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Liberals Singing the Same Off-Pitch Tune

By: Ian Gargan

Tone-deaf: adjective (colloquial) Insensitive and offensive as a result of not noticing the current social context. Unable to perceive public sentiment, attitudes, or preferences. Lacking emotional insight; insensitive or unsympathetic to others.

 It has been hard to miss the parade of celebrities offering their two cents about skyrocketing gas prices and the plummeting value of a dollar. They are channeling their inner Marie Antoinette’s, condensing an extraordinarily complex issue into a simple solution. Remember when Pete Buttigieg let us know that if we wanted to pay less for gas that we could purchase electric vehicles? What he failed to mention was how to make that an affordable option.

Look at Steven Colbert. With gas prices soaring across the nation, he righteously proclaimed that a clean conscience was worth a buck or two, and that he would pay $15 a gallon if he had to. And that’s the funny part. He doesn’t have to. He drives a $150,000 electric car. Besides, it’s not like an extra $75 a week at the gas pump would kill him at his $16 million a year salary. But it’s the absolute lack of empathy for the working class that is truly disgusting. Colbert clearly doesn’t remember a time when he was living paycheck to paycheck. Imagine being this detached from an issue and still feeling qualified to speak on it?

The brain trust over on The View continue to spew their special brand of nonsense every day. In a recent conversation about the war in Ukraine, Joy Behar remarked about how she has wanted to visit Italy for the last four years. “First it was the pandemic and now this,” she lamented. So sad that the deaths of innocent people are what is keeping her from her Italian getaway. If only Putin had known he was throwing a monkey wrench into Joy’s vacation plans!

Then there’s George Takei telling us to consider the increase in costs we are seeing as a “patriotic donation.” Clearly George is still spinning out of orbit on the USS Enterprise because most working Americans are having a tough time spinning record inflation into a positive. Besides, what does anyone on the Left know about patriotism? They spend most of their time discrediting and disowning the greatest country in the world. Mr. Sulu needs to get a clue.

No list of tone-deaf liberals would be complete without Kamala Harris. She’s another one out there pushing e-vehicles while gas prices shoot through the roof. As if electric cars are the answer to this problem. The same people who are driving and hawking Tesla’s are the same people who are crying about paying back their student loans. Let them eat cake!

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6 months ago

Why are we “not allowed to vote” for a comment?
Please clarify AMAC.

6 months ago

Lies. Anything out of a Communist politician’s mouth is a LIE. They never stop. They never will stop.
Until they get their insane, inhuman way on everything.
Beware the Left lunatics.

6 months ago

marxist democrats lie,everything they say is a lie!
This bs green new deal is a lie based on power and money in their pockets, destroying energy independence is about an electric grid controlled by government and not private companies.
Useless buttegig said everyone can ride the bus if gas is too expensive, ALL these useless liars need to be REMOVED !
joebama and his marxist democrat party are destroying Our Country and taking away OUR freedom, local, state and federal marxist democrats must ALL be THROWN OUT OF OFFICE.
Hold them responsible, REMOVE them in 2022,2024 and beyond or marxist rule will be here.

6 months ago

I love this article……and the sarcasm it projects. Ian, you have not gone far enough……you left out Pelosi, Obama, Schuman, and the Pres…… the way what “aria” is Joe singing in that picture?

6 months ago

With all the complaining about the price of gas the electric generating plants still operate for the most part with fossil fuels, what about the price per kilowatt hour required to charge these batteries.

6 months ago
Reply to  David

Sorry David that discussion doesn’t fit into their lying narrative!
Anyone with a brain knows the marxist democrats are scamming the ignorant dweebs who buy into this crap.

Casey C Matt
6 months ago

PLEASE FOLKS………we are being lied to about exactly what is going on in Ukraine. Yes, there is an ongoing invasion. Wide scale regular citizen casualties and entire cities leveled? Not so much. One constantly hears about the devestation yet the images being transmitted from Kiev shows…..not even smoke? There is a LOT of Biden Administration ties to the incredibly corrupt nation state of Ukraine….of course you hear of Hunter Biden and of even Droolin Joes ties to corrupt Ukraine petro oligarchs….but there is also billions of dollars associated with the Clinton Foundation…which includes too many to list members of both the Clinton crime cabal but also a good deal of good old Obama folks.
Yes, there are entire military squads fighting for Zelinsky that are REAL Nazis….the goons that with government backing that have been killing citizens living in Eastern Ukraine since 2015….following the Biden backed coup that removed a democratically elected President of Ukraine.
I will not try to convince you of anything. Just do some research. Look up “Duran” on Rumble and view what they are saying and the proof they have to back up what they are reporting. PLEASE dont blindly follow another corrupt administration into war on exactly the same line of BS that brought us into Iraq……remember the lies about “Yellowcake” uranium and “weapons of mass destruction” that Saddaam supposedly had…….but didnt?? Hundreds of thousands of people died back then..not a couple dozen like in this corrupt country.

