It’s estimated that two-thirds of Americans do not take their prescription medications on-time or as directed, this non-compliance adds $300 billion to US healthcare costs. Technologies like pill bottle lids that alarm when it’s time to take medicine and automatic pill dispensers with smartphone reminders can help to ensure patient compliance.

Would you support having programs like Medicare and Medicaid pay to provide these technologies to patients to increase medication compliance?

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Henri CT Sahut
8 months ago

There is technology out there today on your iPhone or applications to do this today. Plus the government can not do anything cost effectively.

Terri M.
9 months ago

I take 3 prescription drugs, all of them older, safer, cheap low side-effects drugs. I get offers from my PCP for more prescriptions that I refuse. I get pressure to do invasive fishing expedition tests that I refuse. (I am 71 – why do I need a mammogram?) I am afraid weaponizing prescription drug bottles will open up more medical tyranny as we are forced to take more toxic BS pills we can’t afford and don’t need, more invasive tests we might not want or need, more vax’s every time the CDC wishes and more governmental surveillance. This is a terrible idea.

What would HELP Medicare is to open up access to licensed Chinese Medicine Doctors and Acupuncturists, Natural Medicine chiropractic care and options for either gym memberships or home exercise equipment. Medicare helping us get or stay healthy makes more sense that Governmental control and surveillance of our medications. There is a reason so many pills are not taken. Side effects would be one reason. Affordability is another. A big multi-disk lower back surgery can cost $100K and there is no guarantee it will not make the person worse, which means even more money and misery. I could see a good chiropractor every week for the rest of my life, and it would not cast $100K. Medicare has become a huge giveaway to Big Pharma and Big Invasive Medicine providers.

9 months ago

It’s about elderly living on income that won’t support getting the meds in the first place and Medicare won’t cover everything… not smart technology.

9 months ago

If you are unsure if you are taking appropriate meds at the right time, then you need help such as a home health nurse who can teach and reinforce the important of missing does. Also family members should be incorporated to assist with med preparation, and support prompts to take meds, and perhaps monitor adverse outcomes and report appropriately. Governments is not the answer for everything. Family area of invested out of love and compassion and for those they assist and care for, and nothing can replace that kind of love and care. It’s called empowerment of that closest to the patient.

Susan Williams
10 months ago

I said “No”, but my main reason is that I don’t want to the government “monitoring” my Rx and when I take them.

9 months ago
Reply to  Susan Williams

I voted “NO” for the same reason. 20 years ago I never would have thought of the gov forcing medication on us, controlling people. Now, I’m certain that is part of their plan.
We are in Civil War II.

10 months ago

What would be more responsible would be to let people know the best times to take it in relation to other prescriptions.

10 months ago

Many, (such as my Uncle Donny) have just enough brain fog to forget hmedicine to take when. Yet he can perform household jobs, lputting in a timer operated watering system into the lawn. So yes, these reminder system (which don’t work with the weekly/daily little pill box) would be good for many people.

Leo Mattern
10 months ago

I wonder what AARP’s result would be of the same survey.

10 months ago
Reply to  Leo Mattern

you know what it would be – yes more BIG BROTHER over reach

10 months ago
Reply to  tinka9

Indeed, now more tax money to pay for more useless bureaucrats to run it.

Keith Berry
10 months ago

Do not send the government to save me, they have a bad habit of shooting the wounded!

10 months ago

This nation needs Tort Reform to limit lawsuits & not more loopholes for lawyers. Class action suits make lawyers rich & do not really help the person that died after smoking for 60-years.

10 months ago

Leave it up to patients & doctors to decide what is best & leave govt. out of this

10 months ago

Another step in taking over our healthcare. NO!!!

11 months ago

Our government has never and will never solve anything.

11 months ago

I take 13 different prescriptions every day to control and relieve symptoms of an incurable disease. Some are once a day, others twice, some 3 times, etc. But through the use of pill packs that cost $2 each, I manage to take them correctly. I would support paying for these technologies for patients who have a formal diagnosis of dementia, but for the rest of us, we can do it on our own if we make it a priority.

Christopher H Foster
11 months ago

AND Can’t you hear the legal suits?.?
Harry’s bottle cap didn’t go off ( or the message wasn’t loud enough or his phone was too far away or he thought the cap was wrong because he had “just” taken the pill [late ! ] he couldn’t hear the cap or phone because his hearing aid batteries were dead or the pharmacist set the cap alarm wrong or he couldn’t identify which cap went on the correct bottle. )
And in the end, the consumers would end up paying for the millions in judgments and legal fees!
One can point their finger anywhere they wish but that will never absolve them of their personal responsibility.

Sabine Smitley
11 months ago

I hear what you’re saying. Speaking from personal experience, my mom had dementia and for the last 5+ years of her life, she could not remember to take her meds no matter what we did or tried. She ended up moving in with family the last three years, which solved the problem, but before that time, it was an issue. There is no correct or easy answer, but putting government in charge is not the answer.

10 months ago

You’re so right, you opened my eyes. I voted in yes if it’s low cost but you do make a point. My mother was having trouble remembering to take her pills. We bought the Sun – Sat, morning-noon-evening and bedtime pill case and it has helped her a lot. We’re also on top of it, checking her. So many elderly live alone and do not have any help, these automatic pill dispensers may not be helpful to them if they’re forgetting or are non compliant anyway.

10 months ago

You are right on, this would just be another way for lawyers to file tort suits that will just increase the cost of prescriptions. Individuals must take accountability for their actions.

11 months ago

That is like a four lane super highway to a town of 112

11 months ago

Just another example of a lack of personal responsibility which continues to weaken America.

Rush Glick
11 months ago

If someone is foolish enough not to take their prescribed medications, it’s on them, and they will bear the consequences. I find it difficult to believe that the 2/3 of Americans fail to take their prescribed medications, but if true, that speaks volumes, including the probability that certain meds are probably overprescribed!

Regina Benson
11 months ago

Patients already have something to remind them if they set an alarm on their phones.
What good will an alarm on a bottle do if, like many people, they put their medications into a daily pill container and put the bottle away in another place?
I don’t think it will work….then, who says they will take it anyway when the alarm goes off?
The suggestion by Germaine Hovey about MedMinder is a MUCH better solution. If the gov’t gets involved you can guarantee it won’t be something that is “low-cost”.

Germaine Hovey
11 months ago

My mom used a company called MedMinder that was awesome. It was a pill container I could load for her for the entire week and time to take it. It would pop the container up with a red light to remind her to take it. If she didn’t take within a time period they would text her to take it. Then they would call her and lastly they would reach out to me to remind her. The price was established by how much of the service we wanted to use. It was all set up over the internet and I could control it from anywhere I could get on the internet. The initial fee was about $70 for the pill box and the monthly cost was about $10. So not a bad deal to keep my mom from overdosing on her meds by taking them wrong.

11 months ago
Reply to  Germaine Hovey

And so much cheaper than if the government did it!

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