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Parent Power – A Rising Force


In the 1960s, we had “Flower Power.” In the 1980s, when democracies bloomed from Soviet ashes, “People Power.” Today, welcome “Parent Power!” Even liberals are rejecting heavy-handed, “woke” school boards – the latest in San Francisco. Message: Leftists, watch out!

Last week, “San Francisco residents overwhelmingly approved of a vote … to recall three of the city’s school board members,” sending leftists packing. The three – like union-aligned boards elsewhere – apparently “pushed progressive politics rather than act in the best interest of children during the pandemic.” That really irked parents – even liberal parents. See, e.g., San Francisco recalls 3 school board members: ’a clear message’

As Democrats run from their errors, the city’s mayor acknowledged: “The voters of this city have delivered a clear message that the school board must focus on the essentials of delivering a well-run school system above all else …” In other words, stop pushing parents, just listen.

The mayor quickly aligned with parents, saying they were “fighting for what matters most — their children.” Remarkable how a near-sweep of Virginia elections last year – led by parents – and growing parent voices change everything. Parents are saying, “Move over, we matter!”

There is something warmly like Norman Rockwell, all-American, citizen-centric, family-focused about the rising tide of “Parent Power.” It is important, reaffirming. Parents are the chief influence by which society passes values forward. And what is happening? Several things.

First, Parent Power is showing the government – at every level – it cannot escape accountability to The People, especially to parents. Individuals and parents all have parents. Parents matter.

Second, kids in these families – and across the country – see what is happening. They are learning a lesson. Speak for your rights! As parents weigh-in, opposing arrogance, kids see it. 

Kids are realizing – many for the first time – their parents can rise, get involved on behalf of their kids, believe in education, and use freedom well. Is this not what Ronald Reagan said? We must teach our kids both the burdens and benefits of exercising freedom – especially when under fire.

In San Francisco, word went out, a recall was possible. Leftists – as at state and federal levels – seemed indifferent, indignant, and disinterested. They were, above it all, defensive, not listeners.

In early 2021, the San Francisco School Board seemed – in the words of citizens – to have “poorly chosen their priorities … renaming 44 schools” but “slow to reopen district schools” affected by the pandemic.

As one parent noted, it “is not acceptable to put our kids last …talk is not going to educate our children, it’s action,” adding “not about symbolic action… not about changing the name on a school” but “about helping kids inside the school building read and learn math.” Bingo!

So, what is the message – where is the hope – in this? Everywhere. Parent Power is about making a change on behalf of kids, but more. It is also about recalling where power resides, in individuals and families, not the government. It is about recalling how important education is, but also how important freedom – using our freedoms of speech, grievance, and self-rule are.

Parent power is about finding and modeling courage, not caving to fear. It is about rallying to higher purposes, not reflexively complying with authority. It is knowing what matters and defending it – as we do in combat, including the freedom to raise our families, get a good education, speak, worship, move, and believe freely.

This news – a liberal city throwing leftists off a school board – is more than encouraging. It is about our immutable, powerful, unchanging love of our kids, their future, and freedom’s future. See, e.g., After Trouncing in San Francisco, Top Democrat Desperately Tries to Pivot on Parental Rights.

The real news is this:  If it can happen in San Francisco, without remorse or reference to fear, it can happen anywhere – at every level of government, local, state, and federal. 

When courage takes wing, watch out for that wingspan – the thing can fly! When parents rise to defend and protect their kids, a good education, and sacred freedoms – we all get stronger. And we just did. Parent Power is a rising force, bigger than Flower Power, a lot like People Power.

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5 months ago

Congrats parents…..keep up the good work.
Praying that our children will grow up to follow us Conservatives, Libertarians, and our promises and great ideas for the future. Go Brandon!

5 months ago

Love this article and the encouraging insights in how it is not only that the parents are rising up to protect the children, but that the children are seeing how good healthy freedom takes work and courage by the people. The children need to see how justice for all works too and not just liberty for all!! Thank you!!

5 months ago

Liberals can push us to a point. That’s one of the tenets of the rules for radicalism–keep nudging and nudging, and pushing forward with the socialist agenda, and eventually the country will adopt their principles. Well, they went too far, and finally, parents are reclaiming their authority over their own children’s education.

Thirty years ago, when my 2 children were in school, I was astonished by the content of some of their textbooks, and brought it up with the local school board. But my voice was one of very few objecting to these books, so our protestations went nowhere.

What arrogance for people like McAuliffe or the San Francisco school board to assume the position of knowing what’s best for our children! Did they forget who pays their salaries and for all their cushy benefits?! Now that these events have become widely broadcast, more districts are facing the same rebellion from angry parents. Thank goodness! Take a look at what the students are learning or not learning in public schools, and how low our public education rankings have fallen compared to other countries. It’s no wonder. Liberals.

5 months ago

Great article!
So refreshing to see parents actively engaging in their children’s future like many years ago.
Their involvement and commitment was the backbone of each child’s development and a special teaching moment which we all remember.
Our parents made the time to do homework,enjoy a family meal together,and impress upon us that education, manners and commitment are the baseline for a successful life.
The wrong choice is allowing socialist, non accountable educators to use leftist rhetoric to influence young minds without parents to balance learning and present honesty and truth.
That’s a large problem with society today.
The propaganda machine of progressives, marxist,communist and socialists has overwhelmed education to the detriment of America.

Stephen Russell
5 months ago

PTA: Parent & Trucker Assoc for a New Reset

Robin Boyd
5 months ago

Had parents taken more interest in children’s education by demanding parent participation in the classrooms the way parents did when I was in grade school, the Socialist indoctrination of our children could not have occurred. Be involved! Not only in schools, but in social programs as well. Parents have been using schools and social programs as baby-sitting venues for their children, and now parents are upset because their children have been taught so many hateful, deviant things by hateful, deviant Progressives. We reap what we sow!

5 months ago
Reply to  Robin Boyd

If you want to change a society start with the children. Indoctrination rather than education

Bill T
5 months ago

Plenty of union run corporations took full advantage of the Chinese virus, Oops COVID-19 gain of function lab leak funded by the NIH and DR FAUCI. But nothing was more disgusting and damaging than what this lockstep corrupt Teachers union did over the last few years. And if not for the recent Virginia destruction of this Marxist leftist socialist group would have pushed there CRT divisive agenda completely down our children’s Throats. Democrats are in full damage control right now and literally trying to deny their diabolical actions over the last few years. This is not China (not yet anyway) . We still have our constitutional freedoms and our god given rights as American citizens. This will never be taken away from all of us . Stolen probably and it’s being done right now. Rhinos are worse than the progressive leftist democrats, They all need to be exposed and unemployed this November.

Patty L
5 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

Well said, Bill!!

5 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

Bill, Real Americans will NEVER give in to marxist democrats and their destruction of Freedom!
2022 and 2024 will punish these traitors for years to come.
We the People have had enough!

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