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SC Governor Blocks Biden Administration From Bringing Unaccompanied Children From Border

childrenSouth Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order on Monday that prohibits the federal government from bringing unaccompanied children from the U.S.-Mexico border to South Carolina.

McMaster issued the executive order in response to inquiries from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration of Children and Families about if the state had resources to place unaccompanied children in the state’s foster care facilities and group homes.

Michael Leach, the head of the South Carolina Department of Social Services, told McMaster about the federal government’s inquiries about taking children from the border and placing them in South Carolina’s foster care and group homes, according to a letter (pdf) dated on April 8.

“South Carolina’s children must always be given first priority for placement into foster care and the State’s strained resources must be directed to addressing the needs of its children,” McMaster stated.

He added: “Allowing the federal government to place an unlimited number of unaccompanied migrant children into our state’s child welfare system for an unspecified length of time is an unacceptable proposition. We’ve been down this road with the federal government before and the state usually ends up ‘on the hook.’”

The Republican governor further stipulated that the “growing humanitarian crisis” along the U.S.-Mexico border needs to be addressed by the White House.

Allowing an influx of minors into the foster care system would place a strain on South Carolina social services’ capacity, his office said.

The federal government’s strategy, McMaster’s office added, will create a plan “to financially incentivize private providers in the short term to the extent that these facilities may prioritize the placement of unaccompanied migrant children over” the placement of South Carolina children. “The State may ultimately incur a long-term financial burden if families are not located in a timely manner and the federal government ceases providing direct support for unaccompanied minors,” according to the release.

According to the letter from Leach, at least “six private providers” have “indicated interest” in placing the unaccompanied children in South Carolina.

Leach’s letter noted that as of April 8, no unaccompanied children have been placed in South Carolina’s foster or group homes.

The executive order comes as a surge of illegal immigrants has amassed along the Southern Border, and as the Biden administration scrambles to find housing for unaccompanied children. So far, 11 facilities have been opened to accommodate the aliens.

As of March 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children in its custody.

Over the weekend, McMaster said he went to Texas to visit National Guardsmen from his state who are stationed there.

“At the border in Del Rio where building of the wall has ceased although the materials have been paid for. That is unacceptable,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Epoch Times has contacted the Department of Health and Human Services for comment.

Reprinted with Permission from - The Epoch Times by - Jack Phillips

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Miranda DeGroot
1 year ago

The B/H Administration is a complete joke. Actually, is all around HOME LAND INSECURITY!

Barry W. Clark
1 year ago

I believe ALL AMERICANS should withhold paying any income taexs – thus, these “democratic commies” would have no money to carry our their agendas of bringing in as many illegals to vote for them come election time.

Linda Warner Sutton
1 year ago

All State leaders should stand up for their citizens first! This whole thing is total insanity on the part of the current administration.

Kathy Larzelere
1 year ago

This is what happens when people don’t think their vote will count so they don’t vote. Biden unraveled everything Trump did without thinking of the consequences. Now we are all going to hve to pay for it, on top of trying to stay well.

Kathy Larzelere
1 year ago

We would not have this problem if the prohibitions stopping immigrants in Mexico had been left alone. Though not ideal, it was at least a way to have a less chaotic influx. Considering that the majority of people cannot claim “asylum” it would, in effect, slow the line to a trickle. FINISH THE WALL and stop the flood!

Betty Garrison
1 year ago

Since Biden has stopped construction of the wall, we the people need to put the materials, already on site, to use and FINISH THE WALL. Need more stuff? take up a collection.

1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Barb

I agree, this is what Biden gets for all his stupidity. He caused this maximum influx and appointed ditzy Kamala to sort it out! They are ineffective and inefficient and both should be impeached! This is the karma Mr Biden that you reap for frauding your way in, open your own doors you and your commies!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Barb

I would agree. These kids are not our responsibility sad as it might be. We need to take care of our own frist.

Harry J Welsh
1 year ago
Reply to  Barb

SC Governor is correct, he looks after his own citizens. I live in Pa. and my Governor welcomes the invaders, but at whose expense??

