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Obama Demands Censorship

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan


From continuing to push for trillion-dollar spending bills as the nation suffers from historic inflation to revoking a crucial border security measure in the midst of the worst illegal immigration crisis on record, the left just seems to keep doubling down on their most unpopular and out of touch policies. But just when it looked as if progressives’ self-absorbed political bubble couldn’t get any more detached from reality, none other than former President Barack Obama took the stage last week to lecture Americans about the dangers of “disinformation,” effectively making a case for more censorship of free speech even as the issue becomes more of a political liability for the Democratic Party.

During the speech on April 21 at Stanford University, Obama railed against “disinformation,” which he described as “one of the biggest reasons for democracy’s weakening.” But as Democrats have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt in recent years, to them, terms like “disinformation” generally mean real information that happens to contradict their preferred political and ideological narratives.

Throughout his remarks, Obama seemed to lament the fact that the left’s once-ironclad grip on the dissemination of information has recently been challenged. “When it came to the news, at least,” he said, “citizens across the political spectrum tended to operate using a shared set of facts.” He went on: “Today, of course, we occupy entirely different media realities, fed directly into our phones.”

Obama specifically took aim at social media content that casts doubt on the left’s draconian COVID policies and vaccine mandates, claiming that “people are dying from misinformation.” Similarly, in an apparent attempt to castigate conservatives and right-leaning Americans as being responsible for divisiveness on social media platforms, he bemoaned so-called “conspiracy theories,” asserting that the national “information ecosystem” is “turbocharging some of humanity’s worst impulses.”

What Obama did not acknowledge in his remarks, however, is his own well-documented record of hostility towards members of the press—especially those who were openly critical of his administration and its policies. As investigative reporter James Risen wrote for the New York Times in 2017, “the Justice Department and the F.B.I.” under the Obama administration “spied on reporters by monitoring their phone records, labeled one journalist an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal case for simply doing reporting and issued subpoenas to other reporters to try to force them to reveal their sources and testify in criminal cases.”

Regardless of what Obama’s true intentions were when he visited Stanford this week, his remarks are almost entirely unlikely to advance his—or his party’s—goals. In reality, the former president’s speech is likely to even further invigorate conservatives and other right-of-center voices – or even those voices on the left who still value freedom of speech – who are eager to turn the page on years of arbitrary and highly politicized speech codes emanating from America’s largest and most powerful institutions.

Evidence of growing public discontent with online censorship in particular has been on full display over the past several days with the ongoing drama surrounding Tesla CEO and free speech advocate Elon Musk’s bid to reform Twitter’s censorship policies. In late March, Musk first signaled his frustration with Twitter’s disregard for free speech by posting a two-option poll to his followers, asking them whether “Twitter rigorously adheres to” the principle that “[f]ree speech is essential to a functioning democracy,” and later stating that the “consequences of this poll will be important.” More than 70 percent of respondents voted “No.”

Shortly thereafter, Musk bought a nine percent stake in Twitter, making him the platform’s biggest shareholder. He then revealed his intention to buy the entire company. Just hours before Obama took the stage at Stanford, Musk accelerated his bid to purchase Twitter, announcing he had $46.5 billion on hand and was considering taking his offer directly to Twitter’s shareholders.

Though Twitter has predictably not been receptive to his offers, the prospect of Musk’s purchase of the company, complemented by his strong public advocacy for free speech, has emboldened conservatives and free speech advocates while sending shivers down the spines of Twitter employees and members of the mainstream media.

Taken within the context of Musk’s actions in regard to Twitter and growing public disillusionment with the role Big Tech plays in censoring speech online, Obama’s visit to Stanford likely signals two things: first, that the left is scared of conservatives’ newfound momentum in the arena of free speech, and second, that progressives remain entirely disconnected from the American public when it comes to reigning in the power of Big Tech.

“Part of the reason it’s hard to bring about change,” Obama tweeted several days before the Stanford event, “is because we live in a media environment that elevates falsehoods as much as truths and divides people as much as it brings them together.”

He’s right, of course – but it’s Obama and his allies in Big Tech and the corporate media who are elevating falsehoods and suppressing the truth. His real concern is that the corrupt game he and his progressive friends have played for years will be exposed, and they may lose their power and influence as a result. 

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12 days ago

There is disinformation. I would even argue that more of it comes from the Left than from Conservatives. I definitely do not agree the solution is censorship! There needs to be MORE free speech. It is up to each of us to use real facts and sensible debate to make our case.
The best example of how Censorship is a failure would be Social Media platforms like Facebook. I have frequently experienced and seen posts where Facebook flags it as misinformation and then provides articles to somehow justify their actions with no option for any rebuttals! The problem has been numerous time their censorship arguments have been wrong or did not even match what the original post stated.
Anybody who wants to limit free speech needs to ask: Who will be the czar of truth?

