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Progressive is the New Regressive


The progressive ideas being discussed at global conferences organized and attended by the self-proclaimed elite class are actually regressive ideas. 

These elitists travel with their entourages via carbon-loaded jets to discuss how others around the world should reduce their carbon footprint, or the world will end. 

Instead of allowing regional problems to be solved within the varying regions around the globe…these global “geniuses” intend to dictate what all MUST do to “save” the planet. They pronounce that conformity is the key to achieving a free and fair world. 

However, if the actual results of how well the green new ideas the elite tout are working in the real world were looked at, one would notice that the regions that have implemented them are not meeting the energy needs of the people at a cost that is affordable. The sustainability of these forced methods are leading to more inequity.

Poor people are affected more by the high energy costs. Costs to travel to work or heat and cool their homes are increasing substantially. The global elites will not have to change their lifestyle. They can afford the skyrocketing cost. (Some elites are actually skyrocketing themselves.) 

The focus should be on raising the poor people of the world to a higher standard of living, NOT lowering the living standards of the non-elites to achieve equity among the masses. This new leveled society is the one the elites long to rule over. 

Yes, the “new” progressive ideas are actually regressive…leading the way to the global population being ruled by a tiny tyrannical club, a club that you need not apply to…

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer and author of “Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find her Way in a New World.” Read her blog series “Statues: The People They Salute” and visit the Facebook Page.

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2 months ago

Progressives/Elitists don’t have to follow the same rules as the common person. They have the money and power to continue to control all politicians to get what they want. It does not matter that science has proven that most of their concerns are bogus so long as they can deceive the majority of the people with their lies.

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