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OPINION: The Woke Movement is Just About Done; It Has Failed to Win America’s Hearts and Minds


WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 30 – Is the “Woke” era about to come to an end? Back in the ’60s and 70s, the everyday conversation was disrupted by the new reality of unisex speak, an effort to create gender blindness. There were no boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives anymore; they were replaced by a partner or significant other. Sisters and brothers became siblings. And nieces and nephews were called niblings or siblings.

The unisex era came into being to “liberate” us from America’s so-called gender-based biases. Its political goals were mainly about providing gender equality in the workplace. Analogies have been made that compare the woke movement with the unisex era, but that doesn’t work. Unisexists certainly wanted to equalize the sexes, but they were not particularly motivated politically. The wokesters, however, are all about politics—the progressive politics of the left.

Just like the politically-correct demands of unisexist women in the 70s and 80s ran out of steam, so too is the politically Marxist woke movement that seeks to put an end to democracy in the U.S.

HBO talk show host Bill Maher identifies himself as a political liberal; more precisely, he says he is “an old-school liberal.”

Thus, he is at liberty to put down the notions of those Johnny-come-lately progressive Democrats who think the way to “save” America is to overthrow the government. He sees himself as being among the dwindling number of loyal Democrats in opposition to those who promote so-called “Woke Awareness.”

A few months ago, he denounced the woke movement, which sees America as an oppressive country. “Any immigrant will tell you we’ve largely succeeded here, and yet the overriding thrust of current woke ideology is that America is rotten to the core, irredeemably racist from the moment it was founded,” he said.

More recently, Maher took the Queen of the left, New York progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to task on-air for dismissing another loyal Democrat, James Carville, who said that “stupid Wokeness” was to blame for recent Republican election wins. Maher challenged her to come on his show to debate the issue. He said woke-centric politicos “have a great strategy, never missing an opportunity to remind voters how lame and clueless and hopelessly cool they are, especially since those are the ones who actually vote.”

The word, woke, is not new; it has its origins in the Black communities of the late ’30s and early ’40s, and it meant simply “to be aware of social injustice.” It went back to “sleep” until it was awakened about a decade into the 21st century by liberal progressives with the mindset that the U.S. and its history are “evil.” Their goal was to shame us into submission with the message that we are a nation of white supremacists deserving to be replaced by a citizenry made up of beneficent socialists. Their goal was to rally our younger generations to rebel so as to clear the path for their own version of communism. Their most recent mass-market assault on traditional American values was mounted during the Thanksgiving weekend when they took to social media to denigrate the holiday.

On Twitter alone, these Thanksgiving Day messages were posted by wokesters to capture the minds of the uninitiated:

  • “We recognize the horrors of colonization, the terror of white supremacy, and the way this all impacts indigenous people today. On this Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the work that still needs to be done to reach liberation along with our loved ones and our native allies.”
  • “On this and every #Thanksgiving, as we give thanks, let’s also acknowledge the holiday’s origins in the genocide of indigenous people who gave their lives and land and whose descendants continue to suffer from inequity today.”
  • “Thanksgiving is a holiday when we ignore racism & genocide eat lots of unhealthy food.”
  • “Thanksgiving commemorates and glorifies the slaughter of at least 56 million Indigenous people (estimated to be 90% of the population) across the Americas as of the 1600s, which remains the biggest genocide in history.”

The day before he left office as U.S. Secretary of State in January, Mike Pompeo took umbrage at woke-ism for distorting who we are as Americans. “They distort our glorious founding and what this country is all about.” He said it divides us and makes us weaker as a nation and can only lead to “authoritarianism, cloaked as moral righteousness.”

Fortunately, we won’t have to put up with the liberal left’s woke shenanigans; the consensus is that wokeness has backfired on them.

Even the New York Times, which no one can say is an apologist for the political right, has been pointing out recently that the woke movement has lost its steam and is bound to go the way of the unisex fad. The paper has published at least three articles over the past several weeks noting that the end of the woke movement is nigh.

Times Opinion Columnist Bret Stephens, in a piece he wrote, said that “In the long run, Americans have always gotten behind protest movements that make the country more open, more decent, less divided. What today is called Woke does none of those things. It has no future in the home of the free.”

