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Promoting Illegal Immigration – Shamelessly

Illegal Immigration

Let’s cut to the chase. Joe Biden and the “Open Border Democrats” know what they are doing, have known for years, and do it shamelessly: They promote illegal immigration, nominally for humanitarian purposes but really to boost dependents on the state, who vote Democrat.

“No, no, no – that is not what Democrats do, that is cynical, hokum, unfair!” I hear the rejoinder, but my lifespan stretches to watching this issue – illegal immigration – argued inside the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, in Congress, months of investigative hearings in 1996, after 100,000 documents were discovered at the White House and Immigration and Naturalization (INS).

Those documents proved – without any shadow – there was a plan, detailed and confirmed by the then-vice president, Al Gore, and head of INS, Doris Meissner.  It was called “Citizenship USA,” an innocuous name for a highly partisan mission.

The aim was to influence the 1996 presidential and congressional races with “accelerated naturalization” of illegals, reducing time from application to citizenship to weeks or days.  

As official documents showed, the plan was to systematically create rapid-fire “naturalization centers” in Democrat-controlled cities, push hundreds of thousands of “newly minted citizens” to Democrat voter registration organizations, promptly turning them into Democrat voters.

For more detail, search “Oversight of Immigration and Naturalization Service Program, Citizenship USA, hearings before the subcommittee on national security international affairs and criminal justice, government reform committee, House of Representatives, 104th Congress, 2nd session, September 10 and 24, 1996.”

Congressional investigations and reports proved that under the rubric of “fairness,” thousands of felons were swept into this Democrat-voter registration process. Other election irregularities were discovered by the Senate.

Breathtaking is the only word for what hundreds of lawyers and staff discovered after tractor-trailer trucks dumped 100,000 documents on Congressional investigators election eve, 1996. I know because I ran the investigation under the chairmanship of Congressman William Clinger (R-PA) and criminal justice subcommittee chair, Bill Zeliff (R-NH). 

The main point? Opening the border to create future Democrat voters is a policy, not new, just enlarged these past two years. It is “unspoken” and willfully ignores basic laws against human and drug trafficking, even as foreign drug cartels kill record numbers of American kids. For perspective, the number of American kids who died last year from foreign drugs topped 107,000, more than twelve times the 1996 number (8,431).   

So, the unofficial-but-official immigration policy of Biden-Harris and Hill Democrats is “let them come, get them into the country, get them naturalized and registered,” even without language, civic, or life skills, downplaying crime, beatings, rapes, coercion and child abuse, record drug trafficking, and the public’s uproar and sense of helplessness.

To date, nearly two million illegals entered this country since Biden took office, 1.3 million caught and released, more than enough – with various legal and illegal constructs – to alter elections in key states, even without a return of legalized ballot harvesting and whatnot.

If any question remained about what the policy is, why it is, where it leads, and who is pushing it, just see the anxiety created by Republican governors complaining and transporting 50 illegal entrants – from the two million – to a swanky Democrat getaway on Martha’s Vineyard.

Putting aside the hypocrisy of rich Democrat do-gooders crying “not in my backyard,” the truth is that Democrats are defending a “come on in” policy, offering excuses for new Democrat voters.

Even worse, the real agenda is emerging – and Vice President Harris put it out, perhaps accidentally, last week. As in 1996, it is to import as many as possible to vote for a Democrat-Socialist state.

Said Harris, the solution to the illegal immigration problem, mass inpouring of illegals, is citizenship. She thinks a mass grant of citizenship is the solution, so we make what is patently illegal – instantly legal. Then Democrat organizers and activists will assure they vote Democrat.

So, mass amnesty is on the table. Here is the fact: It has always been on the table, the masterplan since 1996.  Present Democrat leadership does not care to enforce laws at the border, protect Supreme Court justices, bring past Democrat candidates, appointees, vice presidents or their sons to justice. So mass amnesty is fine, it is the plan.

Where does this lead? To distrust, and another revelation: The pro-illegal alien policy is not an accident, nor is mass inflow of illegal aliens, un-building a border wall, criticizing, defunding, and demoralizing law enforcement, including Border Patrol agents. It is deliberate.

The answer? With a sigh, vote in November 2022 and 2024, get Americans to see the reality and believe in citizenship, push secure borders, enforce laws, and stop the illegality. Another solution – peaceful but persuasive – is to do what border governors are doing, say “enough is enough.”

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Michael Lewis
6 months ago

So, 107,000 American children die of drugs largely made possible by illegal immigration, but all the American people hear about is how taking guns away from law abiding citizens will save a handful of children from school shootings!

The solution was and is Donald Trump. Build the wall and enforce immigration law and impeach lawless Joe Biden.

Patricia A Arsenault
6 months ago


Darius Dickison
6 months ago

where are all the tough GOP or loyal office holders filing “dereliction of duty suits” up and down the judicial halls?

Paul W
6 months ago

These “illegal immigrants” are unvetted, federal immigration law breaking invaders from over 150 countries that are being organized, transported and funded by one world government globalists. Now Venezuela is sending us their convicts. None of these people look impoverished or emaciated, clad in tattered rags. Some are even obese. This regime’s border policy has deliberately sabotaged national security…and that is TREASON!

Al Wunsch
6 months ago

It isn’t just “immigration” that they are playing with. The current operation has, no doubt, given the cartels plenty of time and funding to become a dangerous force both in Mexico and in the U.S. for which we will pay for long after we ditch the Biden admin – not to mention all the terrorists that very likely have penetrated our country and the many lives lost to drugs, human smuggling etc. Biden will pay for his treasonous behavior, though perhaps not until in the next life while we will be paying the price for years..

Sharon Ormsby
6 months ago
Reply to  Al Wunsch

88 of them to be exact according to my Governor Abbott of Texas, and that’s according to KNOWN terrorists.

Deb Rockwell
6 months ago

In the meantime, they are slowly but surely turning the USA into the corrupt, crime-ridden dump that is Mexico, with the consent and support of the MSM and half the brain-dead voters in this country.

6 months ago


Isn’t it truly amazing that 26 years later, the Democrats are allowed to continue this operation to stack the deck with literally millions upon millions of illegal aliens virtually unimpeded by either Congress or the DOJ / FBI? Back in 1996, the “official” tally of illegals in this country was 11 million. Fast forward to today and the “official” tally that both the MSM and numerous federal government officials endless repeat is still 11 million. Don’t you find it utterly amazing that even though 500,000 to 1,000,000+ illegals were successfully entering the United States each and every year between 1996 and 2016, that the official number discussed is still just 11 million? Yet most government officials and a significant percantage of Americans citizens don’t seem to be able to do simply math and add up the real tally. Today the number of illegals successfully living in the United States is almost 45 million. That’s 45 million new, eager Democrat voters, who expect to be cared for by the American taxpayer for their entire lives in one form or another. Whether it be housing, food, healthcare, schooling, some form of permanent government income, it is all on the back of the Taxpayer so the Democrat party can enjoy their power and privilege.

That says something for the “status quo”, that Washington is so intent upon preserving at all costs. It also documents in black and white why President Trump posed such a clear and present danger to the long-term objectives of career bureaucrats focused on helping the Democrats achieve their ultimate objective of a permanent Democrat voting majority.

6 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Thanks PaulE you nailed it again ,, The Socialist Democrats are killing this great nation and the Republican party isint doing a damn thing to slow them down ,,

anna hubert
6 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

AMEN no need to add another word

6 months ago

Excellent article! Only point missed is how many of these “imigrants” are military age, unaccompanied males who should have stayed in their country to fight whatever is plaguing their home. If they won’t fight for their own home, then we don’t need them here.

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