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New York Misled Everyone on Reporting Nursing Home COVID Deaths

New York nursing home covid CuomoSince late June 2020, AMAC has been working with the minority (Republican) members on the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis to get answers from the governors of New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California regarding their decision to defy Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) guidelines, and, instead force nursing homes to admit COVID-19 contagious patients who were discharged from hospitals. A tragic number of seniors in these states perished due to these decisions.

When alerted to these deadly errors in judgment by these states’ governors and after discussion with the Select Committee Republican Members, AMAC Action was asked to assist in this investigation. As a result in July, AMAC members sent over 4500 emails to these governors demanding their accountability regarding their decision to discharge COVID-19 contagious patients from hospitals to nursing homes, causing a disproportionate spike in elderly nursing home deaths in those states.

Now we learn that in an investigative finding published in a scathing report by the NY Attorney General that the state undercounted – little doubt to “cover up — nursing home COVID deaths by up to 5o%!

This led House Republican Whip and Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Ranking Member Steve Scalise (R-La.) on January 28 to renew his call for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to provide all data on nursing home deaths related to Cuomo’s deadly must admit order causing COVID patients to be housed in available space in the nursing homes.   Rep. Scalise letter says, in part:

“Considering the shocking new report revealing you and your administration drastically undercounted nursing home deaths in New York state, we write to request your full and immediate response to our previous questions. To date, you and New York State Attorney General Letitia James have failed to respond to [prior] requests posed in three separate letters. The report released today establishes that you ordered COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes, this order caused infections and fatalities, and you took concerted efforts to cover it up.

“…This raises serious concerns and insinuates complicity in thousands of preventable deaths.

“Today it is clear, you ordered COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes, this order caused infections and fatalities, and you took concerted efforts to cover it up.”

In another bombshell regarding counting nursing home fatalities in New York, a top aide to Governor Cuomo recently apologized to Democrat lawmakers about an alleged cover-up involving the number of deaths due to the coronavirus in these facilities. Melissa DeRosa, who is the Secretary to the Governor, allegedly expressed her fears of investigation from federal prosecutors if accurate COVID-19 nursing home deaths were disclosed. DeRosa reportedly admitted hiding data from the state after the Trump Administration began looking into nursing home deaths in New York.

Back in August 2020, U.S. Department of Justice joined in the investigation and requested COVID-19 data from governors in four of these states: New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division was to evaluate whether to initiate investigations under the federal “Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act” (CRIPA), which protects the civil rights of persons in state-run nursing homes.  The then Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights said at that time:

“Protecting the rights of some of society’s most vulnerable members, including elderly nursing home residents, is one of our country’s most important obligations. We must ensure they are adequately cared for with dignity and respect and not unnecessarily put at risk.”

We hope that actions do not stop with the new Biden administration.

AMAC is continuing the fight to protect susceptible seniors and we will provide updates as they become available. AMAC Action continues to work with the minority members of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis to assist where we can in these investigations.

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Lisa K Pittman
1 year ago

Send it to the grand jury and get them indicted on the felonies they committed.

Fred Roach
1 year ago

Is it not possible, indeed, desirable, that relatives of the those who died of coronavirus because of contact with those who entered a home for the elderly with coronavirus contagion, due to the governor’s order, sue the governor on the grounds that his order was the effective cause of the relative’s death?

Barry Courtnay
1 year ago

Here in Michigan our Governor is a want to be far-left Queen. She has closed mom and pops stores while letting the big box store stay open. Even though her action with nursing home residents has not come to a head yet, the truth will come out she did little to protect the elderly. Our leadership here in Michigan is far from fair. I have written senator Gray Peters also Peter Meijer as of today no response. I will admit I was not the nicest person in my letter to them, but I still ask for a response. They were elected to represent all of us, not just people that ask softball questions. I want to know what their thoughts are regarding The Great Reset, the new green deal. gun control, taking away free speech and voting rights. You would think they Peters, Meijer would want us voters to know what to expect in the coming months. Unless they are afraid that the voters won’t like what they are thinking. I did tell Meijers I thought his vote to impeach Donald John Trump would make him a one-term senator, he is already part of the swamp. As I have said before If you part of the radical left I PRAY you FAIL. Wake up Michigan before it’s too late. Thanks.

John A. Fallon
1 year ago

Socialists and rinos keep getting elected because they have been using VOTER FRAUD for DECADES, MOSTLY in local and state elections which gives them control of thier states, PRESIDENT TRUMP EXPOSED THEM, THATS WHY THEY HATE HIM, he is NOT a politician, HE IS ONE OF US, THE REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS who want TRUTH AND JUSTICE!!! STOP THE STEAL!!!!