Woke-ism has been exposed as a failure on the right and on the left, and the consensus is that the movement is on its last legs. Good riddance.

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Stephen R
11 months ago

Bertrand Russell said it best: “Most people would rather die than think, and in fact, they do.”

Ronald Prazer
1 year ago

Now I see why there is such a split in our country today! I am a conservative Democrat who sees both sides of this issue. You right wingers who worship the hate spewing Trump feel empowered to believe everything your told. The woke movement isn’t a group that wants to overthrow the government by means of communism but to make America “wake up” to the injustice facing many of “our” citizens! Many of you don’t even know what it’s like being a minority in America. Your white, have worked hard most of your lives, and have had little in the way of your rights trampled on by authorities. What would you do if in their shoes? Peacefully protest?, Petition their politicians? It doesn’t Work! And people like yourselves don’t want to hear their pleas because it doesn’t coincide with “your” way of life. Oh, and by the way, pick up an encyclopedia and read about what communism is, that is if you can actually read!

Christophe Diem Sr., USA Ret.
6 months ago
Reply to  Ronald Prazer

Wow you’re really a new level of leftist half-wit ain’t ya? LoL where in that entire article does it mention anything about Trump? But you guys just can’t get past it huh? And “conservative Democrat” followed by the unqualified self-qualification, so of course we shouldn’t question you – you explained it to us – you see both sides! LoL anyway your ignorance is at a commendable level – if you knew anything or researched just a bit about “woke” organizations like BLM, Antifa, Progressive Saints, or Greater Peoples Movement of Free Chicago, all self proclaimed enforcers of wokenss you’d see pretty clearly how most of their leadership is in the SAME camp as radical right wing extreme groups, they on the same federal watch lists and responsible for heinous crimes that rival anything that happened on Jan 6th – all again so this gets through the Castro School of Social Programing you obviously attended – THAT is the face of wokeness, criminal domestic terrorists who’s credo says something to the effect of “think and act like us or you die (or we’ll for sure burn down your house and business especially if your a person of color living in impoverished areas of liberal urban sprawl) – they’ll be the ones wanting to remove law and order through defunding of police from the very people of society who need the most protection, they’re the ones advocating for the willful breaking of immigration laws under the whole clothe facade of “humanitarianism”, so basically exactly what they article so eloquently stated – violent, ignorant thugs who hate the United States to their core, wouldn’t understand the concept of serving others if it squatted on their face and wiggled and wish, most of all to enact a state of American kleptocracy with themselves at the top of the chaos grabbing, taking – oh wait, you guys call it redistributing – but you get my point…nice try pal, the best part of this article and hundreds like it even from Vice, HuffPost and other liberal newsletters is that they all explain the truth – the best part of the shallow lies of the woke movement are in its shallowness which all Americans, both liberal and conservative have long since learned and like all lies and pyramid schemes like wokeness will come crashing down, just an empty war cry of privileged idiots and their criminal, savage compatriots – don’t worry dude you’ll catch up in a bit! Well maybe more than a bit – otherwise and knowing full well you’ve never left USA except maybe as a tourist, try it and while you won’t given your cowardice to even pick a political side, but if ya did you’d see how great, opportunity providing and truly free country the Awesome United States of America and her epic history of rising from nothing to greatness really is the greatest country on the face of this troubled, murderous and scorned world – if not for America – say one of the worlds many Marxist utopias, person like you wouldn’t live long enough to spew forth your stupidity – LOL! PS Ronald the clearly white privileged liberal – I’m black, immigrated LEGALLY frim Sierra Leone and fled REAL racist persecution from French in 1990, joined the US Army, served in Iraq and Afghanistan, then used my EARNED college money through the Army to complete my an engineering degree and MBA, and now proudly run my business which employs 78 employees, mostly minorities, in a part of Detroit that white liberal democrats completely abandoned – now please tell my how my country, the USA, isn’t the greatest or maybe you’d like to talk to some of my workers I’ve sponsored over the years to come here, escape certain death, rape, property theft, etc from the so called “leaders” of the same criminal-states you probably dream about with your liberal pals at book club

Debra Negron
1 year ago

Am I doing something wrong. You never take my comments. So I give up I won’t respond anymore. Thanks for nothing. After my subscription is up I am done with you.

