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Led By the Progressive Socialist Wing of the Party, Democrats Passed a Bill in the House That, if it Became Law, Would Upend Election Law, says AMAC

HR 1 For the People Act Local Federal Election law fraud progressive socialist election law houseHR 1, the For the People Act of 2019, ‘facilitates fraud,’ say political experts, calling the proposed law ‘the on ramp for the road to socialism,’ says AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 8 – The passage of HR 1 in the House of Representatives on Friday “seems to be the on-ramp for the road to socialism.  It confirms the intentions of far-left extremists in Congress to make it easier for socialism to gradually undermine and overtake our Constitution and the legacy of our founding fathers.”

The Lawyers Democracy Fund [LDF], which is focused on election law, has prepared documents that expose what appears to be the move by progressive members of the House of Representatives to drastically change America’s election laws.

According to the LDF, the so-called campaign finance reform bill, aims to overturn “the federalism foundation of the electoral process in the United States that has been in place for the past two centuries.”

Says AMAC, “the enactment of such a law would facilitate fraud, not while the GOP holds the White House and the Senate, but if and when the Democratic Party, with its increasingly progressive tendencies, controls the three branches of government.  And, it would give the left an edge and allow them to further tamper with our rights and our lives.”

The LDF notes that among the provisions in the legislation is one that would essentially abolish voter ID laws.  All that would be needed to cast a ballot would be a signature.  The measure would also allow online and same day registration and a variety of other “permissive” elements that would almost invite tampering.

And, it would “remove state registration signature laws that require an affirmation of eligibility from the voter at the time of registration. The voter is currently required to fill out the necessary information to register to vote and affirm, by signature under oath, that the information is true and correct and the voter to the best of his knowledge is eligible to vote. Under the bill, new registrants would not be required to provide a signature at the time of registration. Instead, they would only have to provide their signature at the time the voter requests an absentee mail ballot or when they check-in to vote at a polling place.”

National Review’s senior writer David French summed up the implications of the self-styled, For the People Act of 2019, whose cosponsors include among 20 others, self-styled Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, [D-NY-14].

“At its essence, the bill federalizes control over elections to an unprecedented scale, expands government power over political speech, mandates increased disclosures of private citizens’ personal information (down to name and address), places conditions on citizen contact with legislators that inhibits citizens’ freedom of expression, and then places enforcement of most of these measures in the hands of a revamped Federal Election Commission that is far more responsive to presidential influence,” French wrote.

AMAC recommends those who are interested should make their own evaluation of the pros and cons of HR 1 and notes that the full LDF assessment is worth a read.

“This is, perhaps, the first of many bald-faced gestures we can expect as progressives, socialists — and even Communists — gain attention and try to influence susceptible millennial voters in the months and years to come.  Vladimir Lenin, who ruled Soviet Russia from 1917 to 1924 when he died, boasted that socialism would provide ‘peace, bread, land;’ instead, there was no peace, bread was scarce and the land belonged to the state.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [https://www.amac.us] with 1.7 million members, is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at https://amac.us/join-amac.

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Jack Thomas
3 years ago

I commented in a previous post on this topic that H.R. 1 (For the People Act of 2019) is a terrible piece of legislation. It bears repeating here: “H. 1 is a prescription for corruption, abuse of power, and political mischief.” I wrote to my congressman, a Republican, and told him so. I also told him, “The President should never sign it.” (I doubt that it passes the GOP controlled Senate, but you never know, given the RINOS in Congress trying to muddy the waters). In any case, H.R. 1 is very likely unconstitutional; the Constitution doesn’t specifically grant the federal government power to take control of our elections. It’s hardly a surprise, then, that the dirty Dems would try to do an end run around the Constitution on this issue. What they’re really after is a way to circumvent the Electoral College process and facilitate widespread voter fraud.

