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The 1.75-Trillion Democrat Outrage

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Bargain?  “Pared down?” Hardly. This Democrat “reconciliation” bill is the biggest power grab in American history, a $1.75 Trillion takeover of multiple economic sectors, stripping Americans of cornerstone rights.  Text of HR 5376 was released on October 28.  It is 1,449 pages.  It is an outrage. 

Laziness causes few to review details.  Having spent hours on this “Build Back America” bill, my brain is swimming.  It is mind-numbing, offensive, more like “Beat Down America,” a liberty-crippling march to irreversible federal control – and intentional socialist manipulation – of citizens and the private sector. 

Sample provisions make the point. Hundreds of unthinkable provisions, filling 10 PDF files, would shock Americans.  Here are some of the hidden excesses and pretenses to power. See, 2021 Budget Rec 2.  A full reading takes half a day.

Title One, directed at remaking America’s “Agriculture” sector, includes Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars for “vegetation management,” undefined “carbon management” (which trees do without federal direction), mandatory “ecological integrity” (undefined), preservation of “at-risk species” (undefined), “carbon storage” (again trees do that, no federal spending needed), “non-lethal activities and tactics to reduce human-wildlife conflicts” (for example between deer and hunters, hunter reeducation).

The title includes: “Decommissioning” of roads in national parks, billions of dollars for “monitoring non-Federal land” (like your backyard), “climate mitigation,” money for “underserved forest landowners” (is that forest owners with too few saws, or too few trees?, billions in “competitive grants” for (I kid you not) “tree equity” (Sec. 11003 (a), (2)), vast sums for “underserved populations” (presumably not trees), plus mandatory “non-federal cost-sharing” (in other words, you pay with BOTH state and federal taxes).

Billions more go to “underutilized renewable energy technologies,” industrial policy preempting the free market (supply and demand) for federal direction, including pages mandating production and refueling of electric vehicles (without reference, by the way, to where all that electricity originates). 

This is Section 12006, which adds replacing “home heating oil” with “biodiesel” (ironically requiring mass-energy for production, anti-environmental side effects, corn from food needs, raising energy prices, and requiring environmental water remediation). See, e.g., WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH BIO DIESEL?.

Compounding the nonsensical title, free money is given to “non-profit or for-profit” entities under Section 12008 (a), (3), (A) (2).  Under section 12102 (C), national “Equity Commissions” are set up, funded by tens of millions, resolving “racial equity issues” within Agriculture, 750 million handed to farmers who “experienced discrimination.”

Billions more go to “remodeling” agricultural research facilities (no doubt, green curtains, and solar-powered ergonomic chairs).  Special money goes to “Alaskan Native,” “Native Hawaiian,” and “Hispanic-serving” institutions, plus – for some reason – the District of Colombia. That is Subtitle D.

Subtitle E adds giveaways for “frontline grocery workers,” on account of COVID-19, with later sections scattering open-ended money to “mitigate climate change” in billions, like feeding park pigeons.

Go to Title Two, “Education and Labor,” more dangerous nonsense. Billions are directed to the “survival and continuing vitality of Native American languages” in Section 20006, subsequent subsections deferring educational loan repayments (including by illegal aliens), billions to “students of color,” plus first-generation college, countless other free money categories.

Any “entity” (not just schools) can get money for undefined educational activities.  While Critical Race Theory (CRT) and transgender attacks on Title IX (girls’ sports) are not mentioned by name, the shoe fits. Anything goes, from “furniture” funding to faculty training and tuition.  Mention these are your dollars?

Stunningly, although separately, federal power is used to punish companies under OSHA regulations by boosting fines ten-fold; for example, what was $7,000 is now a $70,000 penalty, and they can be personal.

A universal, “free” federal “birth through five childcare and early learning entitlement” is created, effectively federalizing early education of children, incentivizing and coercing the parental transfer authority to universal government control over education at that age, plus setting national child care wage rates, federal remodeling, “monitoring” of federalized childcare – and “universal preschool.

This is just the first of 10 PDF sections, the next creating a huge “National Service” for “Climate Mitigation,” on par with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (by contrast temporary) mid-Depression “Civilian Conservation Corps,” bigger and permanent.  Incredibly, at a time when the private sector is desperate for labor, this bill sucks added labor into federally underwritten “climate-related” hiring.

Title Three mandates “zero-emission vehicles,” twisting the private sector, putting supply-demand under federal direction, paying “100 percent of costs” for contractors who submit, and creating a vast federal slush fund.  “Disadvantaged communities” get billions in direct aid to go along.

Bizarrely, Section 30107 adds billions to mitigate “air pollution in schools,” nowhere validated but assumed – then adds extra for schools in “disadvantaged communities.”  In 30112, the informer mentality is transposed to “greenhouse gas corporate reporting” in the name of “climate justice.”

As if Obamacare were not distortion enough, Democrats sneak into this title– another push to federalize health care with more “Affordable Health Care Coverage,” in Section 30601, a mass giveaway.

Net-net, countless socialist titles make this bill the outrage of the century, integration of anti-bias and related (CRT-type) training into everything from maternal care to employment.  It federalizes multiple sectors, imposing mandates that make current vaccine mandates seem downright trivial.

On top of redefining America, remaking the federal energy, transportation, education, labor, healthcare, and countless other sectors, it spends money no one has on what no one wants, driving permanent inflation, economic weakness, slowing growth, effectively stealing wealth and socializing the nation.

Net-net, this bill is as anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-constitutional as any drafted.  Hundreds of sections and subsections – a mind-numbing collection of power-concentrating, debt-creating, intolerable provisions – reduce this Democrat dreamboat to one, simple word:  Outrage.  It must be defeated.  

