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Nationwide Blackouts Predicted as Biden Follows California Energy Script

AMAC Exclusive – By Thomas M. Fortescue

california energy

For many years, Californians have grown accustomed to regular and increasingly frantic annual warnings that summertime could bring power disruptions. But this is no longer just a California problem. Perhaps for the first time in our history, similar warnings are being issued across the United States. The richest, most powerful nation on earth (we are told) will no longer be able to guarantee that it can get through the summer without rolling blackouts. This used to be something Americans would be warned about experiencing in other countries. Now that country is their own.

For California politicians, the usual scapegoats for blackouts are high winds (i.e., nature), record-breaking fires (i.e., not the fault of lawmakers in Sacramento), and “climate change” (i.e., it’s your fault the lights went out). Unsurprisingly, the cost of energy in California has been increasing faster than the general rate of inflation, disproportionately harming low income workers in the state.

But now, the blackout warnings that California residents have grown accustomed to have been exported to Texas, Indiana, and many other states, which are issuing dire warnings about the possibility of blackouts. California’s grid operator expects the usual shortages this summer, especially if the fire season is as bad as last year. Likewise, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, which oversees power in much of the Midwest, declared it could be forced to take “emergency measures” this summer due to capacity shortfalls.

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, large, sustained power outages have greatly increased since 2000. At the turn of the century, less than two dozen major power disruptions took place. By 2020, that number was greater than 180—an increase of nearly 800%. This didn’t even include the historic outages in Texas in 2021, or the latest wildfire-induced outages in California.

One of the primary causes of this escalating crisis is an aging grid that generations of politicians have failed to address. Much of the current power distribution system was built after World War II. Some lines were even built well before that. The American Society of Civil Engineers says that 70% of America’s power distribution system is well into the second half of its expected 50-year lifespan, and they predict that by 2029, the U.S. will face a $200 billion gap in funding to update the grid.

In short, what most have considered a “California problem” is quickly becoming an America problem.

What is driving this? A big part of the problem is Democrats’ rigid demands for a complete and immediate “transition” to so-called “renewable energy.” An increasing portion of America’s power generation comes from wind and solar farms, which, as the Wall Street Journal observes, “are among the cheapest forms of power generation [but] don’t produce electricity at all times and need large batteries to store their output for later use.”

What of the other cleaner alternatives to wind and solar, such as nuclear energy? In California, Governor Newsom has said he would consider not retiring a nuclear power plant in order to keep up with energy demand. But the fact that nuclear energy—which is completely clean—could be excluded from California’s “renewable” grid is absurd. Countries like France, for example, derive approximately 70% of their energy from nuclear power. Nuclear power plants produce zero emissions and are a reliable source of power that doesn’t depend on batteries. Thus, to exclude nuclear is to openly admit that Americans will be paying drastically and needlessly higher energy prices during this “transition.”

The same is true when it comes to cars. JP Morgan, for example, is now predicting that the national average for gasoline will exceed $6 per gallon not just in California (where the state average is already above $6) but in every state of the union.

Since gas prices began to rise (long before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden’s favorite scapegoat), the Biden administration has exhibited an odd and truly tone-deaf obsession with pushing electric vehicles. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg infamously responded to concerns about high gras prices by suggesting Americans purchase electric vehicles—which, as of now, are far more expensive than the average gas-powered vehicle, and that’s assuming Americans can afford to buy a new car at all given the record-high inflation eating into their paychecks.

What’s President Biden’s answer to this catastrophe? Just recently, he said, “When it comes to gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger, and the world will be stronger, and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over…This is going to be a haul. This is going to take some time.”

In other words, this is intentional. This is no accident.

No one should be shocked by this. In one of their 2020 debates, President Trump asked Biden directly, “Would you close down the oil industry?” Biden responded, “I would transition from the oil industry, yes…It is a big statement…It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.”

To make matters worse, China dominates many aspects of the current “renewable energy” industry. For example, China produces 76% of the world’s lithium-ion batteries—the ones required to make wind and solar work—whereas the U.S. only produces 8%. China has built up a similar dominance in the solar industry, and also dominates in electric vehicle production.

So not only is the Biden administration tone-deaf and heartless with respect to the financial strains being put on Americans, but its approach all but guarantees that American adversaries like Communist China will continue to profit from the progressive effort to gut major portions of the American energy industry.