But even if H.R. 1 does somehow land on President Trump’s desk, I’m 99 percent certain he’ll veto it outright —- although I can’t imagine that Mitch McConnell would ever allow it to come up for a Senate vote. H.R. 1 should’ve been D.O.A. when it got to the Senate anyway.

3 years ago


3 years ago

So since Democratic party lost this last race they now want to change the voting field as that’s the newest reason they lost? This is ridiculous we the people font want your socialist crap shoved down our throats. No no no

Bill bozarth
3 years ago

The Democrats are out to destroy this country….and this started because so many people were stupid enough to vote for that idiot called Obama, not once, but twice……A bill to change our voting laws to benifit that one party is just wrong on so many levels…..I am not a Republican, I vote for the person, but I dont think I can ever support the demon party again. And yes, they are demons.

Shannon Bradshaw
3 years ago

I just watched the three-part series Atlas Shrugged last night and then I come across this article today. I feel like it’s déjà vu

Barbara Smith
3 years ago

We should be able to vote on this matter. Why don’t we the people have a say in this. Yes, through our representatives who need to speak up for us! We our voices heard louder on these issues we disagree with.

3 years ago

Why do the Republicans have no intestinal fortitude to demand a national photo voter ID? These Liberal Socialists are turning our country into a banana republic. No rule of law. It is scary to see it happening on a daily basis, where people break the law and are only forced to suffer the consequences if they are Conservative or Republican.

3 years ago

AMAC thanks fo sharing this info. I will share it on Facebook along with my brief synopsis to pique the interest of my friends there. It is obvious that Democrats are purposely trying to secure votes by doing away with voter ID since most of the Hispanic noncitizens will register to vote for the big spending Democrats who keep the gov. benefits flowing to them.

Timothy vinton
3 years ago

If the people of the USA are stupid enough to vote this bill in ,they are not only stupid ,but they are moron,s too boot. How can we just sit and take this setting down ,we need to let our congress ,senators and our rep.from our States and let them know if there going to vote yes on this bill I for one will not vote for them in this electi

Jeffrey Inmon
3 years ago

Why was this ideology in our education system caught years ago. Several people “dropped the ball” and we are paying for it now. I had the what I call the “Shame America” curriculum years ago. I appreciated the info, but it never changed my mind about supporting freedoms and individual rights we have in our country. We now have to intensify our education system. Not to discredit the leftist agenda,as that would be seen as right wing propaganda. But to add education as to the Constitution, freedoms, individual liberties, etc. We need to acknowledge, while far from perfect, our country has protected individual liberties and give more freedom to pursue one’s dreams than any country in the history of the world.

Larry Palmitier
3 years ago

When I was a young man I never thought in my lifetime that socialism would be so strong in thins country. I believed that every man, woman and child had a God given Right to say and do what they pleased as long as it did not infringe on other People’s Rights protected by the Constitution. Our brave soldiers died in several wars protecting us from Tyrants, Socialism and Communism from within and abroad. Some of the ones living wished they had died. War and Death are ugly. I remember, in my younger days, Khrushchev saying if we cannot take you from outside we will take you from inside. Well, it is slowly happening. Socialism leads to Communism. The Socialist want bigger government and everyone voting for them, citizen or not. They want the people to be dependent on the government. This way they hope the people will vote for them and their radical schemes. If you want to see what Socialism looks like, look at Venezuela. How would you like to be without power, digging thru garbage for a meal or scared that someone is going to kill you for the clothes on your back. Socialism is what is happening throughout the United States. I live in Colorado and they have just passed a Red Flag Bill that in terms says if anyone feels you are a threat to yourself or others, the police can invade your home, throw you in jail and confiscate anything of yours without a Court Order. No due process of law, a judge just has to sign a warrant against you. To me, that sounds like Nazi Germany, but it is the Leftist way of thinking.
As far as the Green New Deal or whatever you want to call it, it is nothing but an attention getter. After centuries of making a better place to live the Socialist now want to take it away. If you want to take a vacation, how are you going to get there? According to AOC there will not be any cars, trains, trucks, buses, planes or anything that burns fossil fuels. Lets hope there are no fires because no fire trucks or firemen. Also, there will not be anymore hospitals. They burn fossil fuels. Also, no more Wall Street, no stocks or bonds. No more going to Hawaii or the senators or representatives going to Washington DC, there goes our government. Think of the thousands of jobs that will be lost if this passes. It will be like turning the clock back more than 200 years. Oh, everyone had better move to warmer climates right now because if the Green Deal passes you will not be able to heat your home. Ever read a book be candlelight, well get use to it. And really you do not have to worry about it because if we do not act on climate change in 10 years the world will collapse. Now that really gives you something to look forward to. Forgot, shut the monetary printing system down because there will not be any resources to print or paper money or stamp coins let alone a way to distribute them. Basically, AOC wants to shut down America, clear back to the stone ages.
I could go on, but I think everyone gets the picture.
Lets all pray to God that this does not happen and Make America Great Again………………