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9 months ago

“Build Back Better” did not originate from Biden. It came from Davos where a bunch of Bill Gates types(Rich) think they have the right to rule everyone. They are now in the middle of the “Great Reset”. “BBB” is a call to arms for the radical left, check out the great reset. Bill Gates owns the most farm land in the United States. Why is that !

9 months ago

What percentage of the commie Dems do not know what is going on? Has to be very large. Do they care or are they so ignorant they do not understand socialism/communism? Wake up Dems. Watch the true newscasts. Your commie stations don’t tell you the truth EVER!

9 months ago

How can we help send this piece of dog excrement where it belongs…down the crapper?

Di B
9 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to read and summarize the bill, Mr. Charles. I knew it was bad from the moment it was presented, but I had no idea the extent these anti-American traitors will go for power.

Joanne 4 justice
9 months ago


Tim Toroian
9 months ago

There should be a million-person march to remind these clowns whose money they are spending. Only tyrants and assorted demigods spend other people’s money so callously.

9 months ago

The bill was almost assuredly written by a committee of various lobbyists representing various liberal interest groups. It’s unlikely an actual legislator or one of his/her staff actually took part in its creation but rather just say in on the writing of the bill in order to give the appearance that they “wrote” the bill.
Get rid of the lobbyists (and their financial support) no matter whose party they are connected to. They rarely represent the electorate

Arlene Kummetz
9 months ago

Is this the so called Infrastructure bill? If Infrastructure is so important to democrats, why don’t the create a honest to goodness bill that really takes care of that problem?

Debra Wilks
9 months ago

Let’s go Brandon!!!!

9 months ago

Why do the social democrats continue to tell people they want this free spending. I have not talked to one person who says yes. We need roads and bridges but we also need the money endorsed for bond issues to be spent to repair the needed roads in every State. WE do not need social give aways.

9 months ago
Reply to  Kay

The social Democrats are going after the UNINFORMED people who really do not know what is going on or worse, the people who really don’t care.

9 months ago
Reply to  Max

That accurately sums up the target audience for the Socialist Democrats. Either generally uninformed on the substance of the issues or completely tuned out to what is going on. That is also why the Democrat Party fights so hard to retain their grip on our public education system. Churning out future Socialists by indoctrinating the h*ll out of young minds today.

9 months ago

Thank you for the break down of the 1000 plus pages of gibberish.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

9 months ago
Reply to  BwaHa

Piglosi and the rest too!

9 months ago

Tell me when the people are awake!

9 months ago

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equsl, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes desructive of these ends it is the Right Of The People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute New Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. From the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, July 4, 1776.
I think our Representatives in Washington, DC need to be reminded that they work for the people, not the other way around!!

9 months ago
Reply to  Feliix

Why don’t we start acting like it ?

Sally Duncan
9 months ago

Yes it does. I have already called my Rep

9 months ago

The useless democrat traitors must all be removed!
Just like in Virginia and hopefully New Jersey, We the People, REAL Americans have had enough of this vile garbage espoused by failed politicians!
America DOES NOT accept the democrats or their destruction of OUR COUNTRY

J. Farley
9 months ago

If the left doesn’t watch it, we on the right might turn it into a buck-seventy-five

9 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

I dont think to many lefties know what freedom cost

9 months ago

The government which governs best governs least!

We need a bill demanding that the DemonRats can only swim in shark-infested waters!

9 months ago

I am so glad Virginia had an election before the socialists passed this bill. There was always hope. Now there is a little sign of it.

Stephen Russell
9 months ago

See & can examine bill on $$ alone & wont Fund Physical Infrastructure

Joe M
9 months ago

For those who don’t know CAGW stands for Citizens Against Government Waste. As suggested
…….GO THERE !!

9 months ago


I have to agree with everything you pointed out regarding this so-called reconciliation bill. I’ve gone through a few drafts of this social engineering and government expansion bill and both the absurd language used to describe the various programs and the ridiculous accounting tricks being employed to make it appear the cost of this bill is going down is simply ludicrous.

We’ve both spent time working for the federal government, so we know when Congressional legislation is written in this manner and budgetary estimates are calculated this way, the clear intent is to mask both the true objectives of the bill (wholesale re-engineering of the American economy and greatly expand the power and reach of the federal government) and hide the true costs (still well over $5 trillion dollars when you score the various programs outlined properly) from the American public. This bill takes obfuscation to a whole new level. I agree that the entire bill, in any form it ultimately ends up, must be defeated.

9 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

RBC and Paul E, thank you both for your article and comment. I hope the American people are now waking up to the DANGERS that the conniving Left Democrats have been trying to push through the legislation the past months.

9 months ago
Reply to  Max

You would think that after the Democrats have been gut punching and face slapping them for the last 10 months, via the series of disastrous policies the Democrats have rolled out, the American people would already be fully awake.

9 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

One would hope but until the West Coast and the NE sector of states wake up, the fight is still going to be tooth and nail.

9 months ago
Reply to  Max

Forget about waiting for the two coasts to “wake up”. I live in the NE and most people are completely clueless about almost everything. I’ve been to California and that is pretty much the same. They see all the same higher inflation, increased costs and everything else we already see, but they can’t admit to themselves that it has anything to do with all the bad socialist policies the Democrats have enacted. They can’t or won’t connect the dots. After all, it’s the party they keep voting for over and over again. So they will NEVER decide to vote for anything but a Democrat. So the rest of the country can’t sit on their hands waiting for useful idiots to wake up. Keep pushing back and never stop until the Socialists that make up the Democrat party have been completely driven from power.

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