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Russia-Ukraine War May Become Biggest Failure of Biden’s Presidency

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


In the weeks following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden promised to make Putin a “pariah” on the international stage, immediately imposing heavy sanctions on Russia and calling for all nations to do the same. Yet now, almost five months after the first Russian troops crossed into Ukraine, the war is still ongoing, and the outcome remains uncertain. His effort to galvanize the West behind the United States and force Putin to back down has failed, adding another foreign policy fiasco to his already woeful record as President.

While the Ukrainian army has continued its tenacious defense of key cities, according to recent reports, Putin now appears firmly in control of more than 20% of Ukraine, and the Russian army is still on the march. While Putin initially launched the invasion under the guise of “liberating” Ukraine’s westernmost territories from “Nazism,” his early strategy suggested his true goal was to occupy the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and install a puppet government similar to the one he created in Crimea. When that strategy failed, Russian forces were repulsed from much of western Ukraine, and the invasion initially faltered. Since then, however, Russia has refocused its efforts on occupying the westernmost territories in the Donbas region of Ukraine, turning the conflict into what will likely be a long and costly war.

Economically, while Western sanctions have been punishing to certain sectors of the Russian economy, others are experiencing unprecedented growth. Following the invasion of Crimea in 2014, Russia began an aggressive economic reorientation to “sanction-proof” itself from western powers. As noted in a recent NPR article, in 2013 “Russia imported about half of its food; but today, it is self-sufficient in basic food supplies and has even become a significant exporter of items like grains and wheat.” In June, the Russian Ruble also hit its strongest level in nearly seven years. Part of the explanation for this is that Russia long ago began aggressively reducing its foreign debt and amassing large amounts of foreign currency. While Russia can’t continue its war in Ukraine forever, and Putin remains in a precarious position, it is now safe to say that the Russian economy has proven far more resilient than most Western leaders anticipated, even as Ukraine becomes more desperate and closer to being forced to the negotiating table.

Meanwhile, Europe and the United States have suddenly found that their massive globalization push has left them dangerously vulnerable to a Russian economic counterpunch. For example, Germany has spent years touting its shuttering of coal plants and eliminating its production of fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy. While they did eliminate domestic supply, they were still heavily reliant on fossil fuels imported from Russia. Thus, when the invasion began, Germany was in a position where it was forced to choose between breaking with the West and continuing to import Russian energy or standing with its allies and risking its cities going dark. In June, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands announced that they would reopen the coal plants they celebrated shuttering only years earlier. At the same time, energy prices in the United States – already on the rise thanks to the Biden administration’s war on American energy – have skyrocketed, leading to even more economic turmoil. This begs the question of who these sanctions damage more – Russia or the West?

Meanwhile, China has enabled Russia to escape some of the worst damage from the Western pressure campaign. While the Chinese Communist Party is publicly respecting the international sanctions against Russia, they are quietly providing Putin with critical lifelines. Russia is now exporting 50% more oil to China than before the invasion, providing essential economic relief. Although the two nations are not true allies, they have shared interests on the international stage. While Biden would like to increase pressure on China and force them to cut ties with Russia, doing so would likely lead to an economic catastrophe for the West. Unlike Russia, the West has only deepened its reliance on foreign goods over the last decade, specifically from China.

Putin has made clear in several addresses this year that his goal is to see an eastern sphere of influence re-established. It’s likely that he doesn’t want McDonald’s, Walmart, or any other western commerce in the East and welcomes their exit. His invasion showed that he never feared breaking away from the West, and with its aggressive sanctions regime, the United States and Europe may have helped him. While China cannot economically afford to break away similarly, they also want to see western influence eliminated in the Pacific, most notably in Taiwan. Biden has pledged to defend the island, yet doing so raises the terrifying prospect of nuclear war with China.

While Putin has been planning his invasion for years, many ask why now? After all, radical left Democrats asserted that former President Trump was “soft” on Putin, so why not invade when Trump was President? In hindsight, Trump became the only President of the 21st century under whose watch Putin did not expand his reach.

Here another international catastrophe, Biden’s calamitous exit from Afghanistan, may provide some explanation for Putin’s aggression. To Putin, the debacle must have seemed evidence enough that America had lost the will to fight. To make matters worse, Biden unrepentantly defended his handling of the situation, proving that he had lost touch with reality completely. Yet neither Putin, nor Xi, nor the American people were fooled, something which has undoubtedly led 85% of Americans to say the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Biden’s decades of foreign policy experience may have won him credit from the media in 2020, but his actual record in office has left American confidence faltering, Russia and China emboldened, and the world shaken.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture. 

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Marie Langley
6 months ago

I disagree. Biden’s biggest failure was Afghanistan and the murder of 13 of our soldiers and leaving billions of dollars of military equipment behind. The second biggest failure was killing the Keystone pipeline.

Robert Aughenbaugh
6 months ago

I usually agree with Andrew Abbott’s views. But while his facts are accurate I believe in this case his conclusions aren’t. And should my disagreement with Abbott indicate I’m some sort of Neocon or worse, let me be clear. I truly detest these irredeemable power hungry zealots. If I knew any way of eliminating liberalism/socialism/communism and those who practice it from our world, I’d do it in a New York minute.
But we can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I believe the decision by Biden and Western Europe to stand up against Putin in this instance is correct, and if they stay the course it will work out for us. We have at our disposal a totally corrupt country that has decided to play David for us, and I believe Ukraine is eventually going to prevail.
An economics professor once told me that if anyone ever wants to sacrifice themselves for your benefit, and all you need to do is give them money, just hold their jacket and pay up.