1 year ago

Look again Folks……wokeism is healthy and thriving. Time to fight back and get rid of this administration. Thanks, Wanda for the info on SA. I’m starting to think that the charities I give to are corrupt too. Hope not. Anyway, since commie Biden is our (“president?) and is bombarding us with all kinds of problems, I think all my charities are ending. So sorry!

1 year ago

NEVER, EVER, underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. And there is a VERY LARGE NUMBER of very STUPID PEOPLE in this country!

1 year ago

Every year around Christmas, I have a stack of charitable organizations that I send pretty good checks to. However, I found out that the Salvation Army, who I have always sent money and not only at Christmas, has WOKEN UP….now because the color of my skin happens to be white, they want me to apologize to the black community for my racism. WTF? I have never been a racist even in a time during the 60’s when it was rampant, yet, I have been accused, tried and given a sentence for the color of my skin. This is total civil rights violations and reverse discrimination. Needless to say, when I get out of Face Book jail, everyone in my town and elsewhere will have the privilege of knowing that because we are white, we are ALL racists and need to apologize to the black community. To say the least, the Salvation Army’s charitable donation has been pulled from the pile….I hope the black community has enough money to support this reversed racist organization and I will no longer support them and it is a shame because the help so many people in need….I will change mine to the local GodTel Mission that houses and feeds the needy.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wanda

Thanks Wanda, you woke me up to the SA agenda. I will also look for an alternative mission. Never
heard of GodTel but will look for them.

Stukahna Sandbahr
1 year ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

BizPac Review (BPR) usually has alerts to such shenanigans.

Stukahna Sandbahr
1 year ago
Reply to  Wanda

Yeah, I wrote in large letters in red sharpie, “GO WOKE, GO BROKE” on the appeal for a donation and sent it back. I will also print that up and place it in their kettles.

Christophe Diem Sr., USA Ret.
6 months ago
Reply to  Wanda

As a proud member of the black race and someone who escaped REAL racism like the kind where people disappear, people of my race wound up dead in streets and because FRENCH colonizers as recently as the 90’s were killing us like cattle the white people of today, and America have NOTHING to apologize for – I came to this country because my grandfather, after my father was murdered by so-called “regional security forces” French mercenaries and criminals paid by SL government to exterminate us. The “woke” of the United States fall into two camps – college aged kids who are too stupid to understand but have time/energy to riot and burn down neighborhoods and their protected white liberal, leftist sponsors who figure they can “revolt” through the idiot kids from the safety of their high rise condos and gated communities – I was told if I came to this country, served my adopted country, invested myself fully in the United States it would pay me back with the freedom to pursue any path I chose – and I am living proof of that, citizen, veteran, college graduate, home owner, business owner and sponsor of people seeking and understanding the LEGAL way to follow their dreams in this country. White people have helped me in my journey and of course there were white people who got in my way – there were more black and brown people who stood in my way from jealousy and scorn though making another woke characteristic that of taking the very things they claim to be champions of race, equality, sexual orientation, murdering of unborn American children, etc and use those very concepts in weaponized fashion to tear our great country down – just like guns, “the man”, the 1%, the patriots, the Right are all nameless, faceless “boogymen” leftists use to divide us we must all see past their lies, their hatred and remember the greatness of our country and it’s history – contrary to Husain Obama I built the life I have for my family and my workers, I paid for it with a trip to this country that would have killed most, with my blood and tears and dead brothers in the desert, with my work and determination and an army of friends, supporters and most importantly my faith in a God who’s clearly blessed the USA above all others, not the government, not radical domestic terrorists masquerading as “social warriors” – there’s not a thing anyone needs to apologize to me or my people because in this country we are all in the same struggle, same race, the difference is there are those of us too lazy, too incompetent and too sorry for themselves who fail and cry and demand what the rest if us have fought and struggled to achieve – most liberals have never struggled for anything in their lives, let alone their freedom, well-being or lives – they’ve read stories in books about it, the romanticized versions of “freedom fighters but having no real, actual oppressors, they salivate at creating one for their empty, psychologically broken beliefs to struggle against – the most concerning part however is America has generated enough of these incompetent morons to the point their hapless leaders are sitting in government offices…I remember how embarrassing it was to return to SL when Clinton had been in office – Christiofe you left to a country it’s leader spends his time getting pleasured by girls in the capital – calls to home during Obamas reign – you left for this country who’s leader pays thugs instead of fighting them, who gives Iranian terrorists more weapons to terrorize – now I haven’t called home, God knows what the ridicule would be – I left for a country that elected an incompetent geriatric who can’t walk up stairs or complete an actual coherent sentence! And Kamala Harris? An ACTUAL racist who’s policies in her home state imprisoned more blacks and oppressed more poor people than any other city in America? No, those who owe me and all true Americans owe an apology are those half-witted morons who’ve put criminals like these in power, who elects someone who misunderstands capitalism and the economy so poorly they return America’s economy 40 years?? No my friends, America is an embarrassment to the world whenever woke, Democratic leftists and their associated mental illness are allowed to ascend to the highest levels of power our great nation has to offer