1 year ago

If Biden, Soros, Obama, Palosi and all the rest of the commies want these people here then THEY should put them up in all of then multiple mantions accros the country that are mostly sitting there empty. And they should pay the bill to feed, clothe, provide medical care, etc. They should NOT be permited to be reimbursed by the government for any of this nor should the put it as a tax deduction of any kind. This would only be a fair sacrifice for them if they feel so strongly about these people.

1 year ago

We should start with sending all of the illegals to sanctuary cities. After all of those cities are filled to capacity then we could look to any other cities that might want to take them in. What is going on at the border and the Texas “holding” facility is nothing short of a crime. If President Trump had done this, the “news media” would be all over it. The reason we don’t see our illustrious VP touring down there is because the news media would want to follow and the socialists don’t want the American people to know what is going on. If you don’t believe it do some research. There are people down there now trying to get information and not allowed to. We the people are being sold out. The socialist/democrats are lying, making deals under the table and could care less what the American people think. Just remember, 2022 Is coming. Time for all of us to stand up!

1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

Somewhat agree with you Rich, but not on “sending all of the illegals to sanctuary cities”. Let the sanctuary cities die in their own sins like Sodom and Gomorrah. Send the illegals back to Mexico as President Trump had set up. Keep them in one place in Mexico to enter the proper channels as it should be done, not allowing them to come in freely as is happening. The USA is being inundated with illegals and we’re being “USED”…..without law and order, one has total instability and corruption of life….they need to enter legally just like everyone else….just like we have to do when we enter other countries…..why should they be allowed to enter at all. STOP IT AT THE BORDER!!!!
Thank you for allowing me to holler like this but it is such a tragedy for our country and we must do something about it NOW.

Vicki S. Whiting
1 year ago
Reply to  Barb

Agree. Too bad the people we trusted enough to put into office (State, Federal, County, City) are doing nothing to prevent this. Drain the Whole Swamp in 2022

1 year ago

Three Cheers For Gov. Henry McMaster

1 year ago

The majority of the illegal border crossings are Spanish-speaking people. The Feds should put out a plea to all S[anish-speaking Nations, asking if they would take in these refugees! Of course, I know the answer but it is a thought.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
1 year ago

Add a big room onto the White House.

Joseph W Milling III
1 year ago

Always reassuring to hear an intelligent response from the Governor of my great state. I say – deliver the needy to the steps of the White House, where our irresponsible President and incompetent Vice President just might be forced to consider the border situation a crisis. This is a federal problem, not a state problem.

Tracy McKeon
1 year ago

A crisis created by our irresponsible President (is he REALLY our president?) and incompetent Vice President.

1 year ago

We are being overrun by the drug cartels down here in Texas. Our governor needs to stop talking about it and step up, close the border!

1 year ago

I seem to recall Pelosi stating during the last unaccompanied children crossing the border crisis that she wished she could take them all. Well, lets make her dream come true. Lets ship ALL the unaccompanied children to Pelosi’s vineyard and let her take complete ownership and responsibility for them. She’s worth $25M so she can afford to pay for all their food, education, housing, and medical expenses. In fact this fulfills two of her dreams. Taking all these children and providing Equity by distributing her wealth to the needy. And why stop with Pelosi. Lets distribute them all across ALL the Democrats who have created and want this crisis.

Zeig Heil
1 year ago

PTL, the governor realizes that flooding his state with illegals would steal jobs from low income already struggling workers and steal votes for democrats. There’s nothing new to the democrats wickedness. I work for the union and if I don’t pay my dues I don’t receive my pension and I don’t get any work even though the work I get is minimal at best-a few crumbs off the table. The money received from the dues goes directly to the democratic party that doesn’t represent my values!!!

1 year ago

Load them up and send them all to the White House and Democrat politicians homes!

1 year ago
Reply to  Linda

Interesting. A SC governor can visit the border but our VP can’t find the time even though our brilliant president gave her that responsibility to fix his screw up.

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