6 months ago

How about agreeing that biden is a total failure.

6 months ago

Worse than his intentionally selling the USA to communist China? I don’t think so. Worse than giving our country’s worst enemies $80,000,000,000 of our very best military weapons and equipment? No.

6 months ago

biden’s most notorious achievement in history is the eternal fire he started in the Ukraine.

6 months ago

This writer is a joke. He means Russia is in control of the Eastern (not Western) most part of Ukraine.

6 months ago

Who can count that high? Biden’s so-called “presidency” has been nothing but a horror movie of stupid gaffes & blunders. Picking only one would be difficult. Any number of them should have gotten him impeached & imprisoned. But Sleepy Joe and the sub-human creature he calls “son” can get by with anything.

6 months ago

Biden’s biggest failure, has already occurred, he should have been prosecuted for his colossal failure in Afghanistan, this president is a ticking time bomb.

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

Biden also promised to make the Prince of Saudi Arabia a “pariah” too but yesterday he fistbumped him. What ever happened to that “woodshed” Joe kept harping about?

Enuf Said
6 months ago

The biggest-I am not sure, as everything this IDIOT does is quite enormous in the WORST way!!

6 months ago

The one catastrophic error missed here is Biden’s shutdown of American oil independence. That gave major control over Europe’s energy dependence toward Russian oil. That would pay for Putin’s expansion. It hasn’t worked out as well as Putin planned, but China is now stockpiling oil it would need in a conflict and they are getting this oil from both Russia and America. Yes, China is now buying oil from America’s strategic oil reserve. So, Putin’s loss of the European oil buyers was replaced by China.The bottom line here is Biden’s policies caused the Ukrainian war and is fortifying China so they could eliminate Taiwan, which represents the political failure of the communist party. If China moves on Tiawan we can expect North Korea to invade South Korea soon after. Biden’s policies are not just bad for America, they have world wide detrimental influence.

6 months ago
Reply to  Ty

China is heavily involved in this. They are attacking the American economic system in any way they can with the support of our President and his son.

When trying to order house trailer tires, I just saw 8 fake sales sites from China. They all offered them at ridiculously low prices. I bit. I figured what have I got to lose? $50 I guess. I received some kind of arm covering garment that was sent instead of tires. The company, Addupx, is not responding to any e-mails.

I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. But the blatant lying and cheating shows China does not care about America. They only want to lie to and cheat us. They also steal everyone else’s technology. I wonder how involved they are in the U.S. voting machines?

Who had the most to gain by getting rid of Trump? China. And we are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars, it not trillions, that they will be skimming from the world economy.

Mike L
6 months ago
Reply to  Ty

Most likely China will use the oil from the US strategic reserves (that biden sold to China) for the Chinese Air Force and Navy to invade Taiwan.

6 months ago

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!!! For those with long memories the Democrats always seem to be in office when we have a war. Biden is playing an end game movement with Russia Iran,Ukraine . Even money a war with China is around the corner,then marshal law, take over govt and ???????? America and elections out the window with the constitution and states rights. Control food control people,control fuel control movement of the masses .We as patriots must step forward now. To die for a dictator is is to become weak slaves to the future.To die as thousands have for American ideals is with honor and a noble cause . I have seen the battlefields of Normandy and the hero’s buried their.our country’s future is not in hope but in actions. I for one stand tall stand ready to defend freedom.We need demand a leader to step forward with our united support to guide all of us to the form of govt we were. The battle is coming and the opposition is using taxpayer money to buy vote .If they succeed we as a nation will become third world . I saw the premier of Viet Nam with 200 man body guard riding in a 100,000 Mercedes’ Benz while one block away his people were living in cardboard boxes eating just to survive. . Sorry for the speech God bless America and God bless Trump/DeSantis 2024

Lisa Skinner
6 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Sounds about right Tom

6 months ago

There is more going on there than just a war. There is money laundering, bio labs being destroyed and sex trade tunnels closed. Russia is a super power and can knock off Ukraine easily. All American keeps doing is throwing good money after bad to Ukraine to try and win a war that can’t be won. This would never of happened had Trump been our rightful President.

Lisa Skinner
6 months ago
Reply to  Antnony


6 months ago

ONE? There’s almost too many to count. Period, repeat.

6 months ago

Jesus is getting ready you better get ready. Amen

6 months ago

Biden rediscovered fentanyl night of 2020.

6 months ago

When you think Biden, just think failure, it’s all just been a failure, no one event stands out as a single most event. But let’s not forget about the individual’s that elected him into office, and the projressive party who supports him, another point of failure. Remember this next November and in 2024, unless you want more of the same.

6 months ago

Biden re-election campaign 2023 don’t bogart that fentanyl pass out it’s for free. BYOF bring your own fentanyl to Biden campaign 2023

6 months ago

there will be no biggest failure in the biden whitehouse and his entire presidency(like jimmy carter) will be one giant failure!!!!!

Mike L
6 months ago
Reply to  edward

Didn’t think anyone could be worst that jimmy carter, (15% or higher inflation), but sleepy joe is proving it.

Gail Tubbs
6 months ago

Afghanistan is. We still have Americans stuck over there.

Mike L
6 months ago
Reply to  Gail Tubbs

plus 13 that died there last summer because of sleepy joe

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