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Little Sisters to the Supreme Court: We’ll Have ‘Nun of It’

From – – By Kelsey Harkness

In a rare public appearance, a group of nuns stood before the Supreme Court Wednesday to rally against a provision in the Affordable Care Act that they believe forces them to violate their deeply-held religious beliefs.

The provision, often called the “contraceptive mandate,” requires employers, including the Little Sisters of the Poor, to offer coverage for birth control, sterilization and abortifacients.

The Daily Signal spoke to Sister Veronica Proffitt, who has served the sick and elderly with the Little Sisters of the Poor for more than 30 years. Watch the video to hear her story, along with others who attended the rally.

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Bill Bailey
7 years ago

Liberals are by their nature and past records – Control Freaks. They think that control needs to be expanded to those of us mere mortals needing good healthcare, but certainly not the ‘political elite’. Does anyone believe the pres, his cabinet, etc are bound by these ridiculous obummacare mandates?? The answer is they are all exempt from this hideous monster – the ‘UN-afordable’ care act. So now the elite atheists attempt to punish the Nuns for following their Constitutional rights for freedom of religion.

his real goal has always been to make obummercare so bad that the people will beg for a single (gov’t) payer system like Canada’s. Canada’s healthcare system is much like one would find in 3rd world countries.

Every American should speak with people in Canada about their experiences with their gov’t only healthcare delivery system, as I have. The service is sub-standard and near insolvency.

R. Frank Bruck
7 years ago
Reply to  Bill Bailey

Canadiens have been coming here for care. We are loosing it !! NEED OUTSIDERS in Washington to break up the monopoly and GREED.

R. Frank Bruck
7 years ago

Another move to control, micro manage the lives of we the people. There are a legion of Washington bureaucrats, elitists, many politicians who have an agenda and THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT WE THINK OR FEEL. They will soon control most all we do. Outsiders in Washington are needed, we the people need to pay more attention to whom we vote for. Get the media control out of the process and return true investigative reporting not their spin doctors and lies to confuse the public. Back the Constitution and Bill of Rights because there is a strong movement to destroy them. They were written by very intelligent people who experienced tyranny and knew how to keep us from it BUT little by little we are slipping into it thanks to those aforementioned greedy control freaks..

7 years ago

I’m getting feed up with ever group has freedom except Those who hold Biblical values. This country was founded on laws set in Gods word. the reason we have these freedoms is in the Bibles teachings our country has adopted. Now we decide that we will not let the group were all this started have their freedom. Do you realize my tax dollars go support also what I think is wrong. We are paying for these abortions with tax dollars.

7 years ago

“…that they believe forces them to violate their deeply-held religious beliefs?” Clearly it does violate their deeply-held religious beliefs. You can argue that their beliefs are wrong, or that it doesn’t matter, but you’d have a hard time arguing that they don’t really believe that. How far we have sunk in this country that our government thinks abortion is so good that they are willing to tell a group of nuns that they must participate in it or they will not be allowed to help the poor.

Yvonne Taylor
7 years ago

Absolutely mind boggling! When all of this gay/gender feminist controversy began they said all they wanted was to be able to have ‘equal rights’. What they in fact wanted was superior rights to control of everyone else’s lives by taking control of schools, churches and the lives of every man woman and child in the country. It’s not about equal anything! It literally forces the hands of everyone around the necks of these fear little ones to murder them by using our tax dollars to support the likes of Planned parenthood and the like. It’s not about just allowing those who want an abortion to access one!!!!

Timothy R. Buttner
7 years ago

The Little Sisters do amazing work with the elderly; they are one of my favorite charities. Anyone who doubts that ought to visit one of their facilities. Where does the Gubmint get the right to intrude into their relationship with their employees? It’s time for SCOTUS to get this right.

Charles Lopresto
7 years ago

The Left is really twisted about this whole thing regarding abortion. They will protect the rights of condemned prisoners and illegal immigrant criminals who made a pro-choice decision with free will to do something terribly wrong, but an unborn baby must die. They defend the rights, the laws, and the image of radical Islamists who make a pro-choice decision with free will to execute hideous crimes on a daily basis, but an unborn baby must die. They advocate for the control of firearms so regular folks can be denied a pro-choice means of protection, but an unborn baby must die. They advocate for so-called women’s rights in a time of a “war on women,” but an unborn female baby must die.
And here is a reminder to the Left. All those Islamic folks, and those Fascist/Socialist dictators and countries you love so much, even at the expense of our own “evil” country, don’t grant any pro-choice, free will decisions to anybody; not women, not gays, not the disenfranchised, not the White privileged, not the non-white, not the downtrodden students, no one. Maybe it is about time regular tax paying, law abiding citizens, faith-based folks, and unborn babies have some rights for a change.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago

Well said, Charles.

Paul W. Overlin
7 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

I agree with Charles!

7 years ago

Thank you charles, well said, wish our government would listen. Maybe we do need a
non political based leader to really change things.

7 years ago

First, the concept that a woman/man has control over her/his “OWN” body is somewhat erroneous. As example, in this country, we do not generally allow people to commit suicide. Anyone threatening to jump off a bridge is immediately seized, if possible, and brought to a medical facility. Should that be considered an act of depriving them of their rights? I hardly think so. As for the abortion of a fetus, the idea of control of one’s body is ludicrous. From the very moment a woman becomes pregnant, she GIVES UP HER RIGHT to control her body. She has NO right to destroy a life. Who gives her that right? As regards incest, rape, etc…I am NOT King Solomon. However, ladies, just exactly how, when, where you have decided you have the so called “RIGHT” to terminate life boggles my mind!!!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Jim

Amen to that Jim, well put.

John Cannon
7 years ago

I support you wholeheartedly keep up the good work and God bless.

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