Jesse Tiede
1 year ago

Seems to me that the “WOKE” movement people should be paying reparations to this country for the absolute Bull Shizle they have been spreading around!

1 year ago

Every time I hear the “woke” have decided something I laugh. I don’t know who these individuals are but they sure think alot of themselves. No more Mr. Potato Head, go out and buy him. When they said no more Dr. Seuss, I gathered all the books my family have and put them up. These fools are only impressing themselves. The rest of us think they are nuts.

1 year ago

Anyone who thinks wokeism is fading hasnt seen any tv commercials lately.

1 year ago
Reply to  Morbious

I agree. I’m really tired of advertisers slapping me in the face because I don’t have the right color of skin. It appears that we are being conditioned to accept the fact that all families must be multi racial. There are far more single race families than mixed race. I am just tired of having this wokeness being force fed to me. I’ll choose my own friends and lovers, thank you very much. I don’t need advertisers help in making my own decisions about my own life. Woke advertisers are noted and their products deleted from my shopping list. Back off and keep your woke views to yourselves, I don’t want to see it in every television ad.

1 year ago

indigenous – originating or growing in a certain region. I originated in the USA, I was grown in the USA, I am white, I was born last century, but I am indigenous!! I am also native to the USA.

1 year ago

none of these jacka**es are woke. they are misusing the word like they do every other word. these people have given up their freedom and common sense

1 year ago

Wokeism hasn’t gone away, they get stronger and more powerful. One small victory is not winning a war.

1 year ago

California has always been on the cutting edge of the woke trend. For many years, beefore we even realised it, California labor law has always addressed the members of a marriage as spouses and left out the husband and wife terms. Communists were still banned from working for the State – but not anymore.

1 year ago

Perhaps, but they are going to do a lot of damage before they are gone.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dave

I’m with you, Dave. It isn’t over till it’s over.

Annette G.
1 year ago

I was born in 1950 and I never thought I would see the day that American citizens would prefer communism over democracy. I do realize that our young people are being brainwashed into believing that communism is better. If a young person has a mind of their own perhaps they should read books about freedom in this Country rather than using Google. By reading books they will see that communism does not work. If communism is what they want, they should go to a communist country. Leave our Country alone. We love our freedom of choice and the freedom to vote for our leaders. Our Country is a great country, just ask those who are so desperate to come here. People are willing to break the law to get here. If communism was so great they would either stay in their own country or go to a communist country, not a country of freedom.

Christophe Diem Sr., USA Ret.
6 months ago
Reply to  Annette G.

