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UFO 43

UFO Update: “Something Far More Profound”

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Senate Passes Bipartisan China Bill, but Debate Underscores Democrat Weakness on Beijing Government


Kamala Harris, China/Fauci, AMAC & Vets

China 27

China Seeks Nothing Less than World Domination by ‘Squeezing’ Us into Submission

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China Didn’t Just Unleash the Virus—It Unleashed A New Wave of Totalitarianism, Starting With Attacks on Religious Liberty

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Trump Declares “China Must Pay”—Calls for $10 Trillion in Reparations for Virus

Biden 29

Confronting Russia and China – Biden is Stumbling

US Carrier 40

No US Carrier in the Pacific – What?

Tiananmen 14

On the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, Chinese Communists Escalate Campaign to Erase A Shameful History with New Hong Kong Crackdown

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Weingarten Report Ep 6: 11 Questions We Must Ask About the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory