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Social Security and Entitlements: How the Democrats Lied to Voters Before Midterm Election

Election season can be a stressful time of year. At some point in our lives we’ve all experienced it. You know, those friendly discussions that turn into political debates where hyper emotions get tossed around and directed toward us by friends and loved ones alike. Politicians do this with exceptional rigor and finesse, competing to win over our hearts and minds. 

But Democrats take things to the next level, a much lower level, with their outright lies and dangerous scare tactics involving one of the most critical programs in American history. With so much at stake for President Joe Biden and the Washington liberal class so desperately trying to cling to power, and the livelihoods of Americans hanging in the balance, Democrats flat out lied to voters before the 2022 midterm election, about social security, entitlements and a lot of other things, in their thirst for power. Here are some of the things Democrats said on the campaign trail, their motivations, and how Republicans fought back. 

Long regarded as the “third rail” of national politics, politicians have for decades experienced first hand the perils of rocking the social security boat and the seniors on board. Regardless of the merits lacking in their arguments, Democrats tried to paint Republicans as quick to throw grandma over the cliff. Democrats early on sought to push the false “Republicans are going to cut your medicare” narrative. A press release from Rep. John Larson (D-CT) on August 5, 2022, three months out from election day, reprinted an opinion piece originally published in Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post and was equally entitled “Republicans are coming after social security, Democrats take note.”

“Your Social Security you paid for your whole life is on the ballot,” President Biden declared weeks before election day at a virtual fundraiser for a House Democrat. This wasn’t a one-off, it was a central theme of President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ claims that the popular program “is on the chopping block” as they sought to retain control of Congress. 

One of six different campaign ads backed by $8.6 million in spending from Democrat Jon Fetterman’s Senate campaign said, “Mehmet Oz, the man with nine houses, just doesn’t care,” despite Oz saying during a live televised debate that he doesn’t want to end popular programs as Fetterman falsely claims. 

Mere days before election day, Fox News’ Ronn Blitzer reported on the left’s lies and Republican efforts to push back. Any political observer of the last two or more decades will recount this is not the first election cycle that Democrats have told voters that Republicans want to cut Social Security.

“Without fail during a tough election season, Democrats bring up Social Security,” Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler wrote in a 2020 analysis. Blitzer reflected on how in 2020 Kessler “awarded the Biden campaign Four Pinocchios for an ad in which they said that then-President Donald Trump would cut Social Security. Kessler took the campaign to task for basing their assertion on ‘a plan that does not currently exist.’”

“It is understandable that Democrats will use whatever is available to get people to fear the election of Republicans,” Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum President, told Bloomberg . “I think this is playing the fear card.”

President Biden didn’t only mislead Americans about Republicans were planning to do with entitlements, but he mislead them on his own record. A now-deleted tweet from the official White House twitter account on November 1 claimed, “Seniors are getting the biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership.” While the increase is true, what it fails to mention is that social security payments are tied to the federal cost of living adjustment or COLA, which is tied to inflation, which hit a 40-year high of 9% last year thanks to President Biden and Washington Democrats’ reckless out of control spending. I guess the president thought Americans would fall for this baloney. 

Biden and Washington Democrats knew that record-high inflation, a baby formula shortage, over $5 a gallon gasoline, out of control housing and food costs, and the larger recessionary environment was going to turnout voters in favor of Republicans. People were rightly pointing to massive Democrat passed tax-and-spend bills totalling over $6 trillion dollars as adding fuel to the recession fire. As the campaign heated up with each passing day, the scare tactics took center stage, backed by over $50 million of advertisements on TV, radio, and the internet over five weeks leading up to election day in order to spread fear. Republicans should be ready to face these and even more extravagant lies in 2024, and take preventative steps to ensure that the party stays on message and doesn’t give the other side an inch of cover to push their propaganda.

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action

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1 month ago

Mike Lee & Ron Johnson mentioned cutting those two. Dems didn’t lie. Repugs did. They also said Dems want to take your guns away. That’s a lie.
Get with it deplorables!