California has said it will use 100% “renewable energy” by 2045. If recent years are any indication, that means Golden State residents may soon be lighting their homes with candles and lamps for a good portion of the year. With Biden set on pursuing the same strategy for the country at large, the United States may, like California, be transformed from a state of limitless opportunities for people of all backgrounds, to one where the rich, the powerful, and the connected can impose their own virtue-signaling projects while the costs are borne by everyone else.

Thomas M. Fortescue is the pen name of a former White House official and bestselling author on topics ranging from religion and history to politics and the American founding. His pseudonym honors three heroes who together represent some of the greatest achievements of Western civilization—St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Thomas More, and Sir John Fortescue. He can be followed on Twitter @ThomasFortescue.

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Rich C
2 months ago

Unfortunately Biden’s brain is already blacked out so America can now do nothing about all the “problems” that we are plagued with. So much for being the most powerful nation on earth. The Marxist revolution is underway.

Larry W.
2 months ago

Too many rich folks running our country who can afford to pay higher prices for everything. They don’t “feel it”. And many have an agenda that doesn’t care about people.

2 months ago

IMHO: No fossil fuel power plant should be shut down until a higher capacity nuclear plant is built and ready to go on line and take over the load. We should have been doing this for the last 40 years.

2 months ago

The one world policies, put in process during the Obama rain of terror on the American people, showed he could talked a lot but had no vision. He had the opportunity to rebuild the electric grids within every state, but instead burned through money like a drunken savior on a three day pass.Biden too has the money to do the same, but like Obama, his vision is only good if there is a well lighted teleprompter and someone else is doing the input. He can’t think for himself and clearly has no plan.DEMS, wakeup, first fix the countries electrical grids. So they can support the hugh demand that comes with the advance of electric cars. Spend the money you planned to use to rebuild small business distroyed during the pandamic, which hasn’t worked. So, put that money into every state to help home owners, the people who are paying taxes, to convert their homes and business’s to solar. Then make it mandatory that the solar panels and batteries used in these conversions be 100% made in America. Not assembled in America, made in America, every nut, bolt and circuit. But, what is Biden’s plan, lets pay some student loan debt, yea we can do that! That is just to buy votes and it is simply a stupid idea. So, I guess it is fitting for Biden.It isn’t rocket science. New grids will allow fossil fuels to become the energy backup instead of the primary energy source. The grids have to be rebuilt to meet the demands of the transition. In other words, if we can support existing demand and have designed the new grids to meet twice that demand, then as the transition is implemented it will put demand back to the users systems, reducing centralized demand.Right now, if another million familes turn on air conditioners in many California, or for that matter most comumities in the US, their electrical grids would start failing. Now add another 1.5 to 3 million cars that need charging over night, how does that add up, it won’t work. The electrical grids have to be rebuilt first, then add the electrical cars and solar powered homes and businesses. Then the made in the USA solar power homes and businesses will reduce the burden on commerical power grids and fossil fuels can be replaced with renewable energy.Tell Branden to quit buying votes and do his real job, defending and protecting America, which he is failing there too!

2 months ago

from the world’s greatest authority on blacking out.

2 months ago

We already know Biden is totally and completely incompetent and this just seals the deal. You are talking two of the Most ANTI-AMERICAN pro socialism idiots working in cahoots with each other to take this country down. It is not a secret that NEWSOM and his fellow Democrats have totally destroyed the State of California, and Biden is to narrow sighted to see it. The very best form of electric power generation is Hydro Electric. The downfall, politicians and environmentalists are eagerly trying to have hydro dams shut down and removed in the name of helping the fish. This is at a time when the State of California is shutting off water to farmers because there aren’t enough water storage reservoirs to provide water for the residents of the state. Geo Thermal Plants are expensive to operate and not necessarily environmentally friendly. The only problem with Nuclear Power Plants has been due to their location in regards to Earthquake Faults. It has been known this is a problem since the 60’s when the Nuclear Plant outside of Eureka California was shut down due to its location near a fault line. But that didn’t stop the Utility Companies from building more along fault lines. Then San Onofre was closed due to its location. And the newest of the plants at Diablo Canyon that was touted to be the safest Nuclear Plant built at the time was prior to its commissioning was determined to be located on a fault line and they even considered not starting it up due to this issue.

