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Omar Not Just Antisemitic, But Also Anti-American


The Republican-controlled House has voted to boot Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., off the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

I salute Republicans for leadership, beneficial for the country and beneficial for Black Americans whose interests Omar pretends to represent.

Omar pushed back from the House floor, playing, of course, the race card. She accused Republicans of questioning her as an American because she is of a “certain skin color.”

No. To quote one well-known Black American, this is about the content of her character, not about the color of her skin.

Anyone following the story has read the long series of antisemitic, anti-Israel diatribes from Omar since she has been in Congress.

But she is not just antisemitic and anti-Israel. She is anti-American.

Last year, she lumped Israel and the U.S. together in comparing both to the Taliban. “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and the Taliban,” she observed.

A number of years ago, George Gilder wrote a book called “The Israel Test.”

The test, per Gilder, is summarized by a few questions: “What is your attitude toward people who excel you in the creation of wealth or in other accomplishment? Do you aspire to their excellence, or do you seethe at it? Do you admire and celebrate exceptional achievement, or do you impugn it and seek to tear it down?”

Those who admire success and seek to emulate it pass Gilder’s Israel Test.

Of course, the test is about a state of mind, an attitude toward life. Israel is just one focal point.

You must have self-inflicted blindness not to appreciate that no country in the world has ever achieved what the United States has achieved and contributed. The creativity and innovation on every front of science, technology and entrepreneurship is mindboggling.

Americans have won 403 Nobel prizes, 43% of all since the award began 122 years ago.

But Omar and her lefty friends are more interested in focusing on what was and what is not perfect in our nation so they can trash everything and advance their left-wing agenda.

Israel’s story is miraculous beyond words. Out of nothing, in just 75 years, a booming modern economy has been created, despite having to fight at least three major wars along the way against enemies that far outnumbered them.

Omar and her crowd hate this. They hate a story in which individuals take personal responsibility for their lives, fight, struggle against great odds and achieve.

Omar deserves to be booted because of her antisemitism. But more deeply, she deserves to be booted because she fails Gilder’s Israel Test.

She loves to talk about her childhood in Somalia. Somalia has a national per capita income of around $500. Why doesn’t she spend time trying to inspire change in her beleaguered home country?

Omar and her colleague Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez prefer making allegations about institutional racism rather than looking at what really drives poverty and underachievement in our poor communities. As a start, it is perpetuated by the Omar-AOC mindset looking for whom to blame, looking for whom to hate, rather than starting with freedom and personal responsibility.

We’re in the middle of Black History Month.

Let’s not let Omar and her lefty crowd hijack our great American story.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in his historic “I Have a Dream” speech, the problem is not our great American values, but failures to live up to them.

The struggles, and achievements, of Black Americans to participate fully in the American saga and dream have made this country greater.

We are getting closer. But we must turn from the naysayers and move in the direction of life, family and freedom.

As for Omar, she ought to spend less time accusing others of denying that she is an American and more time learning and embracing the values that define, and make great, our free country under God.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.”


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Ben Ray
1 month ago

Thank you Star for speaking out and a great commentary. You will probably get tagged as a racist, but if we let the haters like Omar control the narrative they will just create more divide and tear down all of the hard work people like MLK worked so hard to achieve.

1 month ago

Voters elected Omar & voters can either continue to support her or vote her out of office at next election. Must have been a lot of voters that agree with her views or else the person running against her last election was an even worse choice.

1 month ago

This is nothing more than a spy sitting in chair.We hear of documents being where they can’t be,I wonder what FBI would find at her house. Traitors are brave and visible when no one is ready to catch them. Deport this woman now and save all of us future problems.

Lori Nanfeldt
1 month ago

100% agree. She has no business being in our government to begin with. Now how do we stop her from cheating in elections to get re-elected? That’s something unfortunately Minnesota has to deal with and thanks to Obama who dumped her kind in that state. .

1 month ago

Ilhan Omar must be stripped of her office as a member of the US House of Representatives, striiped of her fraudulently obtained US citizenship, and deported back to where she originally came from… Somalia where she should be air-dropped from 10K feet sans a parachute.

Arleen Blackstone
1 month ago

This woman is ungrateful and an embarrassment to the country she is supposed to protect and represent.

1 month ago

The reason Omar was elected to office is because, there are more people like her living in USA hating America’s Constitution. We accepted her but she neve accepted us.

Garlic Man
1 month ago

Go back home, al presto più possible, i.e. subito!

1 month ago
Reply to  Garlic Man

If that’s Somali for “get the heck out of the USA” I agree 100%.

Ron Howard
1 month ago

My question is how un the HELL do people like Ilhan Omar get elected to office in the first place? Are there really that many anti-American voters?

1 month ago
Reply to  Ron Howard

Her voters don’t speak english therefore shouldn’t be allowed to vote !


1 month ago

Anyone who is not a Zionist is antisemitic.

“To quote one well-known Black American, this is about the content of her character, not about the color of her skin.” That well-known Black American favored quotas, affirmative action, reparations for Blacks, and other special privileges for Blacks.

Mr Tigerbob
1 month ago

A rope or maybe a shiny bullet is waiting in Gitmo for her and many others

Carl Glanzman
1 month ago

Do not forget that she is the daughter of the enforcer of of the brutal regime in her home country. He could sentence anyone he did not like to death back home. Do not forget that she married her brother and has been anything but faithful in her relationships with other men. Do not forget that she has repeatedly scorned the US government and many who do not trust, admire or believe in her.

If this is the type of person who 1. is elected by the nation’s largest Somali population, with such un-American family ties and relationships, 2. is frequently publicly scornful of most decent Americans and 3. basically elected by the immigrants from Somalia now resident in the US, can anyone, who is not beholden to a foreign nation really desire to follow her down a path that leads only to the final extinction of Judeo-Christian ethics and norms, to personal and national destruction?

1 month ago

Congress changed the rule ‘no head coverings in the chamber’ just for her. A terrible mistake that proves she simply does NOT fit in with America values. She needs to go and we ‘Americans’ need to stop lowering our standards to accommodate any special interest.

Darryl C
1 month ago

Send the TWIT back where she came from… THE middle of the SAHARA!!!

1 month ago

This evil little pos shouldn’t be removed from a committee, she should be removed from congress and then removed from the U.S.A. We don’t need America haters moving here

1 month ago

Well written Omar should have never been allowed to sit in Congress at
The onset. She is a great representative of Satan and just plain evil.

1 month ago

Here, here! Well written and true to the enthpower. America provides the tools the individual has to provide the will and the desire to hone their individual strengths, whatever they may be. No one can learn and gain experience for anyone else.

Dave Brandt
1 month ago

Beautifully stated.

1 month ago

Thank God we have a few Americans with guts, send her and about 2 dozen more home, they would starve to death! Our Veterans are happy.

David Shingledecker
1 month ago

The problem isn’t Omar. She is what she is and the fact that she doesn’t hide her prejudices or her hypocrisy is refreshing. I find I usually fall for the liars and shysters at least once before I wise up. With people like her I can discount her right off the bat. It’s her nutbag constituents who love her and what she stands for that’s the problem. They’re use to whatever government was in charge of the hell-hole from which they escaped. Hopefully most Americans can hold her political allies for as long as possible before they make headway for good. We use to say that about Marxism but today we’re sitting about half and half on the political spectrum. We’re quickly headed toward that fractured society that Europe and Africa has been living under for decades.

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