Pentagon Finds $12.8 Billion for Border Wall

build wall taxpayers save money billions border pentagonThe Department of Defense has identified $12.8 billion in funds from projects that can be reallocated to the construction of a wall on the U.S.–Mexico border.

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) released a spreadsheet from the Pentagon on March 18 that lists military construction projects from which funds can be taken for the construction of a border wall.

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on the southwest border in February and ordered the Pentagon to shift $3.6 billion from the military construction budget to the border wall.

The Pentagon list represents an initial step in the vetting process to decide which project funds will be tapped for the wall. The criteria for the selection included only projects that have not yet been awarded as of December 2018. Projects with award dates in the fiscal year 2019, military housing, barracks, and dormitory projects will not be impacted, according to the fact sheet.

The Defense Department identified construction projects on overseas bases, including in Spain, Japan, and Italy, as well as domestic bases across the nation, including in New York, Texas, and California.

“The appearance of any project within the pool does not mean that the project will, in fact, be used to source [national emergency] projects,” the Defense Department said in a statement (pdf).

Congress passed a resolution last week to terminate Trump’s emergency declaration, but the president issued his first veto to block it. A dozen Republican senators defied Trump on the termination vote, but it is unlikely more will defect if there is a vote to override the veto. The declaration also faces legal challenges, although the White House is certain it will prevail.

Trump declared a national emergency after Democrats in Congress blocked all efforts to approve $5.7 billion for a border wall requested by the Department of Homeland Security. Congress appropriated $1.4 billion for border wall construction, far short of Trump’s request.

“I’d like to thank all of the Great Republican Senators who bravely voted for Strong Border Security and the WALL,” Trump wrote on Twitter on March 15. “This will help stop Crime, Human Trafficking, and Drugs entering our Country. Watch, when you get back to your State, they will LOVE you more than ever before!”

In addition to shifting $3.6 billion by using the emergency declaration, Trump ordered the reallocation of an additional $3.1 billion from the Treasury and Defense departments, which did not require an emergency declaration.

Illegal border crossings are on pace to reach nearly 1 million this year. In February alone, 66,000 people crossed the border illegally, according to the border patrol. An additional 10,000 were detained after presenting at a port of entry without proper paperwork.

Large groups of more than 100 migrants crossing the border illegally are a new trend at the border this year.

In one instance, Border agents encountered 334 illegal aliens who had been dropped off by eight commercial buses right at the U.S.–Mexico border, according to Kevin McAleenan, the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.

More than 70 such large groups have been apprehended by Border Patrol so far this fiscal year—compared to 13 such large groups in all of fiscal 2018.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Ivan Pentchoukov

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Nina Rogers
2 years ago

Great job mr. President ????

2 years ago

Good, let get going and if the DNC’ommunists in congress have their way we may have to shoot both ways!

2 years ago

Here in the land of OZ, the wizard (let’s call her Pelosi) lives behind fences and gates, with armed security and protection. But the rest of us are immoral for wanting exactly the same thing. The next busload of illegals should be let off in her driveway. They would just love the work of tearing down Pelosi’s fences and there would be some leftover to provide security.

2 years ago

Thank God for a PRESIDENT FOR THE TRUE AMERICAN CITIZEN…get the wall build asap. Stop all those ileagles from entering…. make them do it PROPER…. Send all the gutless DEMS out of the country

2 years ago

It is insane that this has to be discussed and explained so many times each day. Write up a succinct statement with the pertinent facts and hand it to anyone who doesn’t get it or ignores reality. Let’s spend time on other issues that require discussion while implementing the required border security (wall, personnel, technology, etc.).

2 years ago

Anyone that says no to the wall should have their fence, wall, gate or barrier that keeps “people” out removed.
Either you are or are not for barriers.

John R Zimmerman
2 years ago

We need to support our President. He was elected to drain the swamp. He works 24/7 for all Americans and has faced opposition like no other President.

Mr. President, your leadership is so refreshing in Washington, DC. Keep fighting!!!!!

