Gerrymandering, the manipulation of boundaries of an electoral constituency to favor one party over another, is widely criticized as anti-democratic. Who should draw boundaries of electoral districts in the states?

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1 year ago

there ought to be some way to handle the gerrymandering. California is so bad you feel like your vote doesn’t count for anything. It is sooooo very bad.

1 year ago

There is no such thing as a “Non-partisan” commission.

Annette Anderson
1 year ago

All voting districts should be made up of PRE-EXISTING State, County, City and / or Utility & School districts.

1 year ago

As we all know, any “non-partisan” can become corrupt. Influence and money has always been a driving force in our country’s everything! And not just our country, but around the world. From special interest groups to lawmakers to politics. At some point we should consider embracing our technology and let a truly non-partisan entity make recommendations for some of our decisions and then let the people vote on those recommendations. I have seen way too much, power of the pen, at the State level and I see a trend as State elected offices push through their own legislature without the vote of the people. Every bill, law, and otherwise sanction that affects the people of the land must be voted on by the people it affects. We need to stop allowing these elected officials from imposing their own will on the people without a vote. Oregon, Washington and California to be specific.

Charles Rezner, Ph.D.
1 year ago

The courts need to stay out of what is a pure legislative matter.

1 year ago

In a small state every one gets to vote for one representative at large the top vote getters would serve
as that states representatives, in larger states with 10 or more representatives an individual would get 2 votes and top candidates would serve

Deland Pahl
1 year ago

They should be squares and rectangles, no more than 4 sides to the district.

Billy Meeks
1 year ago

Each state should have two electoral votes, the same as each has two senators (senators not being the electors). Every state in the union should have the same voting power. Electors should be bound to vote according to the popular vote. Vast population centers should not be allowed to control the elections.

David C
1 year ago

Look at the States which use so-called “non-partisan” commissions & then at the partisan outcomes. Computer algorithms are easily biased. While it’s an unavoidably political process – maximum transparency is key. In these days of social media it’s not hard to see what’s proposed then to rally support or opposition.

Donald Gallagher
1 year ago

there is no such thing as a non-partisan commission….most members of such a group are personally involved with a political party and strongly influenced by that personal choice of party.

1 year ago

There is no such thing as a nonpartisan, independent anything, computer algorithms can be manipulated and vulnerable to misdeeds, and I don’t understand how the third option works.

1 year ago

There are only 2 ways to improve the system. Everyone should be able to have a representative in Congress to be their voice. The distribution of representatives can be base on how many registered Democrats, Republicans and independents are in a state. If there is one representative for every 100,000 voters, for example, and there are 400,000 registered Democrats, then they would have 4 Democrat Reps, 500,000 registered Republicans would have 5, and 100,000 independents would have one. The representatives would be chose by the registered voters in each party. This eliminates any and all possibility of discrimination but it prevents anyone from crossing party lines. The only other way is to keep what we have with constant legal challenges that go to the supreme court.

1 year ago

But if the devil is raping you, anything is better

1 year ago

Really s/b done with countries IMO. I suppose geographical quadrilaterals closest to all being squares would be alright also, but I like the counties best. I don’t like that large concentrations of cities can disenfranchise rural voters.

1 year ago

Frankly it is hard to trust any of the selections, all subject to fraud. As a country we have lost our soul; lies, fraud and deception is our current law/morals.

1 year ago

Proportional representation gave Russia to the Bolsheviks, and Weimar Germany to the Nazis. Note both are Socialist.

James T. Richards
1 year ago

Rarely is a nonpartisan commission nonpartisan. The best voice should be the state legislature subject to judicial approval if redistricting required by a judicial order.

1 year ago

The socialist cheat party never stops trying to undermine America.

Elizabeth Walker Sefkow
1 year ago

Every state already has counties/parishes lines. Use those.

1 year ago

I’m not in favor of adding ANY MORE bureaucracy and expanding ANY governmental role or function. If regular Americans vote in their states and counties, then the will of the people SHOULD be explicit and those elected representatives should set boundaries of district to the advantage of the party in power. Plan and simple! We have got to get back to elections controlling what happens next in our cities, counties, states and in Washington. Not the kind of crap we have been watching from these traitors, trying to overturn what we voted.

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