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Robert Porter Vindicated – Correcting a Major Media Smear

Robert Porter
Robert Porter with President Donald J. Trump

Sometimes justice takes time. Sometimes the First Amendment – meant to correct false speech with accurate speech – works. Robert Porter, one of the brightest lights in Trump’s White House, young Harvard lawyer, Rhodes Scholar, distinguished law clerk, international scholar, trade and national security expert, was demonized in 2018. Facts now prove his integrity, at last.  

The First Amendment is slow to work, but it works. On August 10, the Daily Wire, after a months-long investigation, wrote one of the most thorough, compelling, fact-based analyses of a political leader attacked, brought low, and able to finally reclaim his reputation – that has been written in a generation.

In their day, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt got falsely attacked, with gross allegations thrown against them. Both were forced to reclaim their reputations, which both did – TR through a brutal libel trial. Porter joins their company, distinguished, scarred, but resilient.

By way of background, Porter was boldly accused of domestic abuse – based on quickly filed stories, unresearched allegations, in turn readily fanned by Trump’s political opponents and the media. In what has become a commonplace, one outlet told a story, others picked it up, and truth suffered.

Now comes the real story, one that shows Porter’s two marriages were not at all as described by the media, that a former wife recanted and that, in many ways, Porter was a victim of the very practices a hostile, anti-Trump media tarred and feathered him with. 

The real story is beyond compelling. It is a sobering, objectively mortifying lesson in what happens when reckless national media, obsessed with playing a decisive role in politics, turns its back on professional responsibilities, like researching facts, and in the process destroys the reputation of an innocent citizen.

In an age when good leaders, honest, moral, educated, thoughtful, service-oriented, and selfless are sorely needed, when public service seems lost to private greed, the story of a good man taken down by unresearched allegations is sobering. It explains why so many good people sidestep politics.

In short, Robert Porter – a lifelong Mormon, reserved scholar, quiet by temperament – was suddenly accused of having been a “wife beater” and acts that, ironically, turned out to have been akin to what he suffered, not what he perpetrated. 

Fact after fact alleged proved to be incontrovertibly untrue, materially inaccurate, deliberately, recklessly, or negligently misstated, then never publicly corrected, even when truth was known. Even now, media outlets that attacked Trump through his young staff, have failed to correct the record.

Porter, invariably a backseat actor, highly respected across Capitol Hill, in legal and scholarly circles, trusted by the DC Court of Appeals, national security expert with a longstanding top-secret clearance, had been vetted and re-vetted for top posts. 

Only when he took the post with Trump did allegations – later proven false – fly. These allegations sharply conflicted with Porter’s reputation, leaving him only two options – fight or resign. Honor comes before pride, as pride before the fall. He chose not to fight, but to resign in the “hurricane,” hoping for truth in time.

The time has come, and for those who have long known he as not a “wife beater,” that his life was being ruined by media outlets with a story to sell, another way of getting at a president despised by the left, this day is overdue, gratifying, and in some ways, even now, too late.

Robert is as honorable a man, as full-hearted a public servant, as decent a person as anyone would wish to meet or know. How do I know? Because 40 years ago, I served in the Reagan White House, working for another public servant, a father of four, thoughtful and honorable. 

That man was Roger Porter, Harvard Professor, Rhodes Scholar, trusted by Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush – Robert’s father. I have known the Porter family since Robert was age four. Faith is central to their lives. I knew from the outset the media allegations were just not true.

What I see now – Robert’s vindication – also vindicates our Founders and the First Amendment, more speech corrects prior speech, truth emerges over time by good reporting. This we see even as the Fourth Amendment is challenged, and the same outlets that took aim at Porter now take aim now at his former employer. What goes around, does come around. It just takes a while.  

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1 month ago

I really think once the Republicans have the majority in the House and Senate this November, they need to work on legislation that would allow news networks, newspapers, and politicians to be sued for defamation and libel. We need to stop protecting these evil people. Having a different opinion than someone else isn’t a problem. It’s the deliberate lies and misrepresentations that should be called out.

