President Trump Is Pushing America Towards Energy Dominance

fracking Russia energyDespite what the media is spewing, President Donald Trump is continuing his push to improve the American economy. The President made not just energy independence a priority of his campaign and now administration, but energy dominance. The President knows the U.S. has been blessed with vast quantities of energy, but the previous administration spent eight years trying to kill the energy industry and the hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs that go with it. President Trump and Secretary Zinke are taking steps to correct eight years of bureaucratic war waged against the petroleum extract industry.

An independent study conducted by Rystad Energy released in 2016 estimates the U.S. now holds more recoverable oil than both Saudi Arabia and Russia. If the report is accurate, it would be worth an estimated $50 trillion. Even if the estimates are off by half, it is still $25 trillion just waiting for U.S. firms to pull out of the ground. Unfortunately, much of that is on federal lands.

On June 29, while speaking at the Department of Energy, President Trump outlined six concrete steps his Administration is immediately taking to promote strength and innovation in America’s energy sector. The President’s sixth step was crucial, stating, “Finally, in order to unlock more energy from the 94 percent of offshore land closed to development under the previous administration, we are creating a new offshore Oil and Gas Leasing program. America will be allowed to access the vast energy wealth located right off our shores.”

The administration is living up to that promise and is taking steps to ensure American energy dominance and create high paying jobs. The Department of Interior is proposing the largest oil and gas lease sale it has ever held. Next March, 76 million acres of federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico of the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It is estimated there is at least 48 billion barrels of oil and 141 trillion cubic feet of gas in the Gulf of Mexico that is recoverable with current technology.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the petroleum extraction industry almost 180,000 people in the U.S. This does not include the truck drivers that deliver the supplies. This does not include the steelworkers making the pipes and equipment needed for the industry.

These are not minimum wage jobs. Entry-level jobs in the industry “roustabouts” start between $19-21 per hour, plus significant amounts of overtime according to Rigzone. These are jobs that require no skill and can be trained onsite. Rig foreman make $150,000+, while engineers and consultants make $200,000+. People in the petroleum extract industry pay a lot of federal, state, and local taxes, increasing government revenues across the board.

Contrary to popular belief, the industry is not made up of a few large corporations. The petroleum extract industry is a small business driven industry. Because everything involved in oil and gas production is highly specialized, from personnel transportation to the gloves rig workers wear, the oil and gas sector is made up of thousands of small businesses. Exxon or Shell may lease a plot, but they hire dozens of smaller companies to test for, extract and transport the product. Those companies, in turn, hire more companies and buy products to complete their part of the operation. One offshore platform can involve dozens of companies across the U.S.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke stated, “In today’s low-price energy environment, providing the offshore industry access to the maximum amount of opportunities possible is part of our strategy to spur local and regional economic dynamism and job creation and a pillar of President Trump’s plan to make the United States energy dominant.”

Elected officials up and down the gulf coast are applauding the move by the administration. They know the economic benefit these jobs will bring and the millions per year in royalties. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant stated, “This will strengthen our state’s status as a leader in oil and gas exploration and create good jobs for hardworking Mississippians.”

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey stated, “As he has done time and again, President Trump has proven to the people of Alabama that he is a man of his word, and we are grateful to him and to Secretary Ryan Zinke for their determination to open a vast tract of American waters to oil and gas exploration. This decision is not only in the best interest of all Americans, it allows Gulf Coast states, like Alabama, to utilize our natural resources not only to provide energy for our nation, but increased economic opportunities for our people.”

President Trump is continuing to push for American energy dominance. The President is getting the government out of the way of the free market, so it can put people to work in good-paying jobs. Thanks to this administration the U.S. could very well be on its way to a Golden Era of American Energy.

From - NetRightDaily - by Printus LeBlanc

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5 years ago

If we have $25-50 Trillion in oil on federal lands sell as much as needed to pay off the $20+ Trillion debt Obummer and Bush & Co. ran up and get the Convention of States going so we can pass a balanced budget amendment, term limits, to cut whole government departments not authorized and mentioned in the Constitution, and remove immunity, pensions, and special health care from our dear Congress and the rest of the crony politicians.

Wayne Peterkin
5 years ago

I applaud what this administration is doing on energy. People need to understand that the entire economy runs on energy, and the cheaper that energy is the more money the remainder of the economy has to grow jobs and increase wages. However, until we are 100% independent on energy including oil, I do not favor selling our natural resources overseas. We still buy too much oil today, so let’s keep developing our own until there is no longer any need to do so. That can divorce us from world oil prices allowing us to control that segment of our economy and protects our national security from outside disruptions in supply.

Teresa Buhs
5 years ago

It’s about time our economy was unleashed to tap the HUGE coal and oil supplies in our nation!

5 years ago

At last, we have a President with guts to put America first. We need the energy to make us strong.

David Cole
5 years ago

Thank God and all those responsible, including yourself as an American voter, for a non politician president to replace those who sit on their brains, talk out of both sides of their mouths to sound popular enough to get re-elected and draw a comfortable pay check (past definition of a politician which we no longer can afford). America was founded on principles that if followed could become a great nation. We once were, we have been and must not devalue the sacrifice of all the lives that have been given to bring us to our time.
Let’s never turn back on our founding fathers or abandon the future possibilities for our children.

5 years ago

I applaud the president, Mr. Zinke and others for their efforts so far. In addition to producing our own energy instead of buying it from less than friendly countries, I’d also like to see steps taken to reduce demand. I live in Atlanta, where the highway system is shaped like a pizza. Every day, millions of people converge on the center, one person per car. A grid system would be better, but instead we just keep adding lanes to the pie. And there is no mass transit system to speak of. If there were, 100s of thousands would gladly take trains rather than drive. Here’s a good use for that new oil lease revenue.

