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Scotus, Roe V. Wade, July 4th

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Liberals are losing their minds after the Supreme Court Rulings this past week. And you will not believe what woke corporations are incentivizing employees with to boost profits. Most importantly, we are celebrating our Nation’s birthday this weekend! AMAC CEO joins Ben to remind Americans about the importance of sharing America’s birth with our children and grandchildren.

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1 month ago

It isn’t stopping. The DOJ just filed a law suite against Arizona on their new voter ID law that requires proof of citizenship to be allowed to vote in Federal elections. The DOJ is trying to allow non-citizens to register to vote. That it is against the civil rights for the State of Arizona to require proof of citizenship. This has to go to the courts and the DOJ has to loose this attach, allowing anyone to vote in American elections. Tonight, write, text, email or tweet your state represenatives and the governs offices in every state to put a stop to this. If every state passes a similar law requiring proof of citizenship before you can register to vote. It will become the law of the land. You have to be a citizen of the United States to vote in our elections. If not Putin could claim residency, have a ballott sent to his resident address and vote in American elections. Stop this stupidity now!!!!!!

1 month ago

America and the people want to know why our weather is changing and things are getting worse God is not very happy at what he is seeing.the democrats are murdering baby are saying men are women and wander why all this bad stuff is going on. Get on you knee Christian and pray for your family and friends.

Lynne Pace
1 month ago

These corporations that have said they will give employees the $4K – will NEVER see one more dime of my money. I stopped supporting a lot of them when they gave money to the terrorist group BLM, I will stop funding the rest of these corporations effective today. I will not support these causes nor the corporations that announce their plans to do so.

Lynne Pace
1 month ago

Two months ago these clowns could not define what a woman was. Then they said men could get pregnant. For two years they forced thousands to get the vaccine – regardless of whether they wanted it or not. Now, all of a sudden – SCOTUS is trying to abandon women & their “rights”. OH PLEASE – listen up you clowns – you WILL be out of a job real soon and THIS is exactly why.

1 month ago

While the overturning of Roe is a huge step in the right direction, ultra-left states like WA, OR, CA and NY will become abortion “destinations” so women who want to kill their unborn children will just go there if their states make it illegal. I keep hearing from the left that SCOTUS made abortion illegal in the US – these people are idiots who are just looking for an excuse to show all the other leftists how “woke” they are. Apparently, the more angry you are the more woke you are.

Stan d. Upnow
1 month ago

The Progressive-Socialists do not celebrate our Independence Day. They do not want an independent America, but rather want the country to be assimilated into a Globalist New World Order.
Don’t forget— According to them, the country was founded by “white supremacist racists,” so what’s to celebrate?

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

SCOTUS gave us 4 correct decisions out of 5. Too bad Kavanaugh allowed the invasion from Mexico to continue! Kaepernick wasn’t “THROWN OFF THE TEAM.” He is a mediocre football player. Actually Joyless was partially correct in that nobody could hear Coach Kennedy so why did it cause an uproar?
Too bad these woke companies want to kill babies just to avoid paying for maternity leave! A bunch of godless trash leading these companies!

1 month ago

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” ― Ronald Reagan.

Celebrate the freedoms that we enjoy this 4th of July because every day there are attacks on those freedoms. Don’t Tread on Me you leftists.

Deploreable Sam
1 month ago

Boycott these stores.
Dick’s lost my business years ago with their attitude toward the Second Amendment.
Now there is another reason, as if that was needed. AND, they have company in their woke ranks!!
Glory,be! Aint they special!
fjb etc etc

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