1 month ago

Haven’t heard about it on msm. Will there be apologies?

Cam S
1 month ago

Marxism, or as a man of reputable character, Levin calls it American Marxism is behind these treacherous and vindictive attacks on conservatives. Truth overcomes!

1 month ago

Smear tactics … bread and butter of DemocRat political strategy. It did not work at all on Reagan, and even at-the-time news media liberal darlings were frustrated to the point that they publicly expressed their frustration. The DemocRat politicos use the smear tactic as the core of their political effort. They believe that the best way to win is not to tout your own character & qualifications … but instead, find mud and sling it at your opponent (true or not).

1 month ago

To quote George Washington… I think this applies here.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Michael Lewis
1 month ago

By what right do the government and the majority of corporate media determine what is and is not truth? That is the job of the American people!

Federal Campaign Laws have exempted the corporate media, the voice of special interests and big money. The Democratic Party demanded these laws because corporations have too much money and influence in our elections. But media corporations are corporations, with special interests and dependent on the advertising of yet other corporations and the wealthy.

David Block
1 month ago

The truth will prevail!

1 month ago

We could have had Stephen Moore on the Federal Reserve Board but the left media exaggerated and made his private life tableau like. What a great loss for our country.

1 month ago
Reply to  Honey

Judy Shelton would have been an outstanding member of the Fed as well, as she actually is far more knowledgeable about the intricacies of both monetary policiy and over all market dynamics. Another Fed nomination that went down in flames caused by lies in the media and the Democrats.

1 month ago

From what I understand you can’t sue the news media for printing lies even if they knowingly do it and it is proven to be false. It’s called slander. From what I understand it used to be against the law. But what goes out of the mouth can’t be put back in. The closest thing is an apology. But in the news you might get a retraction, in small print on the back page or somewhere But not a front page with the same bold headline as the slander. And the news media wonders why they aren’t trusted. It’s called virtue , honor, trust,love, hope. Also forgiveness. We are sinking to a low place as a nation because of what we have lost. It’s not to late if we turn from our wicked ways. You just need to be able to see From your blinded eyes. That is why (Jesus) died on the cross. Pray and let Him open your eyes so you can see but first ask for forgiveness and mean it. Then just talk to Him. He will make you free. Enjoy the battle because it all changes.

Sharon Ormsby
1 month ago

Good deal. It’s rare that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints are wife or child beaters, but it does happen. The media does often write stories too quickly. It needs to stop and clarify things quickly. For instance, we are NOT Mormons, we don’t worship Mormon, we worship Jesus Christ. Mormon was a name given to us by news reporters who didn’t like our religion. It’s easier because it fits into news stories better, but it’s a nickname the church doesn’t like anyone using. All new agencies have been given the name of our church to be used in stories, but obviously, Amac is just like all the others, and ignores using the name of Jesus Christ. It’s sinful.

1 month ago


This is standard practice for the left wing media in this country. Any potential opposition to the Democrat Party or its policies is singled out, targeted with anonymous or blantantly false alligations and then smeared until either the subject is forced out of his or her position or bankrupted fighting the false claims in court. I wish I could say this is something new that has only cropped up over the last few years, but the truth of the matter is this has been a standard “go to” strategy of the media in this country for decades.

If you are a Democrat politician or a major supporter of the Democrat Party, you are pretty much given a pass on almost anything and the media will circle the wagons to protect you. If you are a Republican politician or anyone of significance in the Republican Party or a Republican administration, you have a target painted on your back from Day One. It is only a matter of time until the MSM turns its attention to trying to destroy your life.

1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

Sadly, in the past few decades the new media IMO has clearly leaned in favor and support of the DemocRat Party with its news reporting. … and it is not a subconscious act. News is more interesting if it is antagonistic and heated. So the DemocRats have the know-how and experience that appeals to the new media bias.

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