2 months ago

The truth is simply not a key feature of any DemocRat Party related news item. For the DemocRats “news” is really just Commie leaning propaganda since that is what works best for them when combined with some vigorous election rigging.

3 months ago

I believe a major part of the problem with the majority of both democrat and republican national politicians is that they are not in Washington to serve the public. They are there mainly to enrich themselves. They want to be rich and powerful, period. They do not give a damn about the American people, our beautiful country or the wonderful system that our founders gave us. To stop the continuous cycle of electing and re-electing many worthless jackals, we need to apply term limits. Since they would never vote term limits in we can only get them from a Convention of the States assembled with the specific mandate of enacting term limits and also nationally mandated voting limits like requiring voter ID, excluding use of voting machines, having one set day for elections, etc.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Yes, you hit the nail on the head … as the old saying goes. That is one reason why term limits needs to be put in an amendment that limits the term Senators, Representatives, and Heads of Executive Departments (IRS, FBI, State, etc.) is badly needed. Without that government can not quickly swing to the best interests of our Democratic governance.

3 months ago

Sorry, disagree somewhat with this article. Yes, Demo-rat’s consistently lie about the Entitlement programs. (it’s not an Entitlement, but hey) that’s what we’re calling it these days. You are ignoring the stupidity put forth by Republican’s,

Senator Rick Scott from Florida put together, a plan to every 5 years, to reset, (his word, not mine.) to vote to FUND SSI and Medicare. He did this plan during this past election. THEN to make matters worse, he was absolutely horrible in articulating this plan. The Demo-Rat’s took it and ran with it.
We know the entitlement programs are a large part of the budget, but like Immigration we want the waste, taken out of the Federal budget, then we’ll talk reform. Trillions, spent around the world. Senseless wars the American people don’t want, as examples. With immigration. Let’s inforce immigration laws on the books. Build the wall. Shore-up the courts, with the back-log of Immigration cases, then we’ll talk a revamping of Immigration.

Both parties in Washington, don;t want to do their jobs. Their all Corrupt. The difference is, that when Demo-Rat’s elect their representatives, they actually get things done. We elect the most Conservative President (DJT) in 60 years, have the House and Senate and only manage to get a Tax bill done. Nothing else was permananetly acomplished. Pres. Trumps Excutive Orders were all feel good. Biden got in and repealed them all.
Senator Rick Scott and his whole ilk, are fools. Cut out the trillions the Federal Goverment wastes and we’ll look at reforming THE PROGRAMS WE’VE PAID INTO OUR WHOLE LIVES.

They’re all gosh-darn-thiefs!

Enuf Said
2 months ago
Reply to  Anne

Well, sweetie-how do you like your 9% inflation rate, your $5 per gallon gas, your evervincreasing influx of illegals, you losing $3400 of YOUR families purchasing power, the unreal increase in crime ACROSS the country (primarily in Dim Wit Cities), just to name a FEW? Now, I guess like P T Biden-you will blame these things on Trump. How do you think the people in Ohio feel, since the head DUNCE Biden has not been there YET? How do you feel about Biden’s money launderer Zelensky telling YOU that American men and women will soon be in the Biden-Zelensky war? I’m not saying the Repug party did much while in power—I amm SAYING- the Repug party did NOT bring this HELL havoc on the American people.

3 months ago

Democrats lie all of the time – I don’t know why anyone believes them, period!! Some Democrat voters are beginning to wake up from their long winter’s nap where every Democrat does nothing but tell the honest truth!! When it is discovered that they lie, well, I can’t believe anything they say including the ‘climate crisis’!!! I do think that’s why we aren’t running to buy electric vehicles and give up our gasoline powered vehicles!!

Ralph S
3 months ago

Mark Twain said “The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie.”
The DemocRATS take full advantage of American fools.
The Biden Administration’s policies also compel us to make an amendment to Mark Twain’s other famous quote…
The are lies, damn lies, and statistics, and MALARKEY!

