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puzzleRoseMarkwas created to help Americans solve the financial dilemmas they face today. As a RoseMarkMember, you’ll be assigned a Personal Coach to help you make the best use of your money! Ever wonder if you’re handling your money wisely? Have you saved enough for retirement, are you looking to pay off a mortgage, or preserve your estate for your children or grandchildren? Your RoseMarkpersonal coach will help keep you on track! As a RoseMarkMember, you’ll receive a personal financial statement each year to compare to the last. How are you handling your money? Let RoseMarkhelp guide you and provide you with the tools to help you make the best use of your money!

RoseMarkworks to help our members get the maximum enjoyment from their wealth, and promote their financial security. Whether you are just starting out on your financial journey or have already amassed a great fortune, the RoseMarkgoal is to maximize the benefit of each financial decision and protect our memberships wealth from potential invaders.

RoseMark Helps Protect against the invaders of wealth! They are:

Income Taxes Estate Taxes
Inflation Poor Investment Strategy
Death and Disability Plan Obsolescence
Lawsuits Creditors

RoseMarkMembers share our common values of integrity, responsibility, family, and Country! These shared values help establish a fertile environment for sound financial decisions.

Enjoy the Benefits of RoseMark Membership!

Business handshakeRoseMarkMembers are assigned a Personal Coach who is licensed, certified, and trained to provide you with objective financial advice. Your personal coach will help you maximize the wealth within your personal economy while working to protect your assets from many potential invaders.

Your RoseMarkCoach will offer attentive service and creative solutions that are suited to your unique situation and place an emphasis on client education and empowerment. RoseMarkMembers appreciate our ability to explain the complexities of the financial world in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand.

RoseMarkMembers work closely with their personal coach to help plan for what tomorrow may bring while managing your finances today. RoseMarkMembers engage in an active process which enables you to identify what is important to you. Together, with your personal coach, effective strategies are developed to accomplish these goals. Our comprehensive list of financial products and services combined with expert financial advice let your financial goals become a reality.

The RoseMark Planning Process!

Build your financial wealth through the RoseMark5 step Process:

1. The Discovery – Financial Discussions with your Personal RoseMarkCoach!

2. Design Financial Strategies to achieve results – Uncover effective strategies with your Coach!

3. Presentation of Financial Strategies – Review strategies for best method to match your needs!

4. Implementation of Financial Strategies – Secure your future and turn financial goals to reality!

5. Monitor and Review Financial Plan – Review your personal financial statement to monitor and compare!

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