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No Title 42? Expect Border Chaos


So, Biden is repealing “Title 42” – a law that Trump and Biden, until now, used to expel aliens seeking entry into the US (chiefly from Mexico) who come from or through a nation with a serious communicable disease. In short, this is indefensible.

Biden seems intent on permitting a surge of illegal aliens and asylum seekers into the US after May 2022, many from countries with a serious communicable diseases.

Whether from misplaced empathy and emphasis on illegals over US citizens, political payback, or suspect electoral reasons, the move is wrong. Here is why.

Moderate Democrats – and virtually all Republicans – are asking Biden to reconsider the unilateral repeal of Title 42. Since 1944, Title 42 Section 265 has protected US citizens against health threats like COVID.

Why drop use now? Arguments for dropping it are thin. Although COVID variants are in decline, Mexico and Central America are alive with the disease, a major spike in January, and still, a third of Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and El Salvador are still unvaccinated.

Much of Central America is not vaccinated; less than half of Hondurans, Bolivians, Venezuelans – less than a third of Guatemalans. See, e.g., Timeline: Tracking Latin America’s Road to Vaccination.

Yet these are exactly the countries from and through which aspiring border crossers are coming. Notably, right now, the four countries sending most border crossers are – in order – El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico – four of the least vaccinated, most sick populations. See, e.g., U.S. Border Patrol Southwest Border Apprehensions by Sector.

Notably, the Strict application of Title 42 has produced ten times the number of expulsions in early 2022 as in early 2020. Why? More illegal aliens and asylum seekers are coming and from afflicted countries. 

Thus, more than 2 million illegals tried for entry in 2021. In December 2021, 44 percent were promptly deported under Title 42. What if Title 42 had not been there? Some might have been deported, but most would have been released into the US regardless of sickness. See, e.g., Migrant encounters top 2 million in calendar year 2021, on pace for repeat in 2022. 

Notably, in the first three months of 2022, the threat of a surge – specifically from the countries mentioned above – has increased 137 percent over the same three months in 2021. That reinforces the idea that, beyond lifting deportations based on potential sickness, the risk grows by higher numbers seeking to cross.

But the arguments against repealing Title 42 are still stronger. Even in pre-COVOID times, serious communicable diseases marred immigration, and the title protected Americans. Diseases like tuberculosis and syphilis are high in countries south of the border and have spiked before.

Perhaps the most vexing part of all this is what we know. Data shows right now, that if Biden repeals Title 42 in May, high current numbers of illegal border crossers will explode. They are preparing to overwhelm the border – not because of natural or political disaster, but because Biden is throwing open the door.

This is the part that is most indefensible. When the sworn obligation of a president is to protect legal Americans, the idea that Biden knows the surge is coming – and will still invite it – is beyond defense. 

Even moderate Democrats – several vocally – are against this policy, as they see clearly the resulting surge, potentially infecting Americans, possibly driving a leftward constituency, illegal voting, higher state and local dependency, and costs. See, e.g., Manchin calls Biden lifting Title 42 border policy’ frightening decision’.

In the end, this idea – unilaterally repealing a law, one of the few well-enforced at the border, which has protected Americans – is absurd. Under present circumstances, the idea has no reasonable defense. The risk posed to Americans – public health and safety – may be oscillating but is hardly over.

Bottom line: Like so much of what this administration does, this idea – repealing Title 42 now – is a head-scratcher. At a time when the southwest border is set to be overwhelmed from countries south of the US and via global refugees, we should be increasing vigilance and enforcement, not dropping it.

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1 year ago

When is enough enough? I’m getting pretty sick and tired of reading about the incompetence of the people running this country. How about doing something about it?

1 year ago

Never waste a good crisis! When the covid sickness increases again due to all the sick people being sent to all parts of the country, the socialists will pass the laws requiring the jab to everyone. Couldn’t quite get it done the first round due to push back, and now the “experts” have lost all credibility. With enough required jabs they can inject us with what ever they want us to become. Think this is a radical statement, you might want to do some research and think again. Look to the globalists for the answers. They have a plan.

1 year ago

Death to the Marxist Marxist Nazi Brown Shirts if the Bite-Me regime

jake the snake
1 year ago

Biden and his administration are complete screw up. there is nothing these people do that is helping america.

1 year ago

News flash: the vaccine doesn’t work. The fact that these people are sick, not unvaccinated, should be reason enough to expel them. Heck! The fact that they are entering our country illegally should be reason enough.

1 year ago

President Cabbage Brain and his Nazi supporters are trying to destroy the Republic!

1 year ago

Newscum just went to Central America for 2 weeks…maybe he’ll contact covid and have to stay there??? We sure won’t miss his sorry a**.

Letts Brandon
1 year ago

This is written as if being unvaccinated is a bad thing. Unless you are referring to vaccines that work, such as polio, this is just more propaganda. Not having a vaccination that is dangerous and mostly ineffective is just smart. When the true intentions of the covid jab become clear those who promoted it will just look silly if not criminal. The truth of the covid injection can never be officially released but the results will become apparent given time. The general death rate is already up an unheard of in history 42%.

Thomas Poltack
1 year ago

Our politicians are House of Representatives in our Senate should all be fired I need to stand up to the president and say no more for breaking the Constitution you are a traitor to this country

1 year ago

It is completely clear Bunsen needs to be removed. Also our congress members have continued to sit on their hands and do nothing.

1 year ago


Nancy Arnett
1 year ago

The article refers to Title 42 is a LAW. Maybe I am naive or ignorant but I thought that a LAW was created and passed by Congress then sent to the President to either sign or veto. Apparently it was signed in 1944. What gives Joe the authority to repeal it? It should be Congress’s job, responsibility, and duty to not allow Joe to have so much power!

1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy Arnett

Dem alwayss have plenty of “power”, Repubs not so much. Dems plow ahead with their agenda by any means possible and no one stops them. If a Repub president had done the same thing with EO’s say with abortion, Dems would have a fit and would have some fe(de)ral judge in the Midway Atoll (a U.S. Territory) block it and Repubs would obey.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy Arnett

Because dementia Joe thinks he’s above anyone else’s rules. He needs to be locked in his basement.

1 year ago
Reply to  Granny26

He was locked in his basement during the “rallies” that he so powerfully drew millions of supporters before the election. Ha ha ha, sometimes I crack myself up!

Dan W.
1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy Arnett

Title 42 Section 265 says:

Whenever the Surgeon General determines that by reason of the existence of any communicable disease in a foreign country there is serious danger of the introduction of such disease into the United States, and that this danger is so increased by the introduction of persons or property from such country that a suspension of the right to introduce such persons and property is required in the interest of the public health, the Surgeon General, in accordance with regulations approved by the President, shall have the power to prohibit, in whole or in part, the introduction of persons and property from such countries or places as he shall designate in order to avert such danger, and for such period of time as he may deem necessary for such purpose.

Based on that authority, the Trump administration issued a public health order allowing for the expulsion of illegal immigrants based on the threat of those illegal immigrants spreading Covid.

Biden wants to rescind Trump’s public heath order specific to the explusion of illegal immigrants because of the threat of Covid not overturn Title 42 Section 265 which, as you point out, would take an act of Congress.

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