You think Nuclear plants are the only ones creating Hazardous waste disposal issues?
Nuclear Plants-Radioactive waste
Fossil Fuel Plants-Hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere
Wind Generators-Toxic / Hazardous waste from decommissioned Blades-Hazardous to Livestock grazing nearby.
Solar Power-Toxic / Hazardous from Old solar panel removals. Waste produced by Battery Backup systems (lithium, lead acid, Gel) etc.

Electric Vehicles that Newsom and his cronies are touting as the fix-all cure-all for air pollution and reducing the states carbon foot print. Let’s see.

Electric cars have to be charged, where does the power come from to charge them? That is right the already overtaxed power grid that is experiencing brown and blackouts.
Electric Cars use Lithium Batteries. Hazardous waste is produced when replacing and recycling the old batteries.
So, I guess one could say Electric Cars are replacing one fossil fuel source for another. Both with their own unique set of Hazardous Waste Issues. Neither one as Environmentally Friendly as the
People in power might want you to believe.

Electric Vehicles are still largely unproven, and some are virtually non-existent or likely impossible to build. Vehicles like Long Haul Trucks that carry your goods to market. Or in Bidens latest plan, to convert the entire military to zero carbon foot prints. Imagine how big the Batteries would have to be to operate Destroyers, Cruisers, Amphibious Assault and Landing ships. Where and how would the batteries be charged, (probably from an orbiting power plant in the sky) Sounds silly but really? How about Military Aircraft, where will they be charged? (Possibly some sort of grid in the sky they fly through?) And then there are the Army and Marine corps vehicles, trucks, tanks etc. I am sure the enemy is going to provide Charging Stations for them or take portable charging stations that run off a Diesel Generator. Hmm now that is real common sense.

Try not to believe what the powers to be are trying to shove down your throat as a cure-all for the energy issues in the world today. Don’t be in a hurry to believe all the Educated Idiots in this world today that open their mouths before engaging their brains. And heaven forbid quit taking 14-year-old kids so damned seriously, she hasn’t lived long enough to have the kind of experience to make the claims she does.

Yes, I believe in Climate Change, I believe that Climate runs in cycles as time moves on. It may not always be a favorable change but I don’t believe it is caused by toxins in the air. If that were the case, we would have all been dead a long time ago. And speaking of a long time ago, wasn’t the ICE AGE, and the end of the Ice Age a classic case of CLIMATE CHANGE? And just who do you think caused that Climate Change? No Cars or Trucks on the road, no power plants.
I don’t blame CLIMATE CHANGE for all the forest fires in this country today. I believe that the wildfires today are caused by two things, Arsonists and Poor Forest Management. Think about that.

2 months ago

Our federal govt policy expressed by P. Buttegieg toward citizens is we should buy electric cars. Sounds like the modern way of saying let them eat cake. What an elitist POS.

2 months ago
Reply to  Lynn

P. Buttegieg right after he got a BIG deal government job took over two months off. Who does that? Can the taxpayers CANCEL this fool? I want my money back!!!

Robin Boyd
2 months ago

Too many citizens, mostly the more liberal minded, don’t realize that electricity is directly tied to fossil fuels. The more it costs for fossil fuels, the more electricity is going to cost. Renewable energy sources are also very costly.

2 months ago

Everybody knows Biden’s BRAIN is subject to blackouts. When are they going to remove him from an office he illegally occupies? If you think crime is bad now wait until a blackout hits your area for a period of time.

2 months ago

i’m hopeful these two idiots will fall victim the all voters blacking THEM out!

Theresa Coughlin
2 months ago

California is a lesson in what NOT to do and not just with regard to energy. Name any issue (crime, taxes, etc.) and California policies STINK!

2 months ago

useful “idiots” will never understand this.

Tim Toroian
2 months ago

Biden and his cohorts will do rolling blackouts when or not they occur “naturally” because these people want to teach us a lesson because we are evil for doing well. Something the world should be reminded of as some have said; ” What part of Europe are you from, the part whose asses we saved twice or the part we beat twice”? And whose billions rebuild Europe and would have assisted Eastern Europe if Stalin wasn’t the worst SOB before MaoStalin and Mao killed many more than Hitler. They want to lower us to the standards of the rest of the world in the same fashion they want to even the educational field by eliminating advanced classes That should really help in keeping up with the parts of the world that would like to kick our butts. That’s one reason why the rest of the world pushes leftist governments in this country to “repeal” the second amendment.

