‘Kick Me’ No More

trump-fights entitlement programs bankrupt Trump nobel peace prizeFrom Day One, the Trump administration has gone about the business of dismantling Obama-era policy. It is one of the many reasons the American Left despises him so much — and has so rapidly gone into resistance mode.

The animosity is further fueled by Trump’s in-your-face modus operandi, both rhetorically and substantively. Despite his well-known reality-TV tagline of “You’re fired,” such aggressiveness was unexpected from a neophyte politician supposedly unequipped to handle the most important job on the planet.

An element of Mr. Trump’s appeal is his willingness to indulge Washington’s favorite game show, “Let’s Keep Score,” daily reminding friends and foes alike of campaign promises made and kept during his first 16 months in office. As counterintuitive as this record-keeping exercise may be for a politician, it is no more surprising than the president’s happy-warrior approach to challenging so many of Washington’s most deeply embedded assumptions.

Indeed, how many of these widely accepted (sometimes downright cherished) assumptions can one man challenge (disrupt) in such a brief period of time? The answer is plenty. He does it by questioning what often goes unquestioned in Washington, D.C. He simply asks “Why?” Why help fund a Shiite crescent in the Middle East? Why send tax dollars to a terrorist-friendly PLO? Why support anti-American programs at the U.N.? Why a “One China” policy? Why placate deadbeat NATO partners? Why pay premium prices for the F-35 and a new Air Force One? Why force nuns to provide birth-control coverage? Why tolerate sanctuary cities and a porous border?

Similarly, Mr. Trump asks, “Why not?” Why not support nascent democratic movements in Iran? Why not revisit aging trade deals? Why not activate the Congressional Review Act? Why not count everyone in the census? Why not energy independence? Why not move the embassy to Jerusalem? Why not say “Merry Christmas”?

I could go on, but you get the point. Serial challenges to the status quo set off alarm bells throughout official Washington. Establishments hate such behavior. They crave predictability, not disruption, and they especially resent disruptors with bad manners and a disdain for convention. To make matters worse, this disruptor relishes his label. A delicious irony results: The most powerful person in the world finds himself an outsider in his own town. All those deplorables attending sold-out, boisterous rallies in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania would have it no other way.

But there is another, less analyzed element to the disruptive persona, and it is the very antithesis of what so excited the American Left about Barack Obama and his administration.

Recall a lifetime ago (actually it was 2008), when a certified dove won the presidency in a landslide. One of his first official acts was to undertake a trip to a number of Muslim countries, wherein apologies were offered for America’s “imperialist” past. Assurances were also made: The cowboy Bush and his warmongering neocons were gone. Mr. Obama would now inform the world that America had learned its lesson. The U.S. would no longer manifest its arrogance on the world stage. We would henceforth strive to have the world like us — especially our charismatic but unthreatening young president, who was counterintuitive himself, seeming to act on the premise that if the United States was ostentatiously embarrassed about its dominance and power, we would be better liked. And we were better liked, but much more endangered and much less intimidating.

American withdrawal from world hot spots followed. Where we did show up, we made sure to provide the enemy with the date and time of our engagement. Where we did take action, only tentative commitment followed. Who can forget Secretary of State John Kerry promising a “unbelievably small, limited kind of [bombing] effect” against Bashar al Assad’s murderous regime, or a famously failed “red line” in that same country; or the description of deserter Bowe Bergdahl as having served with “honor and distinction”; or freezing defensive missiles in Poland to placate Vladimir Putin; or our feckless response to Russian aggression in Ukraine and Crimea; or the specter of funding the Iranian ballistic-missile program and the mullahs’ terror activities throughout the Middle East?

Alas, too many voters within flyover America saw all this as a step too far — too much weakness — too many vacuums — too many “kick me” signs displayed for consumption by America’s bullies. With apologies to Austin Powers, American had lost, indeed given away, its “mojo.”

And then one day the unlikeliest of political leaders appeared. Many voters (including some who ended up voting for him) saw Mr. Trump as unprepared to tackle the world’s most intractable problems. Another subset of supporters maintained serious concerns about “policy by tweet” and the man’s propensity to engage in sideshow fights with antagonistic politicians, reporters, and celebrities.

But there was one aspect to the Trump phenomena that all of his supporters firmly believed: that the “kick me” sign that had hung around America’s neck for eight years would be gone. Good riddance.

From - National Review - by Robert Ehrlich Jr

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3 years ago

“#Kick Me No More” is a good sign that we the people are starting to wake up and get on the Trump Train. We have to vote to keep our President so he can succeed to Make America Great Again. May God Bless our President Donald J. Trump and protect him and us from our enemies, ” Foreign and Domestic”.

3 years ago

What a great, truthful article! Had Hillary won, we would be in deep poop by now. Our President has a BACKBONE! No bowing to other leaders. I just hope that the American people will see what President Trump has done for our country when election time rolls around again. Throw Acosta out of the White House press pool.

3 years ago

I never knew a single soul who voted for the Usurper-in-Chief in 2008. I still do not believe he was elected legitimately. First of all, he wasn’t born in America and therefore, ineligible to hold the highest office in the land. With voter fraud running rampant both in the 2008 and 2012 elections, I still believe he was an illegitimate president and all his actions as such should be declared “Null and Void.”