6 months ago

This is man total ignorant of what’s going around him, he is puppet. He is only for there for the money that enrich his family.

Nobody’s Business
6 months ago

These morons haven’t figured out it takes fuel to run the electric power plants to charge the electric cars. There is barely enough power grid to run the electricity for our homes and businesses. And they don’t want us to produce more power plants because they don’t want pollution. How can we charge all the new vehicles that we can’t afford or will not be feasible in most of the country where you have to drive 100 miles one way to get groceries or parts for your business where it’s extremely cold and no charging stations and if you do run off the road in winter won’t have enough battery to keep you warm. Plus who has the time to sit at charging station for 1/2 hour to hour to get full charge? It will take many years to build more power plants and charging stations and to figure out how to build affordable electric cars. Plus Farmers need to be efficient with their huge tractors and especially during planting time and harvest time. Having to stop for an hour or 2 to charge a big tractor if they ever produce them will not cut it. Politicians don’t understand how most of our country works. Time is money. All they understand is how to take our money for doing nothing that actually makes this country work.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
6 months ago

To Nobodys Business. You left out a couple of things. What abt. Tractors and Trailers. ??? Weight would be xtra drain on batteries. Joe wants to pull his Pontoon Boat to the lake this weekend. Never make it. ASll that weight will run the batter9es down first. Recharging them has never been thought of. . Kyle L.

6 months ago

Nobody – you are right on!
Our problem is there are a whole lot of democrat voters who blindly follow without having the ability to think.
Try convincing these types, they are SO brainwashed by failed democrat lies they can no longer practice even basic reasoning.
marxist democrats are liars!

Lee S McQuillen
6 months ago

There’s another issue with going to electric cars. What happens to all the gas fueled vehicles? Is there a landfill large enough to take all of them? Are we going to dump them in the ocean? What? Talk about pollution!

6 months ago

Ask Kamala what generates the electricity for her electric cars. Is it coal fired or oil fired or natural gas fired plants? Or maybe nuclear?

6 months ago
Reply to  DBM

She’s too dumb to answer a tough question like that, and then she’ll do that cackling, which sounds like a choking chicken!
What a pathetic pair of clowns,joebama and the choking chicken!
it’s the best the democrats have – sad

6 months ago

If they get rid of the middle class….no one is going to watch their crappy movies and tv shows…although I don’t now. I watched about 2 min of the first Colbert show and that was all I could stomach…..and haven’t gone to a movie in years.

6 months ago
Reply to  Granny26

Ditto. Probably by millions of us.

6 months ago

Time to bankrupt every one of them and let them try to live like normal people. We are being taken to the cleaners by the Washington communists. These people who live in glass houses and make millions will one day see the results of their stupidity

Lee S McQuillen
6 months ago
Reply to  Kay

One can hope!

6 months ago

Trump 2024, We need him back to put into place everything that Biden took away. He is destroying America.

6 months ago

The left wants to get rid of middle class, with all the taxing and inflation. Who can afford an electric vehicle now., not that I would ever get one. ALL lies, to benefit themselves. Could car less about Americans or the working class. Just for thee, not for me. :(

6 months ago


Owen Shrock
6 months ago

Nothing new, same song just slightly different lyrics. The far left has always lied and has always told the rest of us what we should do, when they do the exact opposite. Example #1) Most Dems, like John Kerry for instance, are spouting off that we need to go green because we’re polluting the environment and that we’re causing GLOBAL WARMING. Yet they are constantly jetting off to some destination or another in their private jet’s that spews out more carbon in one hour than my car does in one year. Example #2) Remember the late seventies? We were all told to lower our thermostats and to drive fifty five miles per hour to conserve energy because there was a SHORTAGE. We now know it was another lie. I could go on, but I think you get the drift.

So let’s summarize what we know. All Democrats and a few Rinos constantly lie through their teeth. It’s always been this way and it will NEVER change. The American public is either very forgiving or just plain stupid. We keep voting in the same people year after year after year, and nothing changes. When we finally get someone in office that actually was making a difference, we allow a Coup to take place without so much as a shot being fired. The American people, MYSELF EXCLUDED, must like being bent over and treated like a three dollar [email protected]%e.

Phillip Ridenour
6 months ago

Regarding Steven Colbert: Ironic that he made some bucks doing those GM Mr. Goodwrench commercials a few years back. Remember those? And he wasn’t funny then, either.

Bob L.
6 months ago

Google: “Video shows enormous line of Teslas waiting to charge in Louisiana”

6 months ago

I hope they’ll remember their tone deafness and Marie Antoinette moment on Nov.4 when the American people will have told them the day before to “eat $#[email protected]!”

Sharon Ormsby
6 months ago

They obviously don’t live in Texas where people drive up from Fort Stockton to Odessa or Midland to go to the doctor for heart or diabetes problems. That’s a minimum of three hours driving, at least 175 miles-200 miles and then back again. So a full day plus a plug in at Wal Mart or a convenience store. Not too convenient.

6 months ago

The old “Hey Man” song.

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