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Mistruths From The Left | Ben Ferguson | EP 155

Will republicans overcome the mistruths from the left in November? The pre-election rumor mill and the mainstream media are pumping out lies right before the midterm elections. If you have been paying attention, mistruths and confusing messaging are the Democrats’ favorite tactics to win critical races! Ben Ferguson, conservative radio personality, joins Rebecca Weber on the Better for America Podcast to showcase the absurd propaganda being spun from the left this year. The media has decided that they will do whatever they can to keep the “useless idiots” in office as long as it is not Donald Trump. From Bill Clinton denying the truths of critical race theory to Stacy Abrams claiming there is not a fetal heartbeat at six weeks, the mistruths from the left are wholy unbelievable. Where are all the fact-checkers now? Did you know that three migrants entering America for every four Americans born? That’s Joe Biden’s America with open borders. Ben points out the core problem at the root of this issue, it’s not the lying politicians, it’s the press that elevates the propaganda to gain access to power. Despite the mistruths from the left, Rebecca and Ben are hopeful for November, but it will be up to Americans to show up on election day.

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Marta Alvarez
8 months ago

I have news form you: Go around immigrants, mostly uneducated, and they DO NOT vote. They only trying to keep their head down and get some job. That is if they are not offered money to vote for certain party.

K J Mihalek
8 months ago

Thought I would check out the Amac site. I’ve been told it is supposed to be Independent and not one-sided. Yet, whoever is writing the articles is immature and pitting the parties against one another. How terribly wrong is our country to criticize each topic and make them political. As far as the Immigrants(not Aliens), better study the statistics before making uneducated statements. Just because your ancestors came into this country w/o the protesting from Political selfish UnAmerican persons, does not give any right to comment. Very disappointed in this Association. All the hype about it being “Fair” is really off kilter!!! What does American youth have to look up to??? More violence, more insults, less integrity.

7 months ago
Reply to  K J Mihalek

AMAC is a Conservative assoc. KJ. If you can’t handle the Truth then you need to go back to sleep and keep drinking the koolaid propaganda from the lefties. Just sayin….

8 months ago

Great podcast Ben & Rebecca
Drugs coming over our borders are not the only health concerns.
Diseases we haven’t seen in years are suddenly showing up again.
There have been cases of polio and my friend in AZ said all her grandchildren have picked up Hand Foot & Mouth Disease!
I’m 75 yrs old and that was something that was going around when I was a kid.
These diseases are being bought into our country because of the illegal aliens from third world countries who have not been vaccinated for anything!
All I can say is people better forget how much they hate Trump and just vote for people who can fix the wrong that’s been done.

8 months ago

Who owns the media? 6 corporations owned and ran by jews. Fact! Check it out for yourself. Propaganda, every last bit of it. Do your due diligence and search this out for yourselves

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago

Ben Ferguson is one of the few commenters who isn’t a lukewarm Conservative. He knows what the score is and isn’t afraid to call it out. The problem with most Republicans is the chronic aversion to “fighting fire with fire.” BLM/Antifa rioting, burning, looting, & killing? Do it to them!! The scum will NOT go away or stop by being nice to them. They firebomb pregnancy counseling centers? Do the same to Planned Parenthood centers. And so on, and so forth. The only way to defeat violence is with overwhelming, crushing force; all they understand. History shows this repeatedly.

8 months ago

Can you put a link on your home page for BFA videos? It sure would help to find it more easily.

Dave Puckett
8 months ago

It’s not the “MAGA Republicans” who are a threat to our democratic republic — It is the Marxist mockingbird puppet media who are a REAL threat to our republic. How can we get rid of these Marxist media when ALL of the media are radical left? Can they all be fired? How can this evil be defeated?

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago
Reply to  Dave Puckett

Do a “Charlie Hebdo” on all their HQ’s. Those smug Leftist bastards will get the message loud & clear! I am not advocating for that, but such action would radically change the Progressive-Socialist media’s subversive ways, for sure.

8 months ago

Would have been a plus to have a doctor on BFA to verify fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks. Get the facts to back the info. Attacking the lib attackers puts us as bad as they are. Argue with facts and backed by professionals.

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago
Reply to  Deb

You just don’t get it after all this time. The Leftists are driven by their delusional ideology, hence your facts & logic matter not to them. They will constantly deny the truth and accuse you of lying.
EG– Biden and his brainless press secretary repeatedly tell us the border is secure, despite the hard evidence to the contrary. “It’s all Trump’s fault!”

8 months ago

I can’t even . . . the election isn’t going to do a thing. American people are just being gaslighted and trolled.

Dave Puckett
8 months ago
Reply to  Jin

I have a bad feeling about this mid-term election… the people who cheated in the 2020 Presidential election got caught, but none were arrested! So if cheaters get away with cheating, they will always cheat again! This has got to be stopped. It seems like the radical dems really aren’t worried about losing, is it because they KNOW something???

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago
Reply to  Dave Puckett

Right. Has worked for them before, so they’ll do it again. They suffer zero consequences and actually persecute & punish any who would Dare call them out. We are already living in a fascist state. Don’t believe it? Just look at the actions of the corrupt FBI & DOJ over the last 7 years. They are the Left’s Gestapo-like enforcers. BLM/Antifa are their version of the Nazi Brownshirts.

Philip Hammersley
8 months ago
Reply to  Dave Puckett

Most of the cheating came from FIVE cities in toss-up states which swung the prez election. This won’t work for Congress since the DIMMs already hold those House seats! Plus several states have cleaned up voting rules. I think we will WIN the House and even possibly the Senate. Don’t be overly pessimistic; get out and VOTE!

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