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Smith & Wesson President and CEO Calls Out Attacks on the Firearm Industry

Smith & Wesson

The left’s anti-gun crusade is not by any means new throughout the United States, but they have certainly upped their pressure in recent years. They never allow a crisis to pass without attaching cries for stronger gun control (confiscation). And while their cries grow louder, the gun industry continues to increase in size as Americans see through the lies of every proposed “gun-safety” bill. Following is Smith & Wesson’s scathing rebuke of leftist politicians and lobbyists’ attempts to place the blame for gun-related crime and violence on the gun manufacturing industry. This letter calls out the hypocrisy in this stance, including how much of these crimes take place in soft-on-crime, democrat-run cities. Check it out!

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9 months ago

Everyone is missing the point.Yes,I admit it, guns are the problem.It is very simple indeed. To the democrats guns ARE the problem. They can’t take over while we are armed. So at every opportunity they preach “gun control” slowly weakening the dam for the future flood and control. Thank you AMAC for this site.

9 months ago

People have said that we conservatives speak out of fear when it comes to the second amendment and guns.I got news for you. I don’t speak out of fear. I speak because as an American,, as a true patriot a believer in our constitution and someone that took an oath to defend our country from ALL enemies foreign and domestic,I know what “lock and load means,I know the fear that comes in the night when the “fix bayonets” is given and the only fear I do have is to stand by my duty to protect this great country to live long enough to see Donald Trump in office again. Airborne all the way

Michael Lewis
9 months ago

For those of us who believe the Bible, we realize that even the jawbone of an ass can be an
assault weapon. Our founders, all of whom were not Christian, nonetheless relying on John
Locke and others, acknowledged natures God granted us the right to self-defense. This
sentiment is codiÒed in the 2nd Amendment and includes our right to defend ourselves from
would be tyrants and those who would abridge that right are would be tyrants!

Do a quick online search for knife attacks:
The Rise of Mass Knife Attacks Around the World Shows the ……
May 31, 2018 · In 2016, two soldiers were attacked by a man with a knife in Belgium, and a few days ago, a prison inmate on day leave stabbed two police officers then took their guns and shot them. Four people were injured and one was killed when a knife-wielding assailant attacked them in Paris last week.

FBI Stats Show Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In ……
Mar 24, 2021 · Recent shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado, are driving a renewed push to ban “assault-style” rifles like the AR-15 — but according to FBI data, far more murders are committed with handguns, knives or even …

Stabbing Deaths by Country 2022
Knife attacks and stabbing deaths occur all over the globe, from those with high rates of violent crime to the safest countries in the world. That said, the frequency of knife-related violence

9 months ago

This Smith & Wesson President and CEO is to be commended for his upright truthful address to all left-wing politicians/communists. This country has always had enemies foreign and domestic who would destroy our constitution and enslave us. Today, the same exists but, in our current atmosphere you can put a frame around “Domestic.”

9 months ago

Dems are sly opportunists, like hyenas and jackals. Ive followed this for decades. Forty yrs ago they focused on eliminating handguns, especially small ones. More recently they’ve targeted certain long guns. Up till 2016, dem candidates fell all over themselves claiming fictitious respect for the second amendment. In 2016 the beast spoke openly about mimicking Australia in their confiscation scheme. She was confident in winning so she wanted a mandate based on saying on the campaign trail what she’d do. Folks, they will never stop trying to disarm us, just as the national socialists did to their people. They yearn for a situation in which resistance to their monstrous plans is impossible. Many comments point out the futility of resisting tanks and helos, but just imagine if every jewish household in europe had been armed. Morale among the arresting thugs would’ve plummeted. Could the holocaust have been prevented? I doubt it, but it mightve been delayed until help arrived.

Nobody’s Business
9 months ago

Remember this; The people that don’t want you to have a gun are planning on doing something to you that you need a gun for!

9 months ago

These same people will hide behind someone with a gun trying to save their life. Let criminals face punishment for deeds done. Russia for example makes their prisons place you don’t want to return to and one bullet services for capital crimes,not 28 years on “”death row”.

9 months ago

We are now faced with two very emotional issues that involve children. The same person who wants to safe a child’s life wants to take a child’s life. I’m not so sure I understand how so many people can be so emotional about saving children while being so passionate about terminating a child’s life. Tell me how this is so different. Tell me how one is a right and one is a crime. Is not the end result the same. We need to save our children and keep them safe – in the classroom and in the womb.

Clark Kent
9 months ago
Reply to  Smike

So how many firearms, by themselves, killed or wounded anyone at any time in history? I’m waiting…

9 months ago
Reply to  Clark Kent

Sorry you missed the point and went off into a different direction. Which is common when discussing these issues. We are so full of hate and fear that we no longer believe in the 1st Amendment. You’re either for me or against me, there’s no discussion, no compromise, no negotiation – it black or white – there is no opinion or conversation – no discussion. As a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, NRA Life Member, Licensed Concealed Carry in my state and owner of “firearms” I find your question irrelevant.

Theresa Coughlin
9 months ago

When it comes to crime, the Second Amendment, gun manufacturers, and law-abiding gun owners are NOT the problem. They are just the convenient scapegoats democrats, progressive DAs and other soft on crime politicians like to use in order to avoid being held accountable for their terrible policies.

9 months ago

If we ban guns because “they” kill people, we had better ban all forms of vehicles that America drives because people are killed EVERY DAY in accidents. A little common sense would do wonders here, but we all know common sense is NOT the issue here. We can’t become Marxist or communist if the people can defend themselves.

J. Farley
9 months ago

The Founding Fathers of this great Nation felt that the Rights to Keep and Bear Arms was so important that they made it the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, right behind the Freedom of Religion, Speech, and Freedom of the Press. The First two Amendments are the cornerstone of our Republic, without the First Two Amendments, the Constitution would be little more than a well Witten Document, with little to no way to ensure that Government would follow it.
Only people who wish to top be Lord and Master of others would want to destroy it.
No Foreign Power Since the war of 1812, has Invaded America. Because of the 2nd Amendment, as the Japanese put it during World War II, there would be an American behind every blade grass.
It is NOT A GUN PROBLEM, it never was, it’s a crime and punishment, Criminals are like Children if you don’t punish them for doing bad things, they will continue to do bad things and others will follow because they know there are no consequences for their actions.
My final point is fear a government that fears your Guns, and when only the Police have Guns, you live in a Police State.

J. Farley
9 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

2nd Paragraph remove 6th word TOP!

Robert Zuccaro
9 months ago

Of course they want a defenseless serfdom they can rule over. Nothing so scary to the ruling class than an armed (and angry) proletariat.

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