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ObamaCare’s Predictable Collapse

obama (3)From – – By Rick Manning

Everyone knew that it was just a matter of time, but no one expected it to fail this fast. Yet, that is exactly what is happening, as bad news story after bad news story about the state of ObamaCare arrives on a seemingly weekly basis.

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6 years ago

PaulE, they will take the bait, as usual. … We now know that if one keeps repeating a lie often and long enough, it begins to give the impression that it is the truth! Classic Democratic/Communist strategy as per Saul Alinsky tactics. … Hmmm, just like Trump, saying HE will make America Great again. He says it time and again, louder each time … so it must be true!

6 years ago
Reply to  Rik

That is my concern RIK. Instead of learning anything from the last seven years of non-stop lies from Obama and the Dems on how great everything will be great with the next progressive law or regulation they dreamed up, a large percentage of the people will just be so desperate for relief from the pain the Dems have inflicted on them, that people will just take the single payer bait hook, line and sinker. Then the financial hit will make Obama care look like a bargain, even as their medical options get less and less.

6 years ago

It is working as the Democrats expected and desired. Right on schedule so all the Democrat candidates can call for single payer as part of the 2016 Democrat election platform. Inflict a lot of unnecessary pain and financial strain on the public to soften them up and then the Dems swoop in to offer the magic single payer fix, which further adds to the power of the federal government. Classic Progressive strategy. Create a problem where none exists, provide a solution that not only doesn’t fix the problem they created, but actually makes things worse. Then the same ones who created the problem in the first place (the Progressives) come up with another “fix”, which not only doesn’t undo the damage they have done (intentionally by the way in case you need to be told), but further adds to their power by controlling more of the private sector and further reducing the freedoms left to the people. This strategy has been employed againdt the American people a number of times over several decades now. Each time resulting in the size and power of the federal government increasing, while the power and freedoms of the American people decreases. So the real question is: Are the American people smart enough to see through this Progressive charade or do they take the single payer bait the Democrats will be tangling in front of them in 2016?

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