2 years ago

For many reasons, the wall must be built. The price of the wall is cheap when compared to the costs associated with
taking care of 750,000 to 1,000,000. new illegal aliens that will cross the boarder in 2019. Congress could put a halt to
this nonsense but the “Dimocraps” need new voters to replace the ones who will leave the party and vote Republican
due to the progressive and socialist policies of the “Far Left.

2 years ago

The Judicial Watch Verdict, March 2019, reported a ” ‘crisis’ of seriously ill migrants at the border…..TB, Pneumonia, Influenza and parasites”. They said medical experts “confirm that illegal immigrants do indeed pose a serious public health threat to the U.S. by bringing dangerous diseases into the country, including tuberculosis, dengue, and chikungunya”. Federal agents are referring “50 illegal immigrants A DAY for urgent medical care”. Americans providing sanctuary for immigrants of illegal entry may end up starting an epidemic. Maybe that is what it will take for them to wake up! In the meantime, taxpayers will have to provide urgent medical care, while forfeiting medical care themselves (like ‘moi’). [I have no health care now, due to exponential increases in insurance costs for my age, and do not (yet) qualify for medicare.]

2 years ago

The left does not want anything permanent built. They plan to defund anything for border security as soon as they can get rid of Trump. They will defund the Border Patrol staff, ICE, equipment monitoring staff, new equipment, fixing equipment, office equipment, cameras, computers, vehicles – everything they can.

2 years ago

He needs $5.7B and they found $12.8. Use the leftover to wall in San Fran, New York, Detroit and Chicago! Don’t let anyone out of any sanctuary city without proper paperwork! Our crime rate would be cut in half for the rest of the country!

Todd Wingard Taylor
2 years ago

While they are building the wall why not deport every liberal leftist, bent on destroying this great nation, on the Mexico side of the wall.

Jeffrey Cantelope
2 years ago

wrote to my Senator and received back a letter that was a copy of the editorial he published in the local major newspaper. The Congress, if they were sincere about security and sincere about exercising their Article 1 duties wouldn’t waste time with a meaningless cease and desist order to the President ( for powers ceded to him by a past lazy Congress) and would pass legislation to repeal the original legislation and take on the mantle of responsibility designated in the Constitution. My Senator did not address my concerns about this and crowed about his meaningless past “support” for a barrier at the border. These people are senseless.

Todd Wingard Taylor
2 years ago

Go for it.

Kaye Glover
2 years ago

Thankful! We need the wall!

Charlie H
2 years ago

Thank God for President Trump. One more step toward taking our country back. The dems need another strong beating in 2020.

2 years ago

Whatever it takes to build the wall! Get it started soon, because there are more projects on the list that need some attention:
1. The national debt
2. National cybersecurity (U.S. Navy, and probably others, hacked!)
3. The 2020 election (the threat of socialism)
4. China, North Korea, Venezuela
5. Health care, and the stupidity of Medicare for All
6. Keeping the economy going in high gear
7. Fixing public education
8. No more federal funds for sanctuary cities and states, or for colleges and universities that don’t respect the First Amendment
9. Long term health of Medicare and Social Security
10. AG Barr–get after Hillary, Strzok, and that whole mess. Equal justice for all.
11. etc…..

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Good list of some of the major issues that also need to be addressed. Obviously nothing requiring Congressional legislation can be done until after 2020, as the Democrats in the House don’t share any of our views on how these issues should be handled. So getting anything via the House is currently a non-starter, due to the results of the mid-terms. On the Senate side, we at least now know that there are 12 RINO’s more than willing to try and block any constructive legislation that comes down the pike for the balance of the next two years. So to get anything on your list actually accomplished, we need to do three things:

1. Ensure Trump is re-elected in 2020. That means everyone getting off their ***es and getting it done.
2. Re-take the House and also ensure that the Republicans we elect there are both fully on board with the Trump agenda, but also really, really are fiscal and constitutionally conservative. Simply putting more RINO’s or just social conservatives with liberal spending in place won’t cut it.
3. Since at least half of the 12 Republicans who voted against the wall won’t be up for re-election in 2020, the voting public from those states have to instill a sense of real fear into these RINO’s. Whether that entails launching state recall petitions or flooding their phone lines and inboxes non-stop until they get the message ahead of 2020, just get it done!