2 months ago

If the objective is to have abundant, cheap renewable energy, the federal government would release to the public all the information that it stole from Tesla. Then innovators would have the information needed to begin to develop Tesla towers to suck electrical energy from the atmosphere. As a side benefit, violent storms would be reduced. But, since the federal government does not release this information, the objective is not abundant, cheap renewable energy. Tesla also developed an automobile engine that ran by sucking electricity from the atmosphere.  

2 months ago
Reply to  tempus

the key phrase is, “cheap renewable energy”, if they really wanted CHEAP, they would not outlaw the competition to CHEAP RENEWABLE ENERGY which is oil!!! the billionaires who have “invested” in green new deal energy projects do not want to WAIT for CHEAP RENEWABLE ENERGY to be developed, THEY WANT THEIR BILLIONS MORE AND THEY WANT THEM NOW!!!!
So they will back the politicians that they can control to eliminate oil exploration and make the cost of gasoline artificially high in order to FORCE everyone to buy their green new energy, MAKING THEM RICHER!
When Rockefeller was developing the oil refining business he worked toward making the process refining oil to gasoline at a cheaper cost TO THE CONSUMER! He did not coerce the government to make the use of horses for transportation ILLEGAL as the current crop of green new deal billionaires are doing with oil exploration! But then, the current crop of green new deal billionaires are not capitalists, THEY ARE TOTALITARIAN COMMUNISTS WHO THINK THE WORLD SHOULD BE RUN THE WAY THEY WANT, THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY OF THE IDEALS THAT OUR FOUNDERS DID!!!!! Look at black rock ceo larry fink(appropriately named) who, “speaks openly about corporations forcing behaviors of ordinary people”.
And as long as “useful(useless) idiots” are around these bastards will ruin the idea of freedom and personal responsibility for the rest of us!

Rich C
2 months ago
Reply to  tempus

The only sucking going on is from Washington D.C.

2 months ago

President Biden needs to start being Pro-Active & not Re-Active to problems. The USA should not turn into Clean Energy (Per Biden) until country has the materials & supplies in place to make this switch. And nuclear should be one of the big things to look into. These things take years and years and cannot be switched on/off without ruining this great country . And the WH & Senators need to stop & realize that $100,000 per year is not the average middle class wage & be realistic about this. Minimum wage is only about $30,000 per year and that is if employer gives them 40-hours per week. Wake up Washington & realize what your inflation is doing to these Americans.

2 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Expecting a 50-year career politician to switch from being purely reactive to proactive is like expecting a pig to sprout wings and fly. Not going to happen. Most of the leadership in the Democrat Party is well aware that going completely carbon free by 2035 or even 2050 is a pipe dream. The level of technological advancements that would have to occur across multiple areas associated with so-called “green energy” are too numerous and complex to be solved in that time frame. However, it is a great scam to justify all sorts of new taxes and regulations, as well as a convenient justification for imposing economically unsound policies upon the country to “protect the future”.

If you look at the where the average Democrat politician has their money invested, you’ll see they have positioned themselves to reap huge financial windfalls from everything they are shoving down the peoples’ throats. At the end of the day, this is all about money and personal enrichment for these political leaders.

As for the WH and members of Congress, they are fully aware of what the average American income is in this country. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) generates detailed reports for them each and every month. Along with a nice summary, that would make the information clear to an 8-year-old. The current average American income in this country is $60,000 a year. If you want to just focus on just minimum wage jobs, that is slightly over $31,000 a year. As for the politicians throwing around larger numbers, as if the average American family makes $100,000 a year, they know they are lying but honestly don’t care. They use the big numbers to again try and justify their policies and the pain the average American will have to endure.

Judy K.
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Thank you Paul for your insight to the Commicrats plan of merely reaping the benefits from the pipe dream of green energy.
The grand abyss awaits them.

Larry W.
2 months ago

QUESTION: What will the democrats do when their houses are affected by blackouts?
ANSWER: They will fly to their vacation homes.

2 months ago
Reply to  Larry W.

We can only hope the blackouts are also at their vacation homes! No one state should have to suffer with a blackout, share that wealth with DC and Delaware.