Sir this is because a growing majority of US citizenry has never been outside of the USA, and could not think of serving each other – through military, church, community – leftistism is WORSE than communism and I have experienced both first hand – in Sierra Leone and in Poland as a young man in the 80’s when the Iron Curtain was still heavily in place – neither is great and why people like myself make it their life’s mission to come to America legally and self-pursue what we could never have in any other country on Earth. I am black, and most US blacks alive today have never faced REAL racism – just because you didn’t get a job and the interviewer was white, just because your neighbor locks the doors, just because a police officer stops you for speeding does NOT mean your a victim a racism – but the woke terrorists want communities of color and gays to believe that fully. As a former solder and a legal immigrant I think of the blessed words of our founders, I think that the blood of patriots is sometimes required to renew the tree of liberty but it won’t happen when that blood is spilled far away in a desert – it’ll only happen when we true patriots, native born or like me, living in the truth and blessing that helped me and my family escape the hells of where we were born stand up to these criminal thugs in the streets and the ballot boxes – we as conservative patriots, even in rare cases of Democrat patriots (they’re rare but out there) have to identify the real enemy and then root then out of our streets, government and lives, Antifa publicizes their own ignorance when they live out the ideals of fascism themselves, the terrorists BLM would rather see me as a black man, incarcerated and separated from my wife and children, their lesbian founders clearly state this on their own websites! The next time you see a white person marching proudly in a BLM riot ask them why they hate your black friend Christiphe from Sierra Leone, why do they hate my family because they want my children to be fatherless and my wife to be husbandless, ask the Antifa terrorists why if they are “freedom” fighters why do they burn down the homes and businesses of the very minority communities they claim they’re liberating – the French criminals and mercenaries would say the same things over loud speakers just before they set our homes on fire and murdered our children and women must be the script of the leftist “liberator” – we patriots seriously need to awaken ourselves to their lies and path of damnation and we MUST vote democrats and especially progressives out of office, we must celebrate our 1st and 2bd amendments without shame and stand behind them when thugs barrel down our streets and threaten our homes and families. I literally wept when Biden was elected, how, how could this geriatric who could not survive one night on the streets of Sierra Leone rise to this position?? Part is due to the increasing psychological disease of leftism, the other part is when we, good men and women fail to rise and do something. Vote vote in coming elections! Do not allow them to take by force what we have all striven for and love, our own American dreams are at risk

Tim Toroian
1 year ago

But BLM isn’t going away unless we make it go away.
Who knows what a good communist is?

H L Howell
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim Toroian

I know, the same as what was once said about the Native Americans.

1 year ago

The wokeism nut cases need to get a life!

Brian Miller
1 year ago

It’s a repeating ploy in history and it has worked in the past – to create hate and derision between groups of citizens. The intent is to divide and conquer and all of those, such as those in the press, who are complicit, will be remembered as such. History will not be kind.
I pray daily for our country however I cannot believe we can legitimately ask for God’s blessing upon this country and for it to return to “normal” while the murder of the innocents is still the law of the land.
Pray that God’s Will be done and that he spare us as much as possible – there are still many faithful. But, as importantly, if we hope to see God’s blessings upon our country, we need to eradicate this atrocity – perhaps the greatest in the history of mankind.

Christophe Diem Sr., USA Ret.
6 months ago
Reply to  Brian Miller

Mr Miller your words are true, as a man of faith a veteran and LEGAL Immigrant I however must give you a refreshing word and hope it finds you as a cool spring – I as well found it hypocritical for our country to ask blessings while we federally sanctioned the murders of unborn American citizens – but remember that only one man, a good man was the requirement for Sodom and Gomorrah and while yes, sodomites literally flow in our streets and are celebrated, God and righteous, wise judges have removed the blight of infanticide from our land, while our country is long overdue for a Devine correction it remains, as it always has the responsibility of good men and women to stand up against the evils like leftism, liberalism, progressivism, Communism, Marxism and all other ism’s that are the locusts and droughts of our time – America like all great counties over history is heading toward an Apocalypse – for those of us in the Word or at least understanding of the word’s definition how our apocalypse looks like and what’s in the other side is truly up to those of us with faith that has not faltered – faith in God, our Family, our County and it’s history, faith in each other and the blessed gifts bestowed upon us – I don’t care if it’s faith in one, or all but it will be those of us who stay the course that can provide a future for our children and generations after that don’t struggle to remember a great America or only know of it in censored text books our actions today, voting them into obscurity, defending with our constitutional rights both our words and ourselves, not sitting silent when the ignorant scream loudest, calling out those who scorn our laws and celebrate perverse abominations – these are things not that we can do, but should do, otherwise their incompetent wailing and lies will be all anyone can hear

