crossed over into the United States from all around the world as a result of Democrats’ open borders policies. That influx is bad for American labor generally by the basic principle of supply and demand: a 10% increase in the number of workers lowers wages by at least 3%, according to George Borjas, a renowned Harvard labor economics professor specializing in immigration. Data backs this up: between 1996 and 2016, immigrants without high school diplomas grew the low-skilled workforce in the U.S. by a whopping 25 percent. As a result, earnings for that group decreased on average between $800 and $1,500 each year. This is particularly devastating for minority Americans, who occupy up a disproportionate number of low-skill jobs.

Destroying Worker Agency

Included in the failed Build Back Better Act was the PRO Act, a far-left bill that would “enact sweeping changes to the employment landscape” by ending “Right to Work” laws in 27 states. The bill would rip away agency from workers – especially contractors – and sock businesses with an extra $47 billion in costs per year that will inevitably result in lower wages. The PRO Act remains a top Democrat priority, and expanded majorities in November would almost assure its passage into law.


All of these policies have directly harmed the lives and livelihoods of American workers. Despite liberal pandering, the record shows that Democrats are a party far more concerned with the interests of left-wing activists, not hard-working families. Come November, voters will finally have their chance to make that statement loud and clear.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch. 

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8 months ago

I personally do not feel the general working public thinks so deep about the impact of the anti-inflation bill. I believe yes, the buying votes with trillions of dollars put on the backs of workers, will promote a democratic win in swing elections. The public just complains and accepts higher taxes not understanding why they are high. We are banging on the wrong drums, singing the wrong tunes. There is little perception in the public mind that there is a draining of epic proportions on workers income or we are moving to a socialist society. Why else would polls climb with recent events? They are doing a better job?

8 months ago

They just lie and say how great everything is, and their sheep blindly follow.

8 months ago

I’m optimistic that this November the voters will show up at the polls and vote this insanity out of office. We all know what this administration has done from the Keystone pipeline, to this Inflation reduction act. Everything in between these two acts mentioned has been a disaster. Don’t forget the withdrawal of Afghanistan either. The only problem is, we have to wait until January for these so called politicians who work for “ WE THE PEOPLE “ to leave. More damage can be done between November, and January. We will take the majority in the house , and the senate. Don’t believe the polls. Vote!!! Change is coming.

8 months ago

We tend to think of the word perversion as specific to sex. Its not. The dem party is full of people whose minds and souls are perverted. They cant be reasoned with. They can only be driven into the ash heap of history. Peacefully of course.

8 months ago

Let us not forget their cultural sickness-abortion on demand, opposition to voter ID and immigration laws, preferring unions over parents and students, against fracking, gun ownership, attacks on prolife centers, rampant out of control crime, Negro voter fraud and their ignorance on race and gender issues. They are a sick, morally bankrupt and vile party that is the enemy of normal behavior and a supporter of dysfunctional behavior.

Old Silk
8 months ago

He touted all of the different jobs that people do that got him elected many times. The problem is that his state didn’t have those jobs. The DuPonts and Vanderbilts were pretty much the only real employer the state ever had, and they are Republican job creators.

Philip Hammersley
9 months ago

If DIMMs were the party of “working people” sometime in the distant past, they are NOT that now! They are the party of godless haters who, whether super poor or super rich, are on the government teat. If you have a job or even want a job and vote DIMM, you’re like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders! Their PA “candidate” leeched off his parents for 40 years, Bernie Sanders didn’t have a real job until HE was in his forties, and Senile Joe has NEVER held a REAL job.

Sean Richman
9 months ago

What AMERICA really needs is for the silent real AMERICANS to step up and take our country back.If we don’t step up to the soros,peeeloosli,nonobamba,sloppy joey entities that are intentionally destroying AMERICA for their profit,and theirs ONLY,we as a country are done.We real PATRIOTIC AMERICANS better step up and do it now,before its too late,maybe it already is.

9 months ago

Our country is so divided I worry for our children as we are going to be taken over by communism as people today think the government owes them. We no longer want to work for freedom

H L Howell
8 months ago
Reply to  Kay

don’t worry about your children, as soon as they are born, they will be the property of the state.

9 months ago

“the record shows that Democrats are a party far more concerned with the interests of left-wing activists, not hard-working families” I think you have this WRONG! I would say they have the interests of their bank accounts and the elites that support this nonsense in their view – and keeping us little people where we belong!

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
9 months ago

Even worse, up in PA. you have to pay a tax on your job. Just t90 have it. Thats true.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
9 months ago

I can feel for Paul Davis. I retir3d at age 50. Self Employed. After abt 5 or 6 years i went looking for something in the electracel field. Told the guy i wanted a job. Nothin special, and in starting position. He told me I would have to join the IOLBUROCD or some crap like that before he would even talk to me. I didnt need the job anyway but just thought how hard you need a job,and the diffaculty in getting one.

Michael Venaccio
9 months ago

Happy Labor Day..

OK..all that is mentioned is known. So, what do you suggest we do to improve the situation, other than getting out to vote at the local level for state representatives who will enforce voting laws and get rid of questionable machines and having respectful conversations with our legislators at all levels.

Everyone seems to be wringing their hands at the situation, but what can the people do to correct the situation that is available through constitutional means??

William C Smith
9 months ago

Pollsters should design their interminable surveys with questions directed towards members of communities who choose not to work, have been laid off, or are not looking to determne party preferences, and why. Surveys should always include ample space for respondents to reply in their own words their perception of the meanings of significant questions. Oh, and pollsters should hire people to actually read those comments, catagorize, tabulate, record and report them, instead of the usual fund-raising bs.

Paul Davis
9 months ago

I had a job and an apartment waiting for me in SFO when my Navy discharge came through. I got the discharge, called the employer who told me I had to go get my union card first, Told him no thanks, called the landlord who understood and did not ask for money for holding the apartment for about a week, bought a plane ticket and came back to right-to-work Kansas and never looked back. I guess we know where the leftist loons are getting substantial support from.

8 months ago
Reply to  Paul Davis

So, just what is Labor Day all about any way? Looks like it is a celebration of the so-called right for cry-babys to stage organized hissy fits, aka ‘strike’. I don’t celebrate Labor Day, instead I celebrate September 17th, of 1787.

9 months ago

The Progressively Communist wannabe Democrats are destroying America from the inside out and the stupidity of the lower income voters is unbelievable!

anna hubert
9 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Those believing in Santa Claus in the WH will vote democrat even when chimney is on fire

Larry W.
9 months ago
Reply to  Rik

I don’t see how income has anything to do with how someone votes. Even folks on government handouts have to be feeling the pain of high inflation. The rich folks just pay the higher price and keep on going with their normal lives.

8 months ago
Reply to  Larry W.

Their intellect is why they seem less knowledgeable when they vote.

Leon Busiello
8 months ago
Reply to  Larry W.

if dems lose power Inflation may go down but they know their benefits will not go up or may come down

Barrett Smith
9 months ago

The democrats are the party of wokeness, handouts, open borders and crime.

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