Endre Buza
3 years ago

Socialism = Greed!

Barry Stephen Whitmore
3 years ago

Today’s Democrats think Democracy is Socialism.
Were America not Russia or China, Dictators and Communist don’t have free elections when their is no opposition.

Eugene Filas
3 years ago

This is scary beyond belief !!!

Charles Pulaski
3 years ago

The so called dead Demorat party should now be called the communist party of the world.

Mary Ann Gorog
3 years ago

At the rate this political unrest is growing, we will be embroiled in another American Revolution and then all those countries we’ve been helping with the hard earned cash of our citizens, and all those illegal aliens that have been “welcomed” into our country by the Democrats and their cronies will turn against us and there will be even more bloodshed…my only hope is that the “welcoming idiots that started this” will be the first to be attacked and displaced from their comfortable dwellings and their high and mighty jobs (perhaps by the very people they welcomed against the wishes of those who wanted the wall and the vetting and to reform our immigration laws)…or by those who elected them and can now see the mistake they made in choosing them.

Unfortunately, the Democrats hate our President so much that they just can’t stop digging into his life to try and find ways to remove him from the office he was duly elected to. Their actions are so fowl that they’ve tried to convince everyone else they are in the right when all they are doing is making themselves look like the idiots and spoiled, privileged people they really are. Our President may be gruff in the way he does things but many of us believe he has done a good job that could have even been better if the Democrats and the wishy washy Republicans hadn’t tried to thwart him at every turn…see, I am 80 years old, and I’ve seen a few presidents come and go and, as far as I’m concerned, President Trump is the only president I’ve seen who has had to fight an upward battle for the entire time he’s been in office…yet, he still pushes forward. He has not made America look bad…but the rest of you politicians (who should have helped him and stood behind him) have stabbed him in the back every chance you have gotten. And the media is just as bad, if not worse, You are the people who make America look weak and bad…so, look in the mirror and see where your life would be if you were hounded day in and day out the way you all hound President Trump.

I’m hopeful the American people will finally see through all your subterfuge and vote every one of you out of office in the next election. YOU’RE words and actions make America look bad to the rest of the world. You don’t represent the people, you are only trying to save your own necks. Just remember, you reap what you sow…may God help us all.

Terry L Herman
3 years ago

These trends are scary. Where did these left wing Green Deal Morons com from? I’m sorry I didn’t see it coming.

Sally Sims
3 years ago

LOVE YOU GUYS, and I tell everyone I know, who has brain cells left (no Libs), to join AMAC!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Susan P
3 years ago

We need to ‘impeach’, actually fire, all those in congress who do not follow the Constitution as founded. Don’t they all take an oath to uphold it?

3 years ago

This is regressive! The Democrats are communists. Limousine liberals. We must derail their sinister efforts. Hold on to your guns and get the wagons in a circle as they are coming for Conservatives

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