2 months ago
Reply to  Barb

You can count on that the ELITE WILL NOT BE AFFECTED by blackouts, only the common person.

2 months ago
Reply to  Max


Rich C
2 months ago
Reply to  edward

The rich will have generators that use fossil fuels to provide their electricity. All you morons that can’t afford a generator, buy more candles.

2 months ago
Reply to  Larry W.

lol sad but true!

Peg McCown
2 months ago

Just THINK of all those electric cars going nowhere because they can’t be charged. California has already asked people to not charge their cars because their grid was inadequate.

2 months ago
Reply to  Peg McCown

Their grid and their politicians are inadequate, but the people of California keep voting them into office over and over. Maybe their elections are rigged?

2 months ago

Welcome to the CROOKED Presidentcy of Comrade President Jackass Joe “Lyin” Biden!

2 months ago

Obviously, this person does not know what he is talking about when he says nuclear energy is 100% clean. Tell the people at 3 mile Island or Chernobyl that and they will laugh in your face!!!!! Plus for the ones that have not had any issues, they are still creating a nuclear waste that is a big problem. That is probably why they have shut down nuclear plants too!

But the main statement is true. This is planned obsolescence of all hydrocarbon power plants. And the Democrats are behind this BS 100%.

There is a coal powered plant near me that was shut down in the last few years. And I have heard of many more that have been shut down. And there have not been any new plants built to replace them.

They talk about the grid getting old and needing replaced. Do not they get paid for that every month when I pay my bill? Or is this just another thing showing that the energy industry is owned by the government already. This is just another step to the full communist takeover.

The problem is we have dumba**es making the decisions on the energy grid that do not give a crap if we have enough power or not. They just see $$$ with the prices going up. They are managers, not engineers or scientists.

And then they tell us to buy electric cars. Where is all of the electricity coming from to charge these cars? This seems not like a ploy to save the environment, but a ploy to make us less mobile. I bet the military will not have any trouble getting fuel!

And this is all at the same time China

People, we need to open our eyes! The next election is critical. If Conservatives do not have huge gains in the House and Senate, we will soon be totally communist!

I guess the main dumba** is Joe B and his puppeteers!

This is not about anything but CONTROL!!!

2 months ago

The more I know about Jackbutt Joe and his Demonrat friends, the angrier I become. It sickens me to see our country under the duress these morons have created. And you can be sure, Demonrats and the “news” media have been complicit in trying to destroy us. The wealthy, like Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, etc. aren’t worried. They’ll have plenty of options available to them. The news media is lying all the time and just seems to be getting away with it. Professional athletes like Lebron, who probably don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground, continue to cater to the Chinese. And Hollywood, I don’t even want to go there because my blood pressure will go off the charts!
It’s all of us are going to pay the price for all their incompetence and ridiculous flawed ideology. I have experienced a 4 day blackout several years ago. Happened when it was 94 – 96* out. That’s hot for Cleveland. I have major progressive lung issues and that was not a pleasant experience. Worst part was taking care of my 90 year old Mom and trying to make sure she was eating and hydrated and cool enough to handle it. I was just sick with worry. These idiot Demonrats talk bs but never address the problems they create. What happens to the ill and the elderly should these kind of outages occur again? Demonrats don’t care. They’re too busy trying to keep power and control over the rest of us. This country is worth fighting for. These elites in politics, sports, media, and entertainment need to be kicked to the curb. I’ll put on my spiked shoes for that!

2 months ago
Reply to  MJB

Get in shape MJB 2022,2024 and beyond let the marxist democrat buttkicking comence.

2 months ago

One thing about the “pretender in chief” is that he actually tells the American people what to expect. Such a shame America has become the “can’t do nation”. This embarrassment of a “leader” doesn’t know how to make anything happen except what the socialist/Marxists tell him will happen. One ironic thing about the rolling blackouts is that they will keep many of the new electric vehicles off the roads. That could reduce traffic and that’s a good thing for the rest of us fossil fuel burners. Let’s do everything to save everything; except the democrats dignity. It’s all almost laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

2 months ago
Reply to  Rich

Well said, especially the part about — “pretender in chief” is that he actually tells the American people what to expect. Such a shame America has become the “can’t do nation” – we can’t accomplish anything – anymore. Putin – invading a country and the U. S. (Puppet Biden and friends) does as little as possible.
Shame! – “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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