5 years ago

Geez, now i suppose you dooms dayers, naysayers will have nothing good to say about this. Lets see, a GDP of 4-5, energy home grown, fair trade or no trade, no to nafta, no to trans pacific, no to global climate, no more free rides in the UN, and i suppose it communism on y’alls mind.
I’m talking people that regularly post on this site. When i think about it, nothing positive comes about. Its always wa wa wa.
The United States is going to be energy self sufficient, illegal immigrantless, free of muslim terrorist. President Trump is a hero. We need a site that only brags about the US.

Lee McQuillen
5 years ago
Reply to  SARGE

Sarge, we do need more bragging and positive things but we also need the negatives so they can be in the open, discussed, and dealt with.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lee McQuillen

Right Lee. Sometimes i get so fed up with the doom and gloom bunch on this sight. It’s like they feed off each other and pretty soon you get the impression we’re one step from the grave. Nobody ever mentions the DOW being 25% higher, or the GDP already growing by leaps and bounds. The unemployment rate at a 17 yr low, wages going up (I know cause I pay em), isis in total retreat, unfair trade deals being quit, global initiative rejected, these all all HUGE Donald Trump successes. Do you ever see anyone on this site brag about any of this? I’m here daily, and i never see mentioned any of the above.
I make these points often, to repute the comments constantly being made by the doom and gloom commenters on this site and you know the reaction I get? Negitive likes!! Negative likes because I disagree with their communism fears. Can you believe they dislike hearing anything good. I mean, thats the bottom line, they dislike hearing the good.
I always like to speak in layman, simple terms. Prosperity is coming soon. We’ve seen many boons in our day and another’s on it way. For those who have chosen to side with the naysayers, to protest, to stand with anarchy, well they gonna be left out.
So Lee, lets brag about America. It’s the new thing to do! Later.

5 years ago

This is the kind of story AMAC should be emphasizing in its weekend editions. Highlighting the many successes that Trump has managed to achieve in spite of the obstruction from many members in his own party and, of course, the Democrats. Who have NO CONTROL of anything in Congress right now other than what McConnell and Ryan allow them to get away with to the detriment of the American people. President Trump needs the cooperation of Congress to enact legislation that would make many of these positive changes permanent. Otherwise, many of these positive actions face the risk of being rolled back should the American people ever be stupid enough to elect another Democrat or weak-willed Republican RINO to the office of the Presidency in the future.

Yes, the United States can indeed be incredibly successful and lead the world in many areas, if the constant attempts at obstruction can be stopped within at least the Republican Party. This is an area where AMAC, which spends a lot of time lobbying on Capitol Hill could be beneficial, if it so desired. Try using your power of persuasion on the various members of Congress you meet with to end this counter-productive obstructionism to Trump’s agenda. You don’t need a list of names of Congressmen and Senators from us, as those members of Congress make themselves clearly visible on a nearly daily basis. Be the conservative organization, representing both fiscal and constitutional values, that you should be.

5 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

The United States IS incredibly successful. Really Paul, can be, whats up with that, can be? No offense, but are you so use to being above it all? What, the United States didn’t save the world in WWI – WWII. The United States didn’t rebuild europe, rebuild japan. The United States has led the world for more than a 100 yrs. And you say the United States can be incredibly successful, can lead the world, what in the heck do you thinks it’s been doing??
PAUL, your one of the leading commentors on this site. I believe this particular comment you’ve made is totally irresponsible. It’s an insult to me. I care less about the negative likes I’ll receive from this post
Someone needs to correct you on this. This is an obvious sign of your elite attitude.
Sorry buddy, i am shocked by your comment. __

5 years ago
Reply to  SARGE

Paul, i may have come across a bit harsh, but really, why cant we just shout yeah America because its the greatest place in the world. We are incredibly successful right now. We don’t need the world for squat. They need us, but we don’t need them.

Ivan Berry
5 years ago
Reply to  SARGE

So the enemy of your enemy is your enemy? Sarge, it seems something is way wrong with that stance.
So far as saving the world goes, it was US business that rebuilt Russia’s industry after WWII, and a Communist from the FDR Administration who helped form and first led the United Nations, the replacement of Wilson’s much vaunted League of Nations, the League that spawned the 2nd WW. It’s the UN that has authorized most all our excursions since the two back to back generations of Europian young men were killed in those two world wars, from Korea to Vietnam and into those Isamic nations that have won us so many friends in the east. But as we become weaker and more reliant on others to cover our overspending, the USA has been fortunate in that with all our meddling in others’ affairs, none have so far been willing to attack us directly, but as our house has become less well ordered and we become more vulnurable, while continuing to meddle, don’t expect us to remain immune.

5 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Not quite sure what you saying here. My thinking here is that we just leave the world to waller (sp) in their own pity. There would be plenty of counties dying to do business with us.
But it doesnt matter anyway. Europe is history. The middle east is in constant upheaval. Did you know they’ve been fighting over allepo since like 1500BC. I ain’t sure, but that’s a long time. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ivan Berry
5 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Very good, PaulE. Too bad some find fault with what you perfectly expressed.
Who among us understand the empact of merchantilism post Civil War and it’s crony capatilism (Danial Webster, Henry Clay, Abe Lincoln ?)? Who understands that most of our wars have had nothing to do with threats to America, but a move toward Empire?
Do any of us remember the concept of community standards as applied to our culture, and the difference in local democracy with the need to govern a large Republic through a mixed construct?
Taking what you have said concerning “a waste of time” trying to convince some who continue to wear blinders so as to not see the evil lurking alongside our present pathway, maybe we should just devote more time attempting to make the young among us more aware and maybe stop trying to teach these old dogs new tricks.

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