3 years ago

As for me Trump saved us from the Socialist Sewer System, I have been in Socialist/Communist countries and understand why people want to escape it. I believe if Hillary had won, Soros & Obama would be in control, Hillary would have been their puppet, you and I would be Comrades, but no Guns and no free Speech. IF the Democrats ever gain control again, we WILL be Socialists and this time they will not try to “sneak” it in.

3 years ago

It is way past time someone on the GOP fought back.
Seems like the Dems, the Leftys, the Media and the Deep State Bureaucracy can’t take their own medicine
It can be fun watching the Grate Professor OBams spin the Trump phenom.

I. Dailey
3 years ago

“#kick-me-no-more”–What a Fabulous conservative counterpart to the feminist #metoo movement for people who have been fired, silenced, shamed or discriminated against in any way by the politically correct progressive left “haters” THIS NEEDS TO BE STARTED NOW!

3 years ago

Very well stated and just what I was looking for in a POTUS, particularly after obama. As RFK said, I see things and I ask, ‘Why not?’

Douglas Rogers
3 years ago


Thomas Haj
3 years ago

With the defeat of Hillary, our nation dodged a fatal bullet, but those who think like her are still in control of both our media and the machinations of our government (deep state). Endless attacks on Trump has enlivened those on the left to prepare to vote in the crucial elections this year and in 2020. Outside of the conservatives taking back the media and putting an immediate end to the left’s ambitions (which will probably never happen in my lifetime), our future will be based on whether we patriots actually vote or, believing the media narrative, stay home to post the next day “what happened” on sites like this one. Vote as if our country depends on it, because it literally does!

Paul W
3 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Haj

I agree with your post 100% Thomas. 1.5 years into a Hellery presidency would’ve been fatal to any hopes of saving this country. The 2018 election is beyond critical.

3 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Haj

That bullet We dodged
Was more like a nuclear total destruct bomb.

John L.
3 years ago

The annals of history will show that Obama was the VERY WORST AND MOST DIVISIVE president ever “elected”. It takes someone with President Trump’s backbone and stick-to-it attitude that is correcting the many wrongs of those horrendous 8 years. Reminds me of when President Reagan assumed the presidency after the failings of jimmy carter.

3 years ago
Reply to  John L.

Hope those write the “annals of history”
Will be more objective than the current bunch who write Our school books

Dan F
3 years ago
Reply to  John L.

You just named the 2 worst Presidents this country has ever had. My problem is which one is the worst Carter or Obuma?

Diana Erbio
3 years ago

Spot on…shared this article. President Trump has removed the “Kick Me” sign from America. Those who put it on America, want to put it back…
“Serial challenges to the status quo set off alarm bells throughout official Washington. Establishments hate such behavior. They crave predictability, not disruption, and they especially resent disruptors with bad manners and a disdain for convention.”

Douglas Weise
3 years ago

Sense an “Obama legacy” becoming reality.

Wayne Peterkin
3 years ago

Excellent article and all too true. Obama’s policies can be summed up rather easily as unAmerican at their core. He is a globalist who embraces a rather dictatorial world government because he wrongly thinks he knows better. That philosophy is also embraced by the left wing as well as being supported and promoted by the likes of George Soros. (Hillary Clinton advocated this as well.) Then along comes an American businessman who actually believes in the greatness of our nation as well as the wise and wonderful founders that gave us our Constitution with all of the individual freedoms to succeed or fail on our own merits. That same document that Obama publicly derided because it limited his authority made him spend 8 long years with radical appointments, regulations, and policies to circumvent the Separation of Powers. At the same time, Obama also intentionally fostered more racial strife knowing that dividing helped to conquer. Yes, the left hates our current president but many of us are thankful for him. Whether Trump’s resurrection of our nation and effort to drain the Washington swamp can continue after he is gone remains to be seen, but we conservatives will try to insure it does.

3 years ago


From former Pres. Obama’s early visit to Egypt, kicking off the ridiculous Apology Tour, to the destruction of a private economy here at home (“Private money, public money; what’s the difference?”), those of us who grasp how things SHOULD work in a FREE COUNTRY were counting the days when he finally would leave office.
And then he won again!!! I felt physically sick hearing he had been reelected. Another four years struggling to keep my small business alive. Those were the worst eight years of my life.
But Mr. Trump is the president now. The United States has grown a backbone once again. HOOO-RAAAY!

Burton Pauly
3 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Well I have the same feelings as you on the failed Obuma admin. But i also remember J. Carter, and LBJ. And they were about as ridiculous as Obuma. Let us pray that we only have men like Trump for Potus hence forth. Sic-em DJ T….

3 years ago
Reply to  Burton Pauly

True, Burton, there have been other recessions before former Pres. Obama’s dismal 8 years. I owned my small business in the Carter days, but was able to survive because the recession didn’t last as long as Obama’s, and there wasn’t as strong an anti-business sentiment going on as there was under Obama. I even bought a house at that time, and paid 17% interest! Obama claimed almost everything I had, which is the goal of a socialist.

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