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Sirens of Democratic Overreach

AMAC Exclusive by Harold Boas


There are increasingly clear signals that the nascent Biden administration agenda and that of its Congressional allies includes many policies that are unpopular with voters and are unlikely to build support for Democratic candidates in competitive races in the 2022 national mid-term elections next year.

What is most curious is that these signals appear to be coming not just from Republicans (which might be expected), but also from many Democratic voters who say they are uncomfortable with packing the U.S. Supreme Court, defunding the police, throwing open the borders to mass immigration, cutting off support for Israel, and controversial new energy policies advanced by progressive leaders.

Reinforcing this has been series of polls and comments from long-time Democratic pollsters, consultants, strategists, and figures who are sounding alarms about the lurch to the left that they say are pushing many traditional Democratic voters to support GOP candidates.

Most recently, the Washington Examiner reported the polling and conclusions of veteran Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg. Greenberg’s research indicates that GOP voters are much more united behind former President Donald Trump than many have supposed (in the wake of post-election Never-Trumper declarations from figures such as Liz Cheney) and that Republican voters are noticeably more interested in the 2022 election than are Democratic voters. Greenberg concludes from his polling data that anti-Trump sentiment within the Republican Party is now primarily confined to the Beltway, while divisions among Democrats are increasingly pronounced. Greenberg suggests that this could lead to a rout of his party in next year’s elections.

Greenburg’s major finding was that “Trump’s loyalists and aligned voters are 75 percent of the GOP in the 2022 battleground and importantly, are already consolidated and engaged in support of Trump’s unfinished fight for America. The critical bloc of non-Trump conservatives and moderates is only a quarter of the battleground electorate[.]” Greenberg also found that “Trump loyalists, Republicans, and white working-class voters [are] as much more engaged than Democrats, with Trump still able to shape events. High interest is not as high as a presidential year, but it is comparable to 2018, suggesting the era of high turnout elections is not over.”

Greenberg is not alone in sounding the alarm for Democrats.

Veteran Democratic pollsters, statisticians, consultants, strategists. And partisans such as Doug Schoen, Mark Penn, David Schor, James Carville, Rahm Emmanuel, and even Michael Moore have in recent months and years expressed their concern about the direction their party is taking—including raising the prospect that Democrats’ far-left policy positions are turning away the party’s traditional Hispanic, Jewish, black, and white working-class voters.

Ironically, the impetus for this left turn in Democratic Party politics is coming from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, urban activists, and the four congressional “Sirens” of the Squad (who like the temptresses of mythology, lure their victims to disaster). This was the same group that Democratic voters rejected in the 2020 presidential nomination contest in favor of “moderate” Joe Biden. But now, they seem to be dictating administration policy on everything from energy to immigration to education.

Democrats have gone down this perilous road before, even in the recent past. Immediately after President Obama’s election in 2009-10, the party put forward unpopular programs, most notably in healthcare. They suffered devastating losses in the 2010 mid-term elections as a result, and Obama left office with the Republican Party at its strongest in decades.

The question is, how accurate are the Democrat polls showing that the party may be in trouble?

In 2016 and 2020, most Democratic and media polls were not accurate in the presidential race, and many U.S. House and Senate races also under-measured Republican support. Greenberg and some other liberal pollsters are apparently trying to learn from those experiences. After all, their polling is meant primarily for their individual Democratic clients, and often the results are not publicly published. The fact that Greenberg and others are going public now indicates their alarm about 2022 and beyond. And if pollsters have not solved their systemic errors from 2020 and 2016, it may be that the polls that are causing them such concern even underestimate the threat to Democrat control in Washington.

So far, “moderate” Joe Biden and “savvy” Speaker Nancy Pelosi don’t seem to be listening to them.

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Hector Sanchez
2 months ago

I truly do not believe democrat are looking forward for a criminal president as Trump. Another major mistake Republican have made is block the people of color and non white to vote. What they are blocking the people of color and non white republican from voting republican. Israel will be fine it need to adjust with out Netanyahu another criminal. Republican playing politics over the American people is just that politics, never the people. A huge lost for them.

3 months ago

It appears that the very “senior” leadership in the Democratic Party is no match for the caterwauling and noisy ranks of its younger socialist base. In turn, policy is now being driven by the louder, energetic radical elements of the party. This will continue to drive moderate Democrats of all stripes further and further away and into the open arms of the Republicans. In short, the annihilation of the Democratic Party as we knew it over the past generation may already be a foregone conclusion.

