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Opinion | Only One Thing Will Solve the Fentanyl Crisis


To anyone paying attention to the overdose crisis in the United States, it should be clear that the country no longer faces only a drug problem. It faces a national poisoning. The supply of fentanyl and methamphetamine here has surpassed anything previously imaginable. These drugs come largely through a single source…

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2 months ago

Close the Border !

Fred Orestuk
2 months ago

Anyone caught importing, selling, trading, transporting any and all illegal drugs gets a mandatory death penalty

2 months ago
Reply to  Fred Orestuk

Agree! The sheer magnitude of this nightmare makes this the ONLY effective option.

David Millikan
2 months ago

This is the first common sense thing to do.
Forgot, Fascist liberals only use the words Common Sense when it only suits them for political purposes.

2 months ago

Fentanyl poisoning is a deliberate assault on the part of Chinese suppliers, Mexican drug labs and cartels, and an open border. It’s an evil 3-legged stool: the CCP’s desire to bring down the United States, Mexico’s inability to put the cartels out of business, and biden’s stupid refusal to secure the borders. Maybe someone should show biden pictures of all those dead bodies; he doesn’t seem to care or to understand the gravity of the problem. Imagine the loss in human lives on 9/11 and multiply that by 25! Every year!!

We’re sitting ducks in this scenario. It’s killing off our younger generations at such an alarming rate that opioid deaths have decreased our average longevity.

This country and the entire world need much better leadership to turn this thing around. Until that happens, we’ll continue to lose many tens of thousands of people in what should be the prime of their lives–every single year. How sad for them and their families. What a shame this president does nothing. Someone should tell him he has blood on his hands.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Hi Kim,

A well thought out and articulate comment as usual. Unfortunately, Biden DOES NOT care about all the dead bodies of Americans from Fentanyl. As most Democrats in high positions frequently like to say “That’s just acceptable collateral damage in service of the greater good.” anytime one of their policies results in great damage to the United States or its citizens. The greater good in this instance is the Democrats achieving their greater goal of permanently changing the demography of this country to ensure Democrats ultimately end up with unbeatable voter majorities through the flooding of this country with 10’s of millions of illiterate illegal aliens, who the Democrats will ensure get the vote via what they continuously refer to as “comprehensive immigration reform” (mass amnesty for all the approximately 50 million illegal aliens that will reside in this country by the time the 2024 elections roll around.

Yes, that is indeed a terrible trade-off that most sane people would reject outright. However, the Democrats have been committed to this plan to ensure a permanent voter majority, via forcing a change in the voter demographics in this country, since they first crafted and then managed to push through the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. They ONLY care about the expansion and perpetuation of both political power and their personal wealth. They have ZERO concern about the American people. We, the American people, are simply viewed as their subjects.

I agree with you that we and the rest of the world need better leadership. The professional political class lives in its own sheltered and protected world, completely isolated from any of the concerns and issues impacting the people they supposedly serve. We also need the populations of the various countries around the world under assault from the left to actually show a bit more spine. Politicians only get away with what their people allow them to get away with. When politicians have no fear of the people they supposedly serve, because the people have just allowed one illegal action, like throwing open both the southern and northern borders of this country and disregarding all immigration laws on the books, to be followed by another action and then still another action, there is no incentive for any bad politicians to stop what they are doing.

2 months ago


Michael Stevens
2 months ago
Reply to  jocko

There are folks who need a minute amount of medical grade fentanyl for pain control. That’s quite different than the thousands of pounds of the stuff made in dirty, unsanitary, un-inspected slums in Mexico. You should be first and formost a person who recognises this difference for the safety of your bride!

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