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Biden’s Inflation Will Cripple Seniors

COVID-19 1

Pandemic Response Report

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These Are Bad Times on the Southern Border and the Biden-Harris Solutions Are Making It Worse

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Joe Biden’s Disastrous G7: In Just a Few Days, He Undermines Western Security by Jeopardizing U.S. “Special Relationship” with Great Britain

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‘Woke’ Culture Threatens to Demoralize US Military

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Weingarten Report Ep 8: The Method to the Biden Administration’s Middle East Madness

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Joe and Kamala – Bumble and Fumble

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Senate Passes Bipartisan China Bill, but Debate Underscores Democrat Weakness on Beijing Government

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As Biden Meets Putin, Lessons From Trump Bold Diplomacy With North Korea

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What Do They Want? A Look at the Big Picture Tax Hikes Being Proposed by Democrats