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Out of Control Gas Prices, Where Does it Stop?  

It is safe to say that the year 2022 has hit hard-working Americans on several different fronts, including high gas prices. Regular gas prices are sitting at a national average of $4.153 per gallon, compared to last year’s $2.872 per gallon. Unless you just want to run off fumes and a prayer, there is no more saying “put $15 on pump 3” at the gas station. With inflation raging and gas prices soaring, it is increasingly difficult for the working class to keep up.  

Republicans have rightfully used the soaring gas prices to criticize Biden, blaming the administration’s energy policies. Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and pausing the auctions of public land for oil drilling were celebrated by the far-left press while poll numbers continued to show voters becoming fed up. President Biden has pointed fingers at international conflicts and greedy oil companies but has yet to consider the consequences of his own actions. In regard to no one taking responsibility, Republican Morgan Griffith stated, “Rather than deflect blame, Biden should consider his own culpability for high energy prices.”  

In Congress, oil executives were hammered with questions tailored to reflect blame away from the Biden administration. IN HIS DEFENSE, the CEO of Chevron stated, “I want to be absolutely clear, we do not control the market price of crude oil or natural gas, nor of refined products like gasoline and diesel fuel. We have no tolerance for price gouging.” Executives were asked if they would do “whatever it takes” to lower prices for American consumers, says liberal The Washington Post. But a similar question should instead be posed to the administration and Democrats in Congress. If you truly hear the American people’s concerns, why are you telling them to go out and buy an electric vehicle in response to rising prices at the pump? Budgets are tight, and small businesses are struggling. This administration’s policies have quite clearly exacerbated the cost crunch for everyday Americans, while their out-of-touch echo chamber cheers on more restrictive energy policies and the Green New Deal.  

Recently, President Biden gave a canned speech on gas prices, stating: “I know how much it hurts. As you have heard me say before, I grew up in a family like many of you where if the price of a gallon gasoline went up, it was a discussion at the kitchen table.” Unfortunately, words are empty when there has been no major action towards relief beyond speeches, deflecting blame, and PR stunts. Biden announced that the United States would release up to 180 million barrels of oil from the reserve, citing the conflict in Ukraine. Scott Sheffield, chief executive of Pioneer Natural Resources, told the liberal New York Times, “It will lower the oil price a little, but it is still a band-aid on a significant shortfall of supply.” Even the New York Times is having a tough time getting opinions that support the administration’s hollow actions.  

So don’t expect any considerable decreases at the pump to be in short order. With an inept and out-of-touch administration in charge, Americans may be spending even more in the coming months to fill up their tanks and fuel their businesses. Let us know in the comments if you think the Biden administration is truly working hard to lower gas prices or if you agree that their policies are only making things worse.  

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action  

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22 days ago

Green policies, high fuel prices, electric vehicles, taxes per mile, etc. all have one goal in mind–severely limit our mobility. One hallmark of a free society is unhindered mobility. We err when we question how can we produce enough electricity to run our vehicles. The deep state has no intention of pulling off that miracle. We should be questioning them over why they fully intend to confine our movement.

Larry W.
2 months ago

I put most of the blame on the radical environmentalists policies to fast track their green energy at any cost. Forcing oil and gas prices upward is part of their agenda to make very expensive green energy look more reasonable.

Mario Capparuccini
2 months ago

If this situation reflects the grownups being in charge, then give us back the children.

2 months ago

First off, the entire fuel issue is not Biden’s idea for he is incapable producing this destructive notion, it’s the “puppet Master” pulling his strings; meaning, it’s the Marxist scumbags from the Obama Administration engineering these horrible ideas. The “meat puppet” is too busy taking multiple naps a day in order to appear lucid to the media, while the Marxist planners meet in another room continuing to destroy our Republic that God has blessed us with.

Steve Goetz
2 months ago

Biden’s policies suck so bad, he’s created a new industry…sucking gas out of your tank and selling it on the black market.

Kurt Gundlach
2 months ago

Green New Deal means less $ green for people, period.
The left’s stubborn egotistical “faith” in their failed policies will be their undoing, beginning in November.

2 months ago


2 months ago

The MAYHEM will end when the RED WAVE ROLLS!

2 months ago

In answer to the titular question, it stops when the Marxist Democratic Party is removed from power they stole via election and voter fraud.

2 months ago

Remember what Joey from Scranton said: “The buck stops here”. He created the mess long before Afghanistan or Putin came along, on his first day in office. BIDEN is to BLAME for all HIS MESS that he and his admin have created. Not Trump!, not Putin!, but only Biden. Biden, take the blame for what you did.

2 months ago

This seems to be just another way the administration (regime) is attempting to destroy this country. Whoever is pulling the strings is not inept but brilliant in their attempts. They are well aware of what the American people want, but the New World Order is more important to them then what we want. As for their suggestion that we all buy electric cars, “Let them eat cake.”

2 months ago

All I know is this: “I don’t like to brag about expensive trips, but I DID just return from the gas station.”

Mary Curry
2 months ago

The President does not care about the American people and will not do anything to help lower prices at the gas station. I hope those who voted for him are happy with the consequences.

R. Bart
2 months ago

First, regarding the Biden administration, they do not know what they are doing except that they are following the socialist agenda to the letter like a bunch of good little lackeys. They don’t acknowledge any realization about cause and effect. They do not worry about the coming elections because they hope to destroy America before the people have a chance to vote or cheat enough in the elections to win.

2 months ago

It will stop when the demo/Marxists have destroyed America financially, militarily, and every other way so they can build it up under the control of the Marxist one-world government. Things will never be like they were just two years ago.

2 months ago

0bama wants gas at $9-10 per gallon. He said so 8 or 9 years ago.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

When we get drilling again & Open pipelines

Steve M Weidert
2 months ago

Joe Biden and his Administration are delusional to say the least. He is in fact a finger pointer that will NEVER take blame for the economic crisis this country faces. If he was in the private work sector, he would have long since been fired. So, in reality he is supposedly employed by US, the taxpayer, and it baffles me to no end, why he has not been fired (impeached). Harris is no better. The hyena is another puppet controlled by Pelosi and her minions. Why are they in office? It proves that today’s society is either too feeble minded or lazy to make a stand. Totally Pathetic!!!!!!

2 months ago

They stold the elections. The American aren’t stupid enough to vote for his agenda

2 months ago

OK I get this. You cut off my text and make me reboot and start all over again. It’s not the first time. Hopefully someday there will be a way to c0mmunicate.But In their minds they are saving their democracy, but not mine, it was laid out by the founders!

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