1 month ago

The only reason the half breed wants censorship is to silence the truth. But truth always prevails. I ordered the DVD.

Rich C
1 month ago

The only thing I will censor is Obama himself. I don’t respect anything the puppet master says. But… out in 2024. Michelle might be on the ticket.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Here’s a better idea, let’s censor him!

1 month ago

We now have the worst president in the history of the United States occupying the White House now.
Only Jimmy Carter is laughing because he knows that he himself won’t be remembered as this nation’s worst president.
But no one did more to hurt this nation than the communist Obama. Unfortunately, he’s still trying and doing everything he can to destroy this great nation!
Thank God Elon Musk has control of Twitter now. Maybe he can restore some free speech to social media soon.

1 month ago

Obama. The man who would be God. Instead he is nothing but a egotistical Kenyan who wants to fit in with the “elite” Globalists. I am sure that God will eventually deal with them all.

1 month ago

obuma can want in one hand and crap in the other. I bet I can predict which hand fills up first! A hint… it sure as all get out won’t be the “want”!

Why does obuma still feel we have to kow-tow to him? He’s a has been. He was a has been when he was in office. IMHO.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024

Rich C
1 month ago
Reply to  BwaHa

He still whispers in the ear piece of the current pretender in chief.

1 month ago

He does raise an important question: what does a society do when people are pumping out reactionary misinformation, based on conspiracy theories or people seeking attention, backed by misrepresented or zero evidence, with a populace that won’t verify it for themselves? Some of it is close to yelling “fire!” In a crowded movie theatre.

Rich C
1 month ago
Reply to  Scott

When you point that finger, there are 3 pointing back at you!

2 months ago

Obama needs to go back to where ever he has been hiding and STAY THERE. We don’t care about hearing any of his complaints or rhetoric. Go tell Michelle.

2 months ago

Shut the N ass mouth boy.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jimmd


Judy T
2 months ago

Sure why not reign in freedom of speech …. just in time to question him on what

2 months ago

Obama can pound sand, we all know it’s him running our country into the ground, Joe is just his puppet. He hates America and he wants to bring America to it’s knees, what he has underestimated is the American people, the democratic party is messing with a bee hive and they are about to find out what happens.

2 months ago

The Dems are melting down. This Twitter buy out confuses them. Will they leave in droves, and will their millions of followers go with them? But wait, where will they find a liberal only platform that is free speech? LOL…it doesn’t exist, so please Libs leave your twits and start your new LibTruth…and hope that your idiots follow you. Change is coming, once the truth leaks out, it is going to blow your little minds.

2 months ago

Obama needs to dissappear

1 month ago
Reply to  Steven

Amen, and take several with him…!

2 months ago

He needs to go home. What’s his game plan anyway. Why is he not enjoying retirement and quit running around trying to move his agenda forward causing more grief for Americans. Organize your closet and stay away from government. You are not revenant anymore even sheep are awake.

Rich C
1 month ago
Reply to  Arlene

He just might be one of the wealthy globalists. Gotta keep stirring the pot.

2 months ago

Obama along with HRC, and All of the DNC are conspiracy theory spreading Reprobate Minded Donkeys! They provide it during Obama’s Administration, and the 2016 Campaign And the conspiracy theory of All the Reprobate Minded Donkeys in the House of Representives along with the ones in the Senate during the 4 years of President Trump’sAdministration. Obama’s ability to insight people has dwindled after his first 4 years because the Black Communities saw the truth of what Obama was really doing and it wasn’t keeping his promises as they believed he would. Obama was the beginning of turning the Legal Citizens Of The United States Against Each Other. People stopped remembering what Dr. Martin Luther King Said And Worked for and listened to Obama’s Hate For The United States.

2 months ago

“People are dying from misinformation,” regarding “COVID” his elegant birthday party, there seemed little evidence of social distancing or mask wearing…

1 month ago
Reply to  Weary

Don’t do as I do, do as I say do is Obama and the Democrats’ catchphrase.

Steve W
2 months ago

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free…
Justice delayed is Justice denied… Fear not… Do the right thing… Even when nobody is watching… There’s more…

A. Grace
2 months ago

When a Democrat accuses someone or some group of doing something bad it usually means they’re doing it themselves. How else would they know so much about it?

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