Anyway, you get the idea.

2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Hi PaulE-
You and I and a few others recognize the importance of contacting our representatives FREQUENTLY. Everyone needs to get… out of their chairs AND DO SOMETHING! We can write emails, call their offices, find out when they’ll be in town and pay a visit, go to town hall meetings and GET VOCAL!
I don’t understand why some of those 12 voted the way they did. Mike Lee (Tea Party, I thought), Rand Paul (doesn’t like anything…hard to please. But also former Tea Party)? I understand that they disagreed with the way President Trump got the money for the wall, even though I believe they agree with having a physical barrier. Sometimes you just have to take a stand. The means to the end fades in importance to the end result. I just hope the president and I won’t have to eat those words.
I’m looking forward to seeing this thing get started. And I’m sure Trump will stretch those dollars as far as they can be stretched.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Yes, a few of us here actually get it and we also walk the talk. Getting the politicians to realize their cushy, very well paid jobs are at risk, if they don’t change their attitudes and votes to reflect the will of the people they supposedly represent, is a real possibility. Folks that think sitting at home and keeping their mouths shut, while hoping or praying that these politicians will just magically change without being forced to, is simply stupid. Sorry for being so blunt, but I know too many people who believe that things will just magically improve, if they just keep quiet, tow the PC line and hope or pray for better days. They have been hoping or praying for decades with naught to show for it, while the vocal left has been very successful in getting a lot of politicians to support their agenda.

As to a lot of politicians that campaigned as supporting the Tea Party movement, many were merely latching onto the movement to get elected. Most were in fact what would be typical RINO’s as their voting records would demonstrate. In the case of Lee, he has been more of an open borders guy, because of his acceptance of so much campaign donation money from that donor group. Ron Paul is just against virtually everything and was only pro Tea Party when it was re-election time. The rest of the 12 are simply RINO’s either positioning themselves for higher office (Romney, Rubio) or hoping the Democrats take control of the Senate in 2020, so they can just do nothing.

By the way, did you see where Paul Ryan ended up? He was just handed a very well paying Board of Directors seat at FOX after FOX spun off all their film, international and sports businesses to Disney. Yet another example of hiw FOX is moving more and more towards the left after Rupert Murdock handed over the business to his two extremely progressive sons in early 2016. Now with Judge Pirro given the boot, lets see how long Tucker Carlson has a job.

2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Now I am getting somewhere, PaulE. I can’t believe that Paul Ryan were just handed a very well paying Board of Directors seat at FOX. So that’s why Judge Jeanine Pirro were let go. Now we have to see as you say, how long Tucker Carlson and also Sean Hannity has a job. Paul Ryan is a real RINO.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sheila

The walls are crumbling all around us!! Donna Brazile’s on Fox! And did I hear something weird that Tucker said last night (or night before), about “the end of the show” or something like that???!

2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

With all these online TV options (and maybe on TV as well, but I can’t keep up with this tech stuff) gaining traction, I wonder how long Fox has as our favorite news channel. Thanks for the reminder–I will contact Fox and ask to get Judge Pirro back and to dump Donna Brazile, who couldn’t get a permanent seat at CNN. She’s awful! She’s the one who handed Hillary questions that were going to be asked at the debate in 2016!! CROOK!! And as for Ryan—He’s found A Better Whey to the top!

We need a new conservative channel, preferably on television, which Mother and I prefer.

Big Al
2 years ago

Reminds me of the scene from the movie Dave how when people put their minds to reasonable spending they can do it.

Richard Scott
2 years ago

Build the wall!!!!

Proud American
2 years ago

The DOD should use the money in defending our nation first! It’s about time we use the tax payers money here at home protecting our nation before spending it on other countries like Spain, Japan, Italy etc.
Defend the HOMELAND

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