George Washington's Admirer
1 year ago

Communist Takeover Tactics: Commies have taken over the mainstream media, The Internet, printing of school books which promote Communist Theory, The Censorship of ANYTHING that does NOT reflect Communist Theory, Interior and Exterior Decorating: the removal of all images of ‘Our Founding Fathers’, & the discouragement of any book or magazine that may promote traditional historical accounts or CENSORSHIP. This includes the removal of: statues, paintings, and writings written by and about ‘Our Founding Fathers’. Next it could be hypothesized that the American Flag will be redesigned, Our National Anthem will be removed, and God’s Name will be taken off of EVERYTHING!!! God is the next casualty of the Communists. First Jefferson and Washington; then, God!! (But, take heart in the end; the Communists will devour each other.) And, that Fellow Patriots will be the end of the ‘Woke Era’. God Bless & Defend These United States of America!

Christophe Diem Sr., USA Ret.
6 months ago

In all of history Communism has never come into existence peacefully – I dare people to research and Google, every occurrence of actual Communism has come with bloodshed, theft and kleptocracy. Most know this, especially those who dream of a truly communist America but we are FAR from that now – what we need to fear is the slow, draining of America through progressivism, liberalism, and woke-ism, we are in a Cold War of sorts being waged by idiots and morons dreaming of some made up revolution against nothing real – they’re supported by cowards in the media, and corporations too spineless to defend our country – as someone who grew up in both a real honest to goodness Communist and Socialist country, both of which made US “racism” look like a sharing circle I am telling all of my patriot, conservative brothers and sisters of faith IF they are allowed to continue most have not a clue of what will be in store for us – take a look at the total lack of basic human decency from Russia in Ukraine, do a simple Google what China does to people of color like myself and my family or any racial minority for that matter – these government systems of kleptocracy seek to do one main thing drain it’s leadership and citizenry of all semblances of human decency, making it more hypocritical for the US based leftist to love these fallacies so much, the “champions of humanity” they claim to be – we must spread the word amongst those both natural born, or lovingly and LEGALLY adopted by America to make a stand now, voting our progressives or Democrats thinking these lies might get them votes from the 20 something morons, sorry to 20 something conservatives but you know what I’m talking about and own responsibility to educate tour peers just as much there are no words I could share in a post to describe the horror, the indignity, the total reduction of each of us as a human individual should progressive liberalism win during our coming elections or in our streets and towns when they turn to violence – and trust me, they AKWAYS will resort to violence it’s what impotent bullies who don’t like it when truth prevails ALWAYS turn to…and by then it’s too late. I post this truly hopefully as a person who survived and escaped from the “end games” of where progressive liberals would have us go – the worst always pick self nomenclature to lie and trick the public – black lives do not matter to BLM, they say so in their own lesbian focused publications, Antifa cannot be anti-fascist when the destruction of property for disagreement is EXACTLY what a fascist would do and progressives are neither progressive or liberal unless you think 1930’s Soviet Russia is your idea of moving forward – heck, how about 2022 Russia or China also fit the bill – we must stop assuming someone else will vote, we must stop thinking anyone cares about our safety or that if our family more than ourselves, and we must stop assuming progressivism is just going to go away and maybe perhaps not evolve into Communism – it’s exactly what the ignorance of Sierra Leone assumed, what Poland experienced when Communism came in with force and blood and sapped that country of its potential for a half century – this is a full blown assault, supported by media and corporate cowardice, we should give thanks it’s not communism yet, we’d not be posting this, wed nor have access to this site even, you wouldn’t work where you wanted and all aspects of your life would be controlled by kleptomaniacs only worried about what else they can take from us – I implore all who read this, vote out progressive liberalism now while America still has a chance

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Yes & the final two words written sums it up perfectly, i.e. ” Good Riddance. ”
Bill on the Hill… :~)

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