3 months ago
Reply to  B C

This country would be better off without the democrat party

3 months ago

What the author says about Democrat overreach is true, but the Democrats may be saved by forces outside of their control in the 2022 Midterms. Trump’s legacy of getting 3 Justices may immensely hurt the GOP in 2022, and allow the Democrats to pick up Senate seats while keeping the House. Roe v Wade will almost certainly be reversed 4 months before the Midterm election. The political shockwaves from this are likely to be much larger than any backlash against Democrat overreach, since suburban women vote self-interest above all other considerations. Preserving unimpeded access to first trimester abortions for their teenage daughters and themselves will always come first.

3 months ago
Reply to  A P

I am a suburban woman, but I am also a God fearing woman. One of his commandments to me and the rest of mankind is: “ Thou shalt not kill “. Therefore, I will not kill an innocent conceived unborn baby. That is not to say that I will not protect myself and my family and friends from a threat on our lives.

3 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

HocasPocas, thank you for being a God fearing woman. Don’t take offense with this, “Thou shalt not kill”, it is mistranslated from the Hebrew to English: the correct translation is “Thou shalt not murder”. Abortion committed by medical personnel as we know it is definitely “murder”. The ALMIGHTY has been trying to wake up this country since the approval of abortion in 1973 and the ignorant have been looking the other way. We have seen some of his judgements already: bad government leadership, laws that go against the Bible, 9/11 and COVID. The Bible says that it will get worse so hold on to your faith, the unjust will get their punishment.

3 months ago

From your lips to God’s ear.

But I don’t necessarily buy into the narrative. I encourage all people that are contacted by pollsters to lie. I’ve only been called by one pollster. He represented a cereal company. I told him that I ate cereal at least 6 times a week. In truth, I hate cereal and have maybe eaten three times in my lifetime. My only hope is that I skewed the poll enough for Post or Kellogg’s to start manufacturing another one of their vile, overpriced products.

3 months ago
Reply to  retiredMAJUSA

They support Antifa and BLM. I would eat bugs before I would eat their products

3 months ago

Republicans by any measure should win back Congress – but this assumes that illegal voting has been curtailed. If the emergency laws enacted or granted by leftist courts, which resulted in the legal illegality of ballot harvesting, are left intact and in place, then Democrats will win fraudulent, banana republic elections from here on out. But IF the legalization of fraud has been reversed in most places, then normal people will vote the left-wing anti-American nutbags out in droves. At least, where normal people still reside. California and Oregon may be too far lost, same for NY. But everywhere else – in an honest election – is ripe for the taking.

Michael Dougherty
3 months ago

Why would the Democratic Party do such a self-destructive thing? Because they sold these policies to radical donors and they believe that they will be able to repeat their theft of elections going forward as they did in 2020 and don’t have to fear the electorate.

3 months ago

Always remember the donors call the shots. The sole reason Nancy Pelosi is speaker is her ability to tap wealthy liberals for $$$

3 months ago

They also know Roe v Wade will be reversed at the end of June 2022.

3 months ago

“Multiculturalism” is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White countries.

“Multiculturalism” is a program to turn EVERY White country into a non-White country.

This is genocide. WHITE Genocide.

If you are White, and you object to your own genocide, you are called an EVILRACISTNAZI!

Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to the following two things:

1 – Multiculturalism is a code word for White Genocide.

2 – Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

3 months ago
Reply to  Larkenson

Call me what you want. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago

I take pollsters & their polls with a LARGE grain of salt in either case in light of the 2016 election. They along with MSM got it completely WRONG & our current 45th POTUS took them all to the cleaners after all was said & done…
Assuming the military does not step in in the meantime & REMOVE these miscreants from the WH, then 2022 is all that much more important for voters in America to NOT reelect these Marxist driven traitors back into office. The GOP should give them all a real shellacking & we should get BOTH houses back again & truth be told, even if this comes to be, look at the mess this current faux administration has already created. The task of turning this all around will be monumental with so much damage already inflicted upon this nation in a short ( 4 ) months, ( 14 ) days & this idiot isn’t done yet!
In closing: Never forget, the world is watching all of this play itself out & places like China in particular know full well the US is at it’s weakest point with their Manchurian Candidate running the
” Shit show ” whilst they attempt to force their Marxist Socialist ideology on all of us, including our beloved children from K – 12 school.
Our liberal arts colleges have long since been a ” breeding ground for ” Liberal Left Wing ” way of thinking for decades now with their beloved left wing PROFESSORS showing them the ropes…
It is long, long overdue for this to STOP & those colleges need to look closer at these professors resumes moving forward…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

3 months ago

Anything keeping the Dems out of office is good. Keep being an absolute idiot Biden: Looking good for Reps in 2020!

