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Texas Steps in to Fill Federal Border Security Gap


In the face of a historic border crisis due to the intentional reduction of federal immigration law enforcement, legislation has finally been passed in Texas to help fill the gap and better secure America’s southern border. Gov. Greg Abbott signed the bill on Friday, Sept. 17—as the crisis at the border intensifies, with more than 10,000 migrants, mostly Haitian, crowded under a bridge near Del Rio.

With substantial bipartisan support, HB 9 allocates a hefty $1.8 billion to enable state agencies and border counties to increase deterrence, protection of private property and targeted prosecution of state crimes committed by unauthorized migrants.

The single largest chunk of the new funding, $750 million, is being dedicated to the construction of up to 730 miles of border wall, a security need previously identified and approved by both Democrats and Republicans in the United States Congress, including the current President, but abruptly and irresponsibly cancelled at the outset of his administration. This appropriation is on top of the $250 million in emergency Texas border wall funding already allocated by Governor Greg Abbott.

In her testimony before the legislators, Texas National Guard Adjutant General Tracy Norris explained that that over 100 landowners along the state’s unsecured international border with Mexico have asked for the wall to be built on their land.

Initially, temporary fencing will be built by 12 of the Guard’s engineer teams at a pace expected to exceed over one mile per day, up from the current few hundred feet per day being built by only one engineer team. Eventually, the temporary fencing will be replaced by a permanent barrier that is being designed and managed by the Texas Facilities Commission, in coordination with the Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

During floor debate over the measure, Senator Eddie Lucio, a Brownsville Democrat, responded to objections by some fellow Democrats by saying that “I have talked to many of my constituents in Cameron and Hidalgo County…and I can tell you the vast majority of those people want border security and want the wall, believe it or not. And some of us come up here fighting against it, we’re actually speaking against what our constituents want.” Lucio was among the Democrat lawmakers who supported the measure, along with Senator Chuy Hinojosa of McAllen.

In addition to the wall funding, the measure allocates several hundreds of millions of dollars each to enable both the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety to place additional boots on the ground. Up to 2500 Texas National Guardsmen will be deployed to the border region, and in addition to building border wall they have been deputized to execute criminal trespassing arrests of unauthorized migrants. Single males who are illegally crossing the border and trespassing are being targeted for these enforcement efforts.

The historic Texas border security effort is rounded out by $170 million in funding for three migrant intake centers, $100 million to reimburse border counties for related expenses and additional funds for court administration and the Border Prosecution Unit.

None of the legislators or state officials testifying in support of these actions are under any illusion that it is enough to fully compensate for the reduction of effort by the federal government in meeting its obligation to secure the border.

Many of the legislators on both sides of the aisle, in fact, made a point of lamenting the necessity the state faces of having to incur in such massive expenditures. Col. Steve McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, told legislators that prior to the crisis that erupted this year, he was hoping to see the state be in a position to reduce its border security expenditures.

However, the data is clear that both Texas and the nation are being inundated by a simultaneous spike in the trafficking of both people and illicit drugs across the border. The current leadership of the federal government shows no signs of being willing or able to fulfill its obligation. Thanks to the courageous and creative efforts of state lawmakers, Texas can and will work to fill the gap and take its border back.

Reprinted with Permission from - The Cannon by - Ken Oliver

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Langston P. Landman
1 year ago

If Americans don’t wake up,. Our country will be given over to the illegals, to communism and social government while our freedom are being taken away.

Janice Winkelman
1 year ago

Obama & Biden have caused so much harm to our once great country. Stirred up racial divide, spent trillions of dollars lining their pockets and our enemies’ pockets, appointed very questionable people to key government positions…and the list goes on. Disgusting and appalling!

So glad Governor Abbot is proactive and doing something with the mess at the border created by Biden and his cronies.

1 year ago

Now just keep that idiot biden away from anything having to do with our border(s). He’s already screwed a whole bunch up. We don’t need our borders opened up to anyone and everyone!


MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

1 year ago

The affects of this situation are going to be felt across the Nation. Other red states (or fund raising efforts) should send money to Texas to help relieve their burden. Maybe a court settlement will force the Federal government to reimburse Texas.

1 year ago

Something must be done with the mess in Washington..

1 year ago

We need a President that loves America and “gets it” and, I fully support a second term for our President TRUMP

1 year ago

“SANCTUARY States/Cities/Counties/Towns are anti America and I’ve had a belly full of this cr_p ergo, WE THE PEOPLE must fill the gap created by past and current US President and DO Nothing Congress. The ENTIRE strategy of the the anti America party, etal is to expand voter base so they can rule our United States of America for the next 1,000 years; IT IS THAT SIMPLE AND WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT FORFEIT LIBERTY!!! The politicians that proudly proclaimed they will “Fundamentally Change America”… My greatest fear is that they continue their campaign of sabotaging Ameica and we will have to repeat a part of American History but, if so, same will Dwarf the tragedies of the 1860s. MAY GOD PLEASE HELP US ALL REMEMBER PAST LESSONS LEST WE HAVE TO EXPERIENCE… Enough said and I apologize for, if any, redundancy re the above noted. My gratitude to Texas for the courage and commitment to take action when our Federal Government simply refuses enforcement of laws and, especially laws that have massive national security.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

A great comment jeff! I’m in total agreement with you including and in particular the bit about being grateful the great state of Texas stepped forward and filled the void the feds failed to fill. It’s pathetic when the POTUS is a hapless buffoon and all of his “appointments” and those elected by the left are more about themselves, their “careers” than about appropriately governing our country, obviously at our expense.


MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

1 year ago

Texas should not have to defend the border, but at least Texas will make an effort. Every victory requires effort.

Amy Ganci
1 year ago

Biden should be charged, tried and executed for treason.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
1 year ago

nearly 1,000,000 persons have crossed illegally into our Country since Biden took office. Committee, Congress, voting, building, funding yak-yak-yak

Sean Richman
1 year ago

Wake up democrats and fix this problem.AMERICA is losing thanks to the three plus stooges.

1 year ago

Governor Abbott needs to activate the National Guard and shut the border down. We are being invaded and it has to stop.

1 year ago

good for them!! A shame and a crime the Feds aren’t also behind this. Craziness at a whole new level.

Glenn R. Zeringue
1 year ago

This Wyoming resident supports Governor Abbot and his policies regarding the overwhelming invasion of illegal immigrants into America. He is obviously on the top of my list as a leader who possesses common sense and who isn’t afraid to take action needed to protect his state and America’s sovereignty. Don’t back down, Governor. There is nothing wrong with doing the right thing.

Ertis Crumpler
1 year ago

We have a great governor here in Texas and we need to make sure he is reelected, not someone like O’Beto

1 year ago

Thank you governor Abbot!

The federal government has failed us in the most egregious way….. our President doesn’t give a damn about the American people!!!

Nick Patriot
1 year ago
Reply to  Craig

Did Abott have to wait until one million infected, illegals came over the border? Couldn’t he have done something after, oh lets just say 100,000illegals crossed? Just sayin…..

Frank Bort
1 year ago

How Wonderful!!! Get ur done. !!!

1 year ago

Better late than never. This should all have been for seen especially after the stolen election results. DHS is now a bad joke.

Vonn Laree Brown
1 year ago

Hooray Texas. I’m proud of y’all. Keep up the fight and God bless you and all your efforts. Hope other border states join the effort.

Ron Howard
1 year ago

I am one Texan who 100% supports what Governor Gregg Abbot and Texas are doing to stop the flood of illegal aliens.

Frank Bort
1 year ago
Reply to  Ron Howard

Yes We need good order !!’

Kathleen L Rinck
1 year ago

This is all very well and good, but I think it’s just a matter of time before Obiden sends the DOJ after them.

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