3 months ago

Liar is code for Democrat! That’s all one needs to know!

anna hubert
3 months ago

That they lie is not shocking That there are people who believe the lies is astonishing

3 months ago

Politicians, especially Democrats, will LIE, LIE and LIE SOME MORE to stoke fear and “promise” that ONLY they have our best interests at heart! . . . Which is true but only if it also has “their” own best interests at heart also! Democrats are liars, crooks and thieves and never fear being exposed since 95% of the Mainstream Media protects them!

3 months ago

I believe we are going to survive this. Too many of us have lived fiscally responsible lives not to know how things work. If the fruit is rotten, shop somewhere else. When you find an honest deal patronize it only as long as it says honest. Throw the so call lobbyists to the curb, make it illegal to fund politics into a money making bonanza. Respect your own intellect and never, never fund purveyors of bull. If it looks and smells like a lie don’t buy it. Never let the status of your own hard work be a fund for the mouthpiece of sharks. This country is too precious to fund fraud of any kind.

3 months ago

It would be easier to track Democrat lies if the media didn’t cover for them.

Barbara Williamson
3 months ago

Democrats have been using the Social Security bankroll as their “petty cash drawer” almost since its inception, figuring it would be replenished by the next generation of workers. As usual, they cannot hold to a budget any more than they can stop lying…. About everything! They claim the Republicans are the SS killers just like they claim Republicans wanted to keep slavery… backed up, of course by the lying MSM. Hear this America: Republicans do not want to get rid of SS!!! But we can’t keep the Democrats mitts out of the till!! STOP VOTING DEMOCRATS INTO OFFICE!

3 months ago

What’s the big deal? When have demo/socialists not lied?

2 months ago
Reply to  CoNMTX


Stephen Russell
3 months ago

ALL for Control & we lose

3 months ago

The Democrat Party has been lying both before and after elections going all the way back to the Party’s founding. The Democrat Party offers no concrete, sane solutions to anything, so they have to rely on stoking both envy and greed in the segment of American society that is either foolish enough or ignorant enough to vote for them.

While I agree with the author’s premise that the Republican Party should be proactive enough to successfully counter the consistent pattern of lies coming from the Democrat Party, the simple fact to date is that far too few Republican politicians seem up to the task. I can literally count them on one hand. Whether it be because of their own ignorance of the issues being brought up by the Democrats or their own fear of being called a nasty name by either the MSM or Democrats, most Republican politicians are far too meek and restrained to effectively counter the steady stream of lies and distortions coming from the Democrat Party. Being timid and meek only serves to embolden the adversary to be even bolder in the lies and distortions they tell a public that is increasingly ignorant of the issues being discussed.

3 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Agreed. Read some true history and you will find that the demos have lied and tried to fix elections since Washington. Demos have never had America’s best interests in mind. Only power, control, and personal riches.

3 months ago

I just wish people would start paying attention to these democrats. Every election they do the same things. Pay attention people. I’ve been hearing this for thirty years, vote them out.

3 months ago

The DemocRat Party philosophy is “Party firsrt and only … and fake out all others.” And with the majority of news media in the pocket of the DemocRat Party, it is tough for many citizens to discern the hypocrisy of the DemocRat Party.

Michael J
3 months ago

Democrats always lie before an election but people of AMAC aren’t the ones falling for it. For dems, the only way to stay in power is to deceive, cheat and steal, knowing that the next election their followers will swallow the same thing all over again. Their strategy seems to work regardless of the actual consequences of living under their choices. It appears some Americans will continue to believe the lunacy that improvement will come from the hands of those who created this mess in the first place.

3 months ago
Reply to  Michael J

I agree with you that when a very large segment of the population literally has no basic understanding of most the issues the Democrats choose to leverage for political gain, it is hard to make inroads into changing minds and voting patterns. The general ignorance of so much of the public is indeed bliss for most Democrat politicians, which is why they have focused so hard on dumbing down the American public.

3 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

As you have stated before, the majority of the SHEEP are ASLEEP.

3 months ago
Reply to  Max

And they will remain so right up to when they are all led into servitude. What little time America has left is being squandered rehashing the same issues over and over again, with nothing being accomplished.

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