Paul Brown
3 months ago

Packing the courts is something the demonrats would do just to get ther own way in things. They don’t like it that the courts are against them in all of their crooked ways of doing things. Defunding the Police is only giving in to the BLM movement they started and is being funded by that crooked communist moron Soros. Defunding the Police is an idiotic way of getting to the bottom of what is happening, when a crime is committed in this country, who are you going to call, A Demonrat pig?? Let me know how that works out for you, see if they coming unning to help you beside take more of your money.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago
Reply to  Paul Brown

Paul Brown… Respectfully I agree will all you state here, however the Democrats don’t need to pack the courts & they won’t be around long enough for it to happen in either case imo. Simply look at the behavior or lack thereof of SCOTUS with respect to NOT hearing any of the ELECTION FRAUD evidence, including 1000’s of hours of witness testimony & stated under oath, due to lack of legal standing. Based on all the upper & lower state courts as well as the District Court & SCOTUS’s rulings, it is safe to say Biden & company has ALL of them in his back pocket, hence the STOLEN election. He DOESN’T need to pack the courts, he already OWNS them…
Bill on the Hill…

3 months ago
Reply to  Paul Brown

We will have to take care of it ourselves

3 months ago

First of all, I am surprised at the lack of reaction to this article, which is stating facts about the agenda policies being proposed by the Biden presidency as dictated by the progressive faction. I guess higher taxes, which we know the ultra-rich will avoid by directive labeling their income into legal non-tax brackets (if you believe that the Bidens only made what was reported on their “public tax forms”, I have beachfront property available in Arizona) plus unlimited spending for all these handout programs using taxpayer money, open borders without making any critically needed changes, anyone can vote without registration and with no Voter ID. The majority of the voters who voted Biden are not getting what they expected. There are no available jobs (fair wage jobs not minimum wage jobs), the only money given is chump change compared to what certain organizations got. Riots (called peaceful protests) are still occurring, crimes using illegal unregistered guns are happening more frequently. But life is just peachy for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who are more concerned with getting their ice cream.

3 months ago
Reply to  MariaRose

Have they provided their tax returns? They were hell bent on seeing Trump’s for four years. I don’t think his tax returns had any effect on his intelligence and how he handled himself and his love for his country and the American citizens (red, yellow, black or white). Trump didn’t look at skin color, he ran this country in a manner that benefited all US citizens

3 months ago

And none of this matters:

“Immediately after President Obama’s election in 2009-10, the party put forward unpopular programs, most notably in healthcare. They suffered devastating losses in the 2010 mid-term elections…”

And we still have Odumbocare, don’t we.

Suzanne B
3 months ago

I find it ridiculous that “Democrats” are alarmed by what Biden has done (basically imploding our country). Conservatives KNEW from way before the election that he would do these idiotic things to destroy any good thing that Trump accomplished. I think anyone who voted for Biden, then is shocked by his actions should have their voting rights taken away for the next Presidential election. They need to learn HOW to research, watch debates, do some digging on the candidates. When he picked Harris as his VP there was another red flag! She absolutely got NO votes to be the candidate for President during the primaries, yet now she is likely going to be President at some point in the next 4 years. Back to back complete failures running our country!!! Into the ground, sadly . . . .

Brunhilde Bauer
3 months ago
Reply to  Suzanne B

I find it alarming the “Republicans” AND the MEDIA are so complacent, wringing their hands and saying the sky is falling… YES Mr. B is in the white house- YES, he is the worse President of our time… So what can be done about? Time to get out the vote- make the elections VALID- Make sure all votes that SHOULD be counted get counted and those votes that are invalid taken OUT.
Primary days are coming up- Everyone needs to get out and make some noise about all the corruption and lies that are getting shoved down our throats. Our entire way of life is being attacked from with-out AND from with-in.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago

A good starting point will be to NEVER allow those Dominion machines into this country ever again, that includes those machines with a different name on them, i.e. NH, solely owned by Dominion.
Voter ID an absolute must, paper ballots only, human counted, no more machines, Absentee ballots only in extreme cases, i.e. physical ailments but still require identification. NO MORE MAIL IN BALLOTS, ever again…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago
Reply to  Suzanne B

Beautifully stated Suzanne B… The level of ignorance by so many voters is mind boggling, i.e. they vote a straight ticket not having a clue on what the issues are for any given candidate in both local & federal elections…If the 2020 Fraudulent Presidential Election was not a wakeup call for these people, then they are indeed hopelessly stupid & they should stay miles away from any voting booth!
Bill on the Hill… :~)

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