1 year ago

I believe one of the biggest problems is people not getting out to vote in local elections. At least you have more knowledge of the locals and it’s a whole lot easier finding out about them.

Ginger Lymbery
1 year ago
Reply to  Cookiepress

They used covid as a means to have massive mail in ballots, and they allowed illegals, dead people, and underaged kids to vote….but there is no election fraud? We need to get this dictator illegal so-called president out of office, along with ho Harris.

Cheryl C Ebba
1 year ago

Heard this morning on Newsmax Cuomo stating “there is nothing to investigate”—–Really??

Wanda McArthur
1 year ago

So many of us have suspected the dishonesty in this.

Casey C Matt
1 year ago

The judiciary jailed and executed Ted Bundy for killing how many people? Cuomo and HIS directives directly killed how many people? What should be done? Bring Cuomo to the brink of death a few hundred times before finally executing him? Justice for this pompous self centered lying bastard should be quick, direct and permanent. Whats good for the Bundy is good for the Cuomo.

Ginger Lymbery
1 year ago
Reply to  Casey C Matt

And there are more in Washington that should have the same fate, starting with the lying cheating Biden

John D. Beach
1 year ago

It is also a well-known fact that many deaths during the pandemic were reported as Covid-19-related, when, in fact, they were not. In an age when computers make the communication, accuracy, ease and scope of accountability an exact science, it is and has been the obvious failure of professionals to implement policies which are scientific and which, actually, inform the science. Partisan-political prejudices prevented purposeful discrimination with respect to those infected with the virus in order to prevent its rapid spread, just as these same prejudices, now, inform the policies which are injurious to the American citizenry, particularly those related to the prevention and treatment of illegal aliens at the Southern border.
Confusion reigned at many of the daily, Covid-19 information sessions from federal and state, government officials. It was obvious the medical professionals were ill-informed and changed their opinions and advice concerning measures to be taken with respect to prevention. It is, particularly, noteworthy that, once determined, the measures of wearing a mask and washing hands often or using hand-sanitizer and “social distancing” have been the ONLY preventative and protective measures which have not changed during the entire period of the pandemic. Ignorance has been the greatest cause of confusion, whether a simple lack of science-based information or willful disregard for the nature of contagion with respect to communicable diseases and it is the ignorance of majority rule which allows democrats to go unpunished for their wanton promotion of the culture of death. It is purposeless to make these observations.

1 year ago
Reply to  John D. Beach

When you take into account that the federal government was and still is paying a $20,000 premium for each case of Covid-19 reported via the hospitals systems, what you get is hospitals reporting almost every diagnosis, admittance or death as Covid-19 instead of say pneumonia, terminal cancer, heart attacks, strokes or other illnesses. Many hospital administrators no doubt view this as free bonus money from the government for just checking the right boxes on a form. They then treat the patient for what they really have plus for Covid-19.

Imagine a hospital reporting 50 or 100 cases a day of Covid-19 to the federal government. That’s $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 a day extra just for misclassifying patient diagnosis, admissions or deaths. That’s big money for a lot of hospitals out there. Couple that with the obvious political two-step going at the upper ranks of certain medical organizations and what you have is an emphasis on cases versus deaths, which is the exact opposite of the usual standard in most pandemics and medical guidance that changes every few days or weeks to suit the political bias of folks like Fauci and others that seek the media spotlight.

At this point it looks like this crisis will be dragged out for at least this whole year, if not part of or all of 2022 as well. There is simply too much money and political advantage for the Democrats tied up in keeping this crisis going as long as possible.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

I’m trying to give you a ‘+’ but AMAC isn’t allowing it. (You’re at 9) I’d make it 10 if I could.

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

I know of one case in this small town where a mother died and the son had to fight to get the right cause on her death certificate. They wanted to put COVID but she did not have that! Years ago when my mom passed away they put heart as the reason on her death certificate. Don’t we all die when our heart stops? She had emphysema and that’s what should have been there. Generations from now someone may try to find out what she had and will get untruths! There must be truth on death certificates for many reasons – not untruths for money or other reasons!

Ginger Lymbery
1 year ago
Reply to  John D. Beach

And this is why you will see the numbers go down under Biden because the hospitals will be cut off from the money and all of a sudden, people will be reported as dying from what they actually died of like cancer, heart failure, lung disease, car accidents, etc…..this has been a money maker for the states and hospitals and has spread fear and panic to the people via the fake news…fear is a good thing to use to control the populace…it is time to end this crap. I will not be taking the Phizer or Modera vaccine as it is a DNA changer….I don’t see immediate problems, what concerns me is how it will show up in 2-4 years when people are again exposed to covid and the body goes into autoimmune disease…Antibody Induced Dependent Enhancement, causing the body to veract in a negative way …. they did animal studies on this same type of vaccine with SARSi…and after vaccinations, the animals were again re-introduced to the virus, most all of them died. This is really not a vaccine….it is a chemical nano MS5 RNA sequencer which makes your body become a covid spike producer.

JJ Johnson-Smith
1 year ago

Andrew Cuomo has been a nightmare since his days as A.G. His leadership has given the State of NY more unconstitutional laws and mandates than any other state EVER has, and has given us the distinction of being the MOST Corrupt, Least Free, and Least Religious state as well. We also pay the highest taxes. When Cuomo forced the NY Safe Act through in 2013, he did it in the middle of the night, violating both the right of the Legislature to read it, and the required, 3-day aging period. He also violated the U.S Constitution, Second Amendment. Despite massive protests, he got away with it. I could tell you WHY and HOW he pulled it off, but there isn’t enough room here. In the years since, Cuomo has made Abortion Legal, Same-Sex Marriage Legal, Passed Red Flag Laws, Bail Reform, Special Rights for LGBTQ Groups, Allowed BLM and ANTIFA to riot in our cities,etc., etc. His extreme and tyrannical response to the Covid Pandemic was the worst in America, save maybe for Newsom in California, who is now being recalled. Now, Cuomo is DIRECTLY responsible for the unnecessary deaths of over 15,000 Senior Citizens in NY, which he and his Democrat Cronies tried to cover up. If THIS doesn’t send Cuomo packing and see him facing Trial for his crimes, NOTHING WILL. We might as well abolish all Law Enforcement and the entire Judicial System and let chaos reign.

1 year ago

His daddy taught him well. I left NY in 2005 for SC and never looked back. I am a retired NYS civil servant and Mario treated us like crap.

1 year ago

I am still waiting for a response when Cuomo was in Charge of HUD where the Millions went missing yet people voted for the genocide

Danny Estridge
1 year ago

The only thing I would like to know is why we, US citizens tolerate PAC’s or Super PAC’s. Seems like rich people get richer and then give that to the political smart people who grovel at their feet for more money. Ya know we should be worshiping God, not the “almighty” dollar. Any way you look at this we’re screwed, it’s always nice to have “good guys” versus “bad boys”. They all make money off our hard work and while we all agree about unity and fairness, they prefer to keep screwing everything up, just to get more money. When will “more money” be enough for those people, probably never, just look at their deeds, Biden never did any meaningful laws, he’s just a follower that lets his family profit off of Oblama. I kinda bet the Founding Fathers didn’t plan on this raping (yes, I said that word) of the United States.Hopefully they’ve already asked for forgiveness from God daily (I know I have to, I screw up/sin without even trying). I already know if Hitler asked for forgiveness daily from God, he’d be accepted, if he meant it. That’s way above my pay grade. All this leads up to God accepting us for being too worldly, which ain’t gonna happen except by Christ. Can’t see Dad without going thru our Bro. Just saying we’re screwed.

1 year ago

Wake up America.
These socialist democrats, with their failed and immoral policies, cancel culture,corruption, and law breaking , have in days;
cheated voters in elections,sold out our Country with the green deal, bypassing our Constitution, their negligence is killing our seniors,aborting our babies eliminating our jobs,free speech, opening our borders, raising taxes, and taking away our guns????
So when do Americans say HELL NO!!
Freedom is being taken from American Citizena right before our eyes.
We the people better stand up now and remove these failures or risk the destruction of America!
Contact them today and say NO MORE!

1 year ago

Nice to be a Democrat in the USA anything is acceptable dishonesty,lying,stealing even murder.wake up America.

1 year ago

Believe me that we have tried but there’s a big Pac funding these politics and we have that 7% of extremely high-income individuals who demand their special treatment, plus pay for their chosen politicians to remain in place. Plus we have 13 billionaires living in NYC alone which explains why DeBlasio is the mayor. Neither Cuomo nor DeBlasio or AOC are looking out for the real people of NYS, just the ones lining their pockets.

RJ from Arizona
1 year ago

Democrats. Nothing will happen.

1 year ago

Only the mentally challenged would vote for someone like Cuomo. But the dems voted for Biden
so I guess if your a dem-o-rat you have to be mentally challenged in order to vote!!!

Rich Weaver
1 year ago

We are so tired of the lies of the left!

Allan Brem
1 year ago

It is unfathomable to me how the people who elect these corrupt people are not embarrassed and not demanding their removal now, much less not even bother to vote them out of office during scheduled elections..

1 year ago

Hmm, no one is above the law except Gov. Cuomo. He will end up with a HIGH level job with the democrats. What else can we expect from socialist?

1 year ago

Coumo should